• Maceo Robert Martinez is the five-year-old son of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez.
• His parents met while filming ‘Dark Tide’ in 2010 and married in 2013.
• His parents have joint custody and he splits his time between them.
• Halle and Olivier had a nasty divorce in 2016, but still prioritize Maceo.
• Halle has dated Alex da Kid and Olivier has been seen with Michelle Rodriguez.

Who is Maceo Robert Martinez?

Born under the air sign of Libra, on 5 October 2013, in Los Angeles, California, USA, Maceo Robert Martinez is the five-year-old son of famous actress Halle Berry and her ex-husband, French cinema star Olivier Martinez. Even though his parents divorced in 2016, Maceo spends a lot of time with both of them, as they have shared custody; however, he resides with his mother in his birthplace. Due to his parents being of different nationalities, he has roots on four continents and a rich heritage to explore when he becomes older.

Despite being one of the most acclaimed actresses in the 1990s and 2000s, Halle has successfully managed to keep her son hidden from the public eye.

How Did His Parents Meet?

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez met at the set of “Dark Tide”, a hit adventure flick released in 2010. While they were colleagues at the start of the shooting, they grew closer and closer as the movie was near its completion. Interestingly, they were lovers in the movie, too, which resulted in allegations about them being together immediately upon the release of the first trailer.

Nevertheless, the two nurtured their relationship behind the scenes, and made few comments about each other in public. Thus, the entire world was shocked when they announced their engagement in March 2012. Olivier and Halle tied the knot in a beautiful, intimate ceremony on 13 July 2013, in Martinez’s home country of France. By then, it was already known that Berry was pregnant with Maceo, and he arrived into the world a few months later.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Paparazzi had difficulties when it came to snapping a few photos of the toddler, as Halle and Olivier didn’t want their boy exposed to immense amounts of publicity at such a young age. Even though their family was picture perfect, 2014 saw a lot of rumors about Maceo’s parents not seeing eye to eye. What happened?

How Did They Split

From the get go, Maceo didn’t have it easy. His mother was already deep in a custody battle with her former beau, model Gabriel Aubry.

Both he and she insisted on Nahla Ariela, their daughter, not seeing the other parent. The media was full of nasty comments, court reports and other things celebrities struggle to keep hidden. In March 2014, a rumor surfaced in which it was alleged that Olivier thought Halle’s insistence on getting full custody of Maceo’s half-sister was “ripping the family apart”. Initially, neither of them paid mind to tabloids talking about their marriage, but it was apparent that something wasn’t right. In 2015, the announcement of their separation came as no surprise.

Their divorce was particularly nasty, as they had to go through a lot of trouble before reaching a settlement on 29 December 2016. Thankfully, for both Maceo and his parents, the custody battle wasn’t much of a battle at all. At the beginning of the process, Halle and Oliviver explicitly stated that they wanted joint custody, so that Maceo would hopefully grow up normally.

Where Is He Now?

As of 2024, Maceo is growing up away from the public eye, splitting time between his mom and dad. Despite having a rather unpleasant divorce, Olivier and Halle have been seen together in public on multiple occasions, always with their son.

When asked about this strange sight, Berry had the following to say: ‘It’s easy to look at another person differently after you split, but when you have a child – everything else falls into second place.’ As Halle is active on social media, her fans get to enjoy cute pictures of Maceo from time to time. Reportedly, he is very fond of his half-sister and loves playing with her. It’s refreshing to see two celebrities prioritizing their child, despite their marriage being over due to irreconcilable differences.

They even throw joint birthday parties for the kids! Fans have already pointed out that he looks a lot like his mother, which led some to proclaim him a future model. Whatever he chooses to be in the future, we’re sure that he will succeed, as he has celebrity parents who can teach him all about the ins and outs of show business.

What Are His Parents Up to Now?

After splitting up with Olivier Martinez, Halle didn’t wait long before getting back into the dating game.

She was seen together with British producer Alex da Kid, who is 16 years her junior, but the two had a short lived romance, with a lot of cute Instagram posts and comments in the media. Since they broke up, not much is known about Berry’s personal life. As she’s already in her 50s, she also toned it down with acting in the last few years. As for Olivier, he’s doing quite fine, too. In March, he was spotted riding a motorcycle with actress Michelle Rodriguez. Neither of them wanted to comment on their relationship.

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