• Mike Rashid is a boxer, bodybuilder, writer, and YouTuber
• He is the founder of IMSOALPHA iX3 and Alpha Academy Apparel companies, and co-owner of Metroflex, LBC and Original Addicts Gym
• Mike is rumored to be currently dating a model and has never used steroids
• His net worth is estimated to be over $500,000
• He is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and has his own website


Mike Rashid (boxer) Wiki Bio

Mike Rashid was born in the US on 14 March 1982, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding American nationality – he is popular for his career of a bodybuilder, while he is also a boxer, a writer, and a YouTuber.

Childhood and education

Mike is a bit secretive when it comes to talking about his family and his early life – he hasn’t mentioned much about his mother and father, but credits his father with the birth of his passion towards bodybuilding. Mike has several brothers, and all of them were motivated by their father to help him chop wood, go swimming and sprinting, and participate in numerous sports, as their father was and still is somewhat sporting.


Mike grew up playing several sports, and had his first boxing match when he was 12 years old – his interest in boxing eventually made him go to the gym, as he wanted to become stronger. He was very popular in high school as he was considered to be one of the strongest people there – most girls were allegedly interested in going out with him, but it isn’t known if Mike dated anyone during those years.

After he matriculated from high school, Mike focused on his career of a bodybuilder, and decided not to enroll at college.

Career of a bodybuilder and other jobs

Mike launched his career in boxing, and began going to the gym because it was important for his matches – he started competing professionally, and went on to win the National Golden Gloves title twice.

However, he eventually enjoyed bodybuilding and working out at the gym rather more, and decided to completely focus on it and leave boxing behind. He started competing in the bodybuilding contests when he was around 30 years old, which led him to becoming a World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Pro. He has entered several professional championships, while his most notable result was first place at the 2010 NPC Flint/Mid-Michigan Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships.

Mike is a YouTuber as well, as he launched his channel on 17 February 2011 and there are currently more than a million people subscribed to it, while it also counts nearly 110 million views of all his videos combined. Mike’s videos uploaded are related to bodybuilding, including him breaking records and doing challenges.,

Mike Rashid

Mike is currently mostly working on his YouTube channel, and is the founder of the IMSOALPHA iX3 and Alpha Academy Apparel companies, while he is also the co-owner of Metroflex, LBC and Original Addicts Gym – he is a writer as well, as he’s published the eBook series entitled “Overtraining”.

The most popular male bodybuilders in the world

The Ranker website has compiled a list of the most popular male bodybuilders in the world including those people who have made their way into other industries such as film and music. We are going to mention the top five male bodybuilders in the world chosen by the people’s votes:

  • Fifth place is held by Mickey Hargitay who is an actor as well, and who became the Mr. Universe in 1955. He is popular for his appearances in “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter”, “The Loves of Hercules”, and “Promises! Promises”;
  • Anthony White is in fourth place, who is better known for his ring name Tony Atlas, and is a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, and a professional wrestler. He holds the Mr. USA bodybuilding title, and is currently working with WWE;
  • Third place is held by Bob Paris who is a writer, actor, public speaker, civil rights activist, and a bodybuilder – he became popular after winning the 1983 NPC American National and for becoming the MR. Universe after winning the IFBB World Bodybuilding Championship;
  • In second place is Lou Ferrigno, who is an actor, fitness trainer, and a bodybuilder – he has won IFBB Mr. America and IFBB. Mr. Universe two times in a row, and is the star of the “Pumping Iron” documentary movie;
  • Top spot is held by Arnold Schwarzenegger who is mostly popular for his acting career and his starring role in the “Terminator” movie franchise – he is also a model, producer, director, activist, businessman, investor, writer, politician and a philanthropist.

Even though Mike is a well-built bodybuilder, he is as yet nowhere to be found in the list of the most popular male bodybuilders in the world compiled by the Ranker website.

Love life and relationships

Mike is very secretive when it comes to his love life as he hasn’t shared much about his past and present relationships with the public.

Although he hasn’t talked about it, Mike is rumored to have been dating a girl he met at the gym back in 2014 – the two were an instant match, and she seemed to be impressed by all the things Mike has managed to achieve. They were together for nearly two years, then split  for unknown reasons, possibly because of wanting different things in life.

Mike is currently rumored to be dating a model after the two were attending a photoshoot together – his fans have seen them together, however, Mike hasn’t commented on the matter.

Judging by his social media accounts and his secrecy, Mike currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and other interests

Mike might seem to be completely focused on working out at the gym and making his videos for YouTube, but he has other interests as well.

Mike enjoys motivating young people to start exercising and to live a healthy life – he is also very fond of travelling, and often goes touring around the country, while giving speeches to all those who are interested in bodybuilding. He has a strong passion for fast cars, and has changed a number throughout the years – he had a wish to participate in car racing such as NASCAR, but it hasn’t worked out for him. He likes food and is a great cook – he sometimes uploads his pictures while cooking on his Instagram account, even sharing a couple of recipes with his fans.

Mike is very fond of movies, and is currently trying to make his way into the film industry.


Many people have accused Mike of using steroids, as they believe his figure couldn’t have been sculpted this way without them. Mike has responded to these accusations, and stated that he has never used steroids and is not planning on using them.

Appearance and net worth

Mike is currently 37 years old. He has short black hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall, and weighs around 220lbs (97kgs).

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000, and is steadily rising thanks to the numerous things he is currently working on.

Social media presence

Mike is very active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for the career he has built for himself on the internet.

He launched his Twitter account in November 2012, and has gathered more than 65,000 followers, and tweeted nearly 14,000 times. His Instagram account currently counts more than 860,000 followers, while he has uploaded over 4,400 pictures onto it – Mike is running a Facebook page as well, which currently counts more than 1.7 million people following him.

Mike has his own website, which he only uses to sell his books and other merchandise.


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