Who is Lochlyn Munro?

Born on 12 February 1966, in Lac la Hache, British Columbia, Canada, under the air sign of Aquarius, Richard Laughlain Munro is a 53-year-old Canadian television and film actor. Amazingly, acting was neither his first nor his second choice when it came to choosing a vocation, as he was an aspiring athlete before an injury derailed his dreams of a career in sports. Afterwards, he wanted to become a musician, and achieved moderate success while touring clubs around British Columbia as an aspiring guitarist.

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Around the same time, Lochlyn developed an interest in comedy, and entered show business with projects such as “Wiseguy”, “21 Jump Street” and others. He is a frequent collaborator of Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans, but fans know him best for his role as the notorious Hal Cooper in “Riverdale”, a popular teen drama/mystery. “Freddy vs. Jason”, “Scary Movie” and “White Chicks” are other movies he is known for.

Early Life, Education and Sports Career

Lochlyn Munro was born to a Canadian family in the small town of Lac la Hache – there isn’t much information about his parents or early life, despite his celebrity status. Munro has faced inquiries about these matters for most of his career, but has always avoided revealing anything personal. This is a clear sign of professionalism, as he doesn’t want anything interfering with his professional life. We do know that he has Swiss and Scottish roots, as both his name and surname originated from the Scottish Highlands. As a child, Lochlyn was an aspiring ice hockey player, playing in several minor leagues, with aspirations to play in the National Hockey League (NHL) one day. Unfortunately, he ended up playing professional hockey for a total of just 26 seconds, as he broke his femur bone and could never quite recover. This terrible injury caused the young athlete to reconsider his choices, and start planning an entirely different future. We also don’t have any information about Munro’s educational level – whether he attended any college after matriculating from high school in 1985.

Short Music Career

Before he became an actor, Lochlyn tried his hand at music. He saved up some money to buy a guitar, and went on to play in several of Vancouver’s most renowned clubs, then toured around the province of British Columbia. At the same time, Munro started studying drama and improvisational comedy together with Susan Strasberg. While music was his main source of income, he became more interested in acting, and ultimately decided to pursue it as a full-time job. He laid down his guitar, and looked for job opportunities after moving to Los Angeles, California.

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Career Beginnings: 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy and More

Lochlyn started his career by playing the role of Derek in “21 Jump Street”, a police drama which depicts the professional lives of police officers who deal with crimes taking place in schools. Not many people know this, but this is the show that allowed a young Johnny Deep to achieve moderate stardom for the first time. Munro’s role wasn’t significant, but the show’s producers loved him and he returned for three more episodes, playing a different character each time. Next, in 1990 he appeared as Bobby in the mafioso crime show “Wiseguy”, and was then seen in “Cadence”, which was his official debut on the silver screen. With roles in “Sylvan Lake Summer”, “Neon Rider” and “Run”, the young Canadian actor became more proficient and versatile when it came to delivering convincing performances.

The mid-1990s were a period of exploration of Lochlyn, as he was in several small-time TV movies. His big break came when he landed the role of Jason in “Northwood”, a show about the life and times of Canadian high school students. He appeared in a total of 44 episodes, demonstrating that he could develop a character for a prolonged period of time.

Sustained Success: Hawkeye, A Night at the Roxbury, A Murder of Crows and Two

In 1994, he took on the part of “Hawkeye”, an adventure series about a woodsman who strives to solve the mystery of a man kidnapped by French soldiers. Afterwards he landed another significant role, this time in “Two” as Agent Andrew Forbes. 1998 was perhaps the busiest year of his career, as there are an astonishing 12 acting credits to his name – “Poltergeist: The Legacy”, “High Voltage”, “A Night at the Roxbury” and “A Murder of Crows are the most significant of these shows and movies.

With an impeccable work ethic, he became more known in the movie industry, and a year later it all paid off when he was cast as Jack Sheridan in “Charmed”. Even though he was already famous in the US and his home country, he became an international star when he amazed everyone as Greg in “Scary Movie” in 2000. Munro took this as a sign and continued to work hard, as he had another great performance in “Dracula 2000”. Following this accomplishment, he starred in a number of other titles, amongst which are “Freddy vs. Jason” and “White Chicks”, which made him a household name.

All Over The Place: Castle, CSI, NCIS, Weeds and More

After his amazing latter half of the 1990s, Lochlyn continued building his own brand. The obvious solution was to appear in as many movies and shows as possible, sometimes baffling even the most seasoned actors and producers in the industry. Thus the 2000s saw him appear in a number of works, such as “CSI, “CSI: Miami”, “CSI: NY”, “NCIS” and many more. His roles were mostly small, but everyone recognized his contributions to the episodes he appeared in. This was a perfect plan, as Lochlyn didn’t have to spend months shooting a single movie, and would still get all the publicity he needed. In 2012, he finally took on a recurring role once again, this time playing Mark Simms in “True Justice”, alongside action movie hero Steven Seagal. 2016 was particularly successful for him, with relatively important parts in shows such as “Lucifer” and “When Calls the Heart”.

Lochlyn Munro

Riverdale: Finally Finding a Home

In 2017, Lochlyn wanted to take a break from jumping from show to show, and did so by landing the part of Hal Cooper in “Riverdale”, and became a fan favourite from his debut in “Chapter One: The River’s Edge”. This was a relatively big change for him, given the fact that Munro is best known as a supporting or cameo actor in crime drama shows. We first see him as a civic-minded man, but it doesn’t take him long to show what he truly is – a vindictive mastermind who will stop at nothing to complete his schemes. He was in the show for a total of 34 episodes, and fans were devastated when his character ended up being imprisoned. Currently, Lochlyn has several movies in post-production, so we can expect a big 2020 for him.

Personal Life: Is Lochlyn Munro Married? Who is His Wife Sharon Munro?

Given the fact that we’re used to movie stars having dramatic and turbulent love lives, it’s refreshing to see Lochlyn Munro being with his sweetheart Sharon. The two met in the early 1990s and entered a relationship, eventually tying the knot on 14 June, 1997. They have three kids together – two girls named Hudson and Magdalen, as well as a boy named Hudson. As he is still an actor, Munro resides in both Vancouver and Los Angeles, due to shooting obligations. Reporters and fans have suspected that Lochlyn was bit of a heartbreaker when he was young, but he has refused to comment on his past out of respect for his wife Sharon.


Body Measurements: How Tall is Lochlyn Munro?

Lochlyn Munro is 5ft 11in (180cm) tall and weighs approximately 158lbs (72kg). He is known for his distinct blue eyes and modern hairdos. As of July 2019, he has no known tattoos or other body modifications.

Net Worth: How Rich is Lochlyn Munro?

Have you ever wondered how affluent is Lochlyn? According to several reputable sources, he has a net worth of approximately $2 million, as of mid-2019, accumulated by appearing in more than 100 movies and TV shows. It’s somewhat surprising that he doesn’t have more funds at his disposal, but given the fact that he is still going strong after all these years, we can expect his net worth to rise in the next few years. There is not much information about his salary, as it depends on his appearances each year, but he received $400,000 for his part in “White Chicks.

Social Media Presence

Thanks to the ever expanding grasp that social media has on worldwide audiences, it is in the best interests of most celebrities to keep their fans informed about their activities and thus maintain and potentially increase their ratings and profit. Lochlyn himself is no stranger to this popular trend, as his dedication to posting updates on his public profiles and engaging with his fans is at an all-time high. His Twitter account has close to 100,000 followers, while his Instagram fan base clocks in at an impressive 580,000.


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