• Marlon Webb is a social media personality with over a million followers on Facebook and Instagram
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1 million from his success on social media
• He got his start through the video hosting service Vine and transitioned to other platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
• He has acted in films such as “Wannabez” and “Angel City Heroes” and uploads comedic videos to his YouTube channel
• He is close friends with Arberi Ferraj and pushes awareness of racial injustice and social issues in his videos

Who is Marlon Webb?

Marlon Webb was born on 10 May 1991, in Templeton, Massachusetts, USA, and is a social media personality, best known for initially gaining fame through the social media platform Vine before later transitioning to other platforms. He has amassed over a million followers in websites such as Facebook and Instagram.

The Wealth of Marlon Webb

As of early-2020, Marlon Webb’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through success on social media. His fame has led him to numerous sponsorships, advertising revenue, endorsements, and other activities.

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Early Life, Education, and Online Beginnings

While Marlon was born in Templeton, he grew up in nearby Worcester where his family settled,  the middle child among three siblings with an older sister and a younger sister. At a young age, he showed a great inclination towards the arts, both visual and performing. After matriculating from high school, he took up a Visual Performing Arts degree. He also played college football, though he didn’t excel so it convinced him to change his career path.

He got his start through the video hosting service called Vine, which encouraged users to create short-form videos to share with others. Users could create six-second looping videos that were published through the service’s social network, which also integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

A lot of personalities earned fame through trending videos, and quickly earned a strong followership. During the peak of its popularity, he had over a million followers on a service with over 200 million active users.

Marlon Webb

It was later acquired by Twitter in 2012, which marked the last four years of its operation before uploads were disabled. Since then, the service has been shut down, but an archive exists where all Vine videos were uploaded.

Transition to Other Platforms

With Vine closing, many of its top personalities and earners transitioned to other platforms to continue their upward momentum. While Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann tried to create a successor to the service, he encountered numerous problems legally and financially, and other social media websites also integrated short-form video hosting, which derailed its momentum.

A spiritual successor named Byte is currently undergoing closed beta testing.

For Webb, he moved to his next biggest audience on Facebook, which is one of the most popular social networking services, and one of the biggest factors responsible for the rise of social media. The app allows content creators to create their fan pages for others to follow where they can post videos, updates, and have their content shared throughout the website. He also branched out to other websites such as Instagram, which became the new home for many Vine stars.

Instagram is a social networking service owned by Facebook, and allowed users to upload video or photo content to share publicly. Users can also share content privately through pre-approved followers.

Recent Projects

In recent years, Marlon has been looking into his continued pursuit of performance by taking on professional acting projects. One of the first was entitled “Wannabez”, in which he had a starring role alongside Madison Louch and Tarjei Westby.

During the same year, he also worked on the film “Stay Woke!” which was directed and written by Denise Garcia. The title is taken from the African-American popularized term ‘woke’, which means awareness of racial and social justice. One of his latest acting projects is the miniseries “Angel City Heroes”, which aired in 2019 for three episodes, in which he only had a minor role in telling the story of four rejects who discover they have strong superhuman abilities.

Aside from acting, he also continues to attend to his various social media accounts. He created an account on YouTube to help post comedic videos akin to his days on Vine. His videos have transitioned to being a little longer in form, as with the capabilities of the websites. He often parodies pop culture and other YouTubers through his channel, which has managed to gain hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He has consistently uploaded around one to two videos a week since the channel’s creation.

Personal Life

It is known that Webb is single, and he has remained quiet about this facet of his life. He is close friends with Arberi Ferraj who was a collaborator during his time on Vine. The two still make videos occasionally which are posted on Instagram.

While he focuses a lot on comedic content he still tries to push awareness of racial injustice and social issues as a backdrop for many of his videos. He resides either in Boston or in Los Angeles where he does most of his work. He loves wearing different types of headgear including hats, caps, masks, and many others.

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