• Mariya Putina, born 28 April 28 1983, in Leningrad, USSR, is the eldest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, holding Dutch nationality and a medical expert.
  • Raised in Saint Petersburg, she moved to Moscow in 1996, attending a German middle school, and later studying international economics and endocrinology.
  • Details about Mariya’s professional career in medicine are limited, reflecting her low public profile and emphasis on privacy.
  • She is married to Jorrit Faassen, a Gazprom executive, with whom she has a daughter, living in the Netherlands away from the public eye.
  • Mariya has faced public backlash and safety concerns in the Netherlands due to her father’s political actions, leading to the sale of her penthouse following the MH17 disaster.

Who is Mariya Putina?

Born Mariya Vladimirovna Putina on the 28th of April 1983, in Leningrad, USSR (today’s Saint Petersburg, Russia), also nicknamed ‘Masha Putina’, Mariya is a 40-year-old Russian medical expert of Orthodox beliefs, now with Dutch nationality. She is definitely best known to the world for her significant presence across the media as she is the oldest daughter of arguably the world’s most powerful man – the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, whose mother she was named after. However, she has also had a number of successes of her own over the course of her sometimes lucrative career in medicine during the present decade.

Mariya and Vladimir Putin

Early Life and Education: Growing up in Saint Petersburg and moving to Moscow

Mariya was initially brought up right where she was born, by Vladimir and his wife Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Putina (nee Shkrebneva, now Ocheretnaya), who is now a businesswoman, after their divorce in 2014. She has one younger sister named Yekaterina Vladimirovna Putina, who is a professional gymnast born in Germany. Putin’s two girls lived with him and his wife in Saint Petersburg until 1996 when they effectively relocated to Moscow due to work requirements. Since Masha’s mother used to teach the German language at the Department of Philology of Leningrad State University, both of Masha’s parents believed it to be a good idea for her to obtain her high school education privately at a German middle school in Troparyovo-Nikulino, Moscow. It is not yet specified when she matriculated from this institution, though it is generally thought that the year was 2001.

Full NameMariya Vladimirovna Putina
Known ForBeing the oldest daughter of Vladimir Putin
ProfessionMedical Expert
EducationDegrees in International Economics, unspecified degree from State Linguistic University, PhD in Endocrinology
Net WorthApproximately over $3.5 million
SpouseJorrit Faassen
ChildrenOne daughter (name and date of birth not disclosed)
SiblingsYekaterina Vladimirovna Putina
ParentsVladimir Putin and Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Putina (nee Shkrebneva, now Ocheretnaya)
Date of Birth28th of April, 1983
Zodiac SignTaurus
Place of BirthLeningrad, USSR (today’s Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Hair ColorBright blond
Eye ColorLight blue
Height5ft 4ins (162cm)

Putin becomes president

Mariya’s initial education process was elongated because she was taken into homeschooling once former president Boris Yeltsin suddenly resigned in 1999 and her father was to take office starting December 31, before which he was the prime minister and successor. To further her studies, Maria first attended St. Petersburg State University, from where she graduated at an unspecified time with a degree in international economics. Later on, she enrolled on the State Linguistic University and graduated from there with a certain degree at some point. From 2006 to 2011, she also attended Moscow State University’s Fundamental Medicine department under the name ‘Vorontsov’ for reasons of national security. Here, she pursued a degree in endocrinology, which she later went for a PhD in, thus conducting various kinds of medical research at the health ministry’s facilities. She is said to have been personally guided by Ivan Dedov – an academic and medical expert who later became the head of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Mariya was ultimately awarded her doctorate at some point.

Career: Mostly a mystery

Due to the nature of her parents’ work and Mariya’s overall lack of involvement in maintaining a public presence, virtually nothing is known about her professional engagements. She is believed to have aided medical research in Moscow for a number of years, though she no longer resides there, and her previous position is thus considered vacated. As for what Mariya does now, no information has been offered by authoritative sources regarding this subject. Lastly, while most people believe that she is well off because of her father’s position, Vladimir has been known to teach his children to rely on themselves first and foremost, which is why both of his daughters are highly educated and dedicated to their vocations.

Love Life: Who is her husband?

As for Putina’s romantic involvements, there is again a massive veil of mystery surrounding this part of her life. Nothing is known about any boyfriends she may have had during her time in Russia, though later on it became public knowledge that she began dating a man named Jorrit Faassen, who is a Gazprom executive, a company essentially funded by Vladimir Putin, though the ownership is shared. They are believed to have dated for approximately four years, prior to marrying in a completely private ceremony without the presence of the media, with only relatives, close family and friends being the invitees – meaning Mariya is one of the few celebrities ever to have married in the presence of a world leader. She and Jorrit have a daughter whose identity and date of birth remain an entirely private matter, unlikely to be revealed anytime soon since the granddaughter of the president of Russia could be put in danger by an attack aimed at her grandfather. The family resides happily together in a high-profile village in the southern part of the Netherlands; there has been no controversy whatsoever surrounding their union.

Vladimir and Mariya Putin

Endangered because of her father

Since a great portion of the world’s population is in disagreement with many of Putin’s decisions, some of whom would even describe his interventions as genocidal transgressions, Mariya has more than once been put in a difficult position simply because of her genetic relation to her president. Besides her as-of-yet undisclosed residential location, Mariya used to own a penthouse situated in the district of Voorschoten in the Netherlands, which was a target for protesters who braved the streets to openly criticize some of her father’s actions, which ultimately forced Mariya to sell it for approximately $3 million in 2017. Additionally, following the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 disaster, during which a passenger airplane with 298 occupants was shot down by a surface-to-air missile of Russian production over Hrabove, Donetsk, Ukraine on the 17th of July 2014, residents of the Netherlands joined the global outrage and even demanded that no relative of Putin’s be allowed in their country. Therefore, the mayor of Hilversum, Pieter Broertjes, suggested that Mariya and her family should be forced to vacate their home and deported to Russia. Fortunately, the government chose not to take any action against her, since she is as much a resident as anybody else, and should have the same rights.

Is Putin’s family homophobic?

Following Russia’s ban on ‘gay advertisement’, the world began seeing Vladimir Putin as a homophobic leader who actively endangers the rights of sexual minorities, though is this the case? As was reported by whimn.com, Mariya herself spends a lot of her time with a lesbian artist, as well as a gay fitness coach from London, both of whom are her friends. If her father were to truly live up to the negative expectations his ban has set worldwide, this would definitely not be the case. Putin himself and his entire family have never given the public any evidence of homophobia, while the ban was of a political nature, apparently intended to protect children from the influence of pro-sexual advertising, as was stated by his many officials on this topic.

Putin family

What is Mariya Putina’s Net Worth?

Have you ever given a thought to just how rich Putin’s oldest daughter Mariya Putina might be in 2024? With a look at some of the latest reports by highly reputable sources regarding Mariya Putina’s total career earnings to date, it can be said that her net worth is approximately over $3.5 million, though her husband is known to have made a lot more. In conclusion, their household net worth should be well over $10 million, while Putin himself is said to have $1 billion in his bank account, and therefore the family won’t find itself lacking anytime soon. One should also keep in mind that Mariya may be directly related to the owner of the world’s largest net worth since Putin is estimated to have a net worth as high as $200 billion in 2024, while the world’s officially richest man, Jeff Bezos, is ‘only’ about to peak at $160 billion. Seeing as her career is far from over at this point, the said amount is bound to be higher.

Body Measurements

When it comes to Mariya’s physical specifications, her height of 5ft 4ins (162cm) is the only piece of data that sources have available on this matter. Her weight, vital statistics. and her shoe, dress and bra sizes are still unknown, though her body shape is generally described as fit. She has bright blond hair, light blue eyes and a very bright complexion.

Social Media Presence

While a lot of celebrities nowadays maintain highly active social media profiles for the sake of maximizing their profits by exponentially expanding their audience through constant engagement with the public, Mariya herself doesn’t seem to be all that interested in this trend. Besides, even if she did, it’s not very likely that her father would agree, as it could potentially give birth to controversies that would influence his presidency. Therefore, Mariya doesn’t have profiles on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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