Marty Meierotto is one of the stars of the reality TV show “Mountain Men”. He was on screen since the first episode of the series, but eventually left the show to focus on his family issues.

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Early life and family

Marty Meierotto was born in Northern Wisconsin USA, in the 1960s, precise date and place unknown, into the family of naturalists Karen and Thomas T. Meieritto. His father took Marty and has two brothers, Steve and Jeff with him while he was making trap lines, and taught him everything he knew about hunting, surviving, etc. Marty enjoys his mountain man life, though he admits less people are interested in such a lifestyle: ‘There’s less people in the woods now than when I got there’, Marty shared in one of the episodes of the “Mountain Men” series.

"What's hard about living out here? Everything. But if it was easy, I wouldn't do it." -Marty MeierottoSHARE if you always seek to challenge yourself and stay wild.

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‘I think it’s because you depend on yourself. You’re all on your own now’, he continues reasoning. In the White Mountains of Alaska, Marty was the only person living there during the last 30 years, but as of 2019, Marty lives in the town of Two Rivers, Alaska. He flies his Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub plane over the Draanjik River, and has served in Alaska Fire Service for 31 years, where he worked as a Chena Interagency Hotshot from 1998 to 1993, as a smokejumper from 1994 to 2015, and as a pilot from 2015 to 2019.

Living in the wild nature

Marty is very experienced in everything related to living in the severe climate of Alaska, how to keep warm, how to hunt for food and fur, and the rules of surviving. He once faced a space he had to clear quickly to make his way along the trap line.

The temperature was below 20, and the sun was setting, but Marty had to take off his jacket to prevent sweating, as sweating in such low temperature may lead to hypothermia in a matter of minutes. His saw chain broke, and he had to clear the way to the cabin with his own hands, not to be out in the cold for the night. Eventually, he got to the house he had built four years previously, and was amazed that it was still standing. The door had the traces of bears fangs and claws, but none of them got into the cabin. However, squirrels and other critters trashed everything that was inside of the house. Marty found a box of KitKat bars, and called the cabin livable.

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Starring in the “Mountain Men” series

Marty joined the series about wildlife and survival from the first season in 2012. Usually Marty left his family to follow the trap line, but in 2014 during the third season of the show, he took them with him. The first months were quite hard for them living in their new remote surroundings, as Marty’s trap turned out to be empty. It was the time Marty decided to build a new trap line in the Revelation Mountains, and his efforts paid off. His snowmobile now helps him to move faster around the area. Marty also builds cabins on his own, and knows how to bear-proof them, covering the glass windows and the doors with special wooden bars.

Hunting for fur for living

Marty hunts for beavers and admits that building trap lines near the water can be very risky, because of the thin ice and overflow. He also hunts for lynx, and can earn up to $200 for the pelt from a big animal. For one season he can catch around 25 martens, though he once collected nine just in one day, gathering all the trophies from the traps he made. For which he gets around $100 per pelt. One of the most difficult animals to catch for Marty is the wolverine – one heavy trap was demolished everything around it and the still went free. ‘They are extremely hard to hold’, Marty reasons while examining what’s left of the trap.

Marty Meierotto

Flying in the plane over the tundra

As his plane is the only way for him to move fast around the area and get home without sleeping in the cabin, he sometimes gets into severe weather conditions in the Revelation Mountains, so taking off and landing can be dangerous both for him and the plane. The jagged mountains and strong winds make his flights pretty dangerous, but Marty admitted he has no other way for him to get home from the object he was building.

Leaving the show

Marty has now left the show to focus on his family. He shared that he left his wife every time he starred in the show, as he built cabins in the woods and created trap lines, so in 2019 Marty announced he was leaving to teach his daughter hunting skills, so she can hunt like a pro. It’s the way Marty’s father lived, Marty lives himself and he obviously wants to transfer all his knowledge to his daughter.

The “Mountain Men” series’ other stars

The “Mountain Men” series was launched on 31 May 2012, to tell the stories of those people who decided to follow nature’s call. One of the main stars of the show is Eustace Conway, who is one of the most popular American naturalists. In 2002 he became the subject of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “The Last American Man”, which tells the true story of Eustace’s leaving his family at the age of 17 to live in the wild. His siblings, Judson, Walton and Martha later joined their brother to live their lives in Boone, North Carolina, in their house located on the Turtle Island Preserve. Together they do logging and hunting for a living.

Tom Oar is another personality of the series, a former rodeo cowboy who moved to the banks of the Yaak River, Montana. He lives there in the wooden cabin in deep bushes, raising three kids: Keelie, Chad and Jack with his wife Nancy.

Personal life, wife Dominique Meierotto

Marty is married to his wife Dominique – they have been together for more than 20 years. They have a daughter named Noah Jane, and Marty says that it was important for him to teach his daughter all he knows, and so he took Noah with him to set the traps and to check them for the caught animals. He also showed Noah how to fish, now one of Marty’s favorite hobbies.

Appearance, clothing style

Marty has light brown and grey hair and blue eyes. He is 5ft 9ins (1.80m) tall and weighs around 187lbs (85kgs). As to his clothing style, he is a professional in layering, as the right clothes often save his life when he is left under the sky for a night in subzero conditions. He wears warm snow boots, woolen sweaters and thick jackets to keep warm in the severe climate of Alaska.

Net worth and salary

As of 2019, Marty is reported to have a net worth of $250,000. He earned $10,000 per season of the “Mountain Men” show, but after his leaving the series, his main source of income is hunting for fur.


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