• Mary Louise Székely is the daughter of Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey.
• Mary has appeared in two of her father's projects.
• Mary's parents are of Jewish, Irish, Mexican, English German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Scottish and Ukrainian heritage.
• Louis has had a successful career in comedy and acting, having starred in several projects.
• Louis and Alix divorced in 2008 and share joint custody of their children.

Mary Louise Szekely Wiki

Mary Louise Székely is best known as the daughter of actress Alix Bailey and actor and comedian Louis C.K. She was born in New York City, USA, in 2005, which means that she’s around 14 years of age: however, her exact birthday and zodiac sign are yet to be revealed.

Her father is of Jewish, Irish, Mexican, English German, Hungarian ancestry while her mother is of Jew, Irish, Italian, Russian, Scottish and Ukrainian heritage. Following the footsteps of her parents, Mary has briefly acted, however, she’s still young and has a lot of potential career choices. She has appeared in “Louis C.K. Oh My God” and “Louis C.K. 2017”.


Mary hasn’t disclosed her dating history – at her age she is undoubtedly single, and hasn’t started dating seriously yet. She isn’t active on any social media, but can often be spotted alongside her dad.

Father Louis C. K.

Louis Székely was born on 12 September 1967, and is best known as an American stand-up comedian and actor, under his stage name Louis C.K. Louis made his acting debut in 1993, when he had a support role in “Ice Cream”, and then worked on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, “Saturday Night Live”, and “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist”.

He then portrayed Andrew Small in ‘Home Movies”, and played Louie, the main character of “Lucky Louie”. In 2009, Louis joined “Parks and Recreation”, an acclaimed comedy TV series, and had his most prominent acting gig of the next year, starring in “Louie”, a TV series based on his life.

Throughout his career, C.K. has used the situations from his private life as an inspiration for his professional endeavors, and “Louie” proves this point as it presented his post-divorce life with his two kids. The series was positively reviewed by the audience, and was nominated for two prestigious Golden Globe awards, in addition to actually being rewarded with 20 awards, such as Primetime Emmy in the category of Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

The show concluded in 2015, and, having finished with it, C.K. went on to work on “Heads Up America” and “Gravity Falls”.

Most Recent Projects

Louis’ most recent acting projects include “The Secret Life of Pets” – he provided voice recordings for the part of Max; “I Love You, Daddy” and “Family Guy”. Louis is also an acclaimed TV personality, having worked on projects such as “Saturday Night Live”, “Louis C.K.: Live at the Comedy Store” and “Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater”.

Mother Alix Bailey

Mary’s mother is actress Alix Bailey, known for her work on “Tomorrow Night”, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “Spooky Stakeout”. C.K and Bailey married in 1995, and divorced 13 years later. The couple shares a joint custody of their children, which seems to be working out fine for them. In 2018, during a stand-up performance in France, he confirmed his relationship with Blanche Gardin, a fellow comedian.

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