• Merri Kelly Hannity is the daughter of Sean Hannity, a popular political commentator and TV host.
• She was born in 2002 in Long Island, New York USA and plays tennis professionally.
• Her father's net worth is estimated to be around $250 million and her mother's is estimated to be around $5 million.
• Merri does not have any social media presence and her family is very secretive about their private life.
• She wears sporty clothes as she is a professional tennis player and her parents take care of all her finances.

Merri Kelly Hannity is mostly famous for being the daughter of Sean Hannity, a popular political commentator and TV host. Let’s find out more about his daughter’s life, hobbies, net worth, etc.

Early life, family, education

Merri Kelly Hannity was born in 2002, in Long Island, New York USA – the precise date of her birth hasn’t been revealed by her parents, as they keep the life of their kids private and low-key. Her mother is Jill Rhodes, a popular American journalist, and her father is Sean Hannity, a TV host and political commentator. Merri has an elder brother named Sean Patrick, born in 1999. Not much is known about Merri’s life, except that she’s played tennis since her early years, and as of mid-2024 is studying at the University of Michigan, where she also plays tennis, apparently quite successfully in inter-collegiate tournaments.

In October 2016 she made it to the final of Nassau tennis tournament, when she was in ninth grade.

Merri Kelly’s mother, Jill Rhodes

Merri’s mother, Jill Rhodes was born on 27 August 1962, in Alabama USA. As a student, she had journalism as her major, and theology as her minor, graduating from the University of Alabama in 1984 with a BA in journalism. Right afterwards she was hired by the “Huntsville Times” as a journalist and political columnist. At her work, she met her future husband Sean Hannity, as he was also working at the WVNN radio station. They started dating in 1992, and married in 1993. She’s noted through working for Fox News.

Merri Kelly’s father, Sean Hannity

Merri’s father, Sean Patrick Hannity, was born on 30 December 1961 in New York USA. He attended Adelphi University, New York University and UC, Santa Barbara, but didn’t graduate from any of them, quitting the colleges after a couple of years due to financial problems.

In 1996 he was offered work on Fox News Channel, and his career has developed ever since. He was invited to host the show “Hannity & Colmes”, along with his co-host, Alan Colmes. He is now the host, producer and creator of his own “The Sean Hannity Show”. Sean was one of the earliest supporters of President Donald Trump, as his political views have always been conservative.

Sean Hannity

Sean is a big fan of conspiracy theories and often promotes them on his show. He has recently made his own investigations on Barack Obama birthplace, Hillary Clinton’s health issues, the murder of Seth Rich, and many others, nearly all with negative results.

Sean is also the author of three books which all hit the New York Times bestsellers list: “Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda” (2010), “Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, And Liberalism” (2004) and “Let Freedom Ring: Winning The War Of Liberty Over Liberalism” (2002). Sean was also the executive producer of Kevin Sorbo’s Christian drama film “Let There Be Light” (2017).

Controversies and parents’ divorce rumors

Merri Kelly, as a child of celebrity parents, has to suffer sometimes from the rumors and controversies surrounding her parents’ (supposedly) private life. Her father, Sean Hannity, was caught on several affairs with other women, and it became obvious he was constantly cheating on her mother, Jill Rhodes.

He’s even been accused of sexual harassment, and his family had to hide from the paparazzi and reporters to escape questions on this issue. In 2016 Merri’s parents were rumored to file for divorce due to Sean’s regular affairs with other ladies, but it ended up with no divorce, and Sean and Jill have been ever more secretive about their (joint) private life ever since.

Personal life

Merri isn’t known to have had serious relationship – no news or updates have been posted about her current or former boyfriends. She is probably focused on her studies and tennis career, and doesn’t have any time for relationships.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Merri Kelly likes all kinds of pets, but at home she has a dog named Gracie. She likes spending her spare time with her family, and is a good friend of her sibling, Sean Patrick, He is also keen on sports, so they have a lot of things to discuss. As to her favorite food, she likes French fries and vegetable salads, but she tries to stick to a sporty diet almost all the time, having a small number of cheat-meals.

Social media presence

Merri Kelly doesn’t have social media accounts, and her family is also now very secretive about everything related to their private lives, so one can’t find Merri on Instagram or Facebook. However, her father has profiles on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, even though he sharedsonly working posts.

He used to post family photos several years ago, but then turned his social media account fully professional, and doesn’t share any private photos anymore. Nevertheless, he has an impressive number of subscribers on all popular social media platforms.

His Instagram and Twitter accounts are widely read, while his Facebook page is liked and followed by more than 3.06 million users. Merri Kelly’s mother doesn’t have accounts on social media, but there was a fun fact about her recently: there was another girl who was mistakenly considered to be Sean Hannity’s wife; the girl had the same name – Jill Rhodes, and her photo was used in some fake news about Sean. The girl herself posted her protesting words, saying she was not the Jill Rhodes everybody thought she was, and asked not to use her photo.

Appearance, clothing style

Merri Kelly has long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Her height, weight and vital statistics aren’t known.

As to her clothing style, she wears sporty clothes at most of the pictures of her, as she is a professional tennis player, and sports equipment is the kind of clothes which makes her feel comfortable. She wore teeth braces, but now she doesn’t wear them anymore.

Net worth and salary

Nothing is known about the net worth of Merri Kelly, as she is too young to have her own career yet, and her parents take care of all her finances. However, authoritative sources, such as Forbes, report her father’s net worth is around $250 million – his annual salary is estimated to be close to $40 million, as of mid-2024, and her mother’s reputedly around $5 million. As her parents are still working hard as journalists and political commentators, the net worth of the Hannity family is likely going to grow.

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