• Linda Durbesson is a 39 year-old fitness instructor, model, YouTuber, entrepreneur and Instagram celebrity.
• She grew up in France and obtained a master's degree in personal training in 2014.
• She has an official brand entitled “LDFIT” (Linda Durbesson Fit) encompassing a variety of products.
• She has breast implants and follows a diet carefully chosen from week to week.
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $...

Who is Linda Durbesson?

Born under the sign of Sagittarius on the 20th of December 1979, in Carpentras, France, now also with American nationality, Linda Durbesson is a Caucasian fitness instructor, model, YouTuber, entrepreneur and Instagram celebrity. She is perhaps most familiar to the public thanks to her frequent exposure in fitness magazines and on social media, owing to a popularly attractive body shape and fitness accomplishments. She has enjoyed a number of successes over the duration of her often lucrative modeling career since 2014.

Early life and education: From France to USA

Linda was brought up in her birthplace, apparently an only child, by her father and mother of still unspecified names and professions.

She became interested in physical activities at the age of five, taking lessons in tennis, modern jazz and classical ballet dance, mountain biking, and martial arts. In her teenage years, she was also active in kite-surfing, track and field, karate, basketball and handball. Durbesson is believed to have excelled at every discipline she undertook during her time at an unspecified French high school, from where she matriculated in 1997. The fitness model had no interest in furthering her studies for a while, but ultimately obtained a college education 17 years later, graduating from an unknown US institution with a master’s degree in personal training in 2014.

Career: An unlikely turnabout

A few years after becoming involved with a thus-far mysterious man, Linda traveled with him to the US. She is thought to have had odd jobs to make ends meet at this point, which changed once their relationship fell apart in 2010. Linda started going to the gym to combat depression, thus creating the enviable physique that would generate her net worth in the years to come. She already had plenty of modeling offers before pursuing her degree, but kept out of the business until 2014.

By 2016 Linda was already an Instagram sensation with a rising income, which is when she created her own website, used to promote and sell every bit of fitness and nutritional advice she had to offer.

Her official brand is entitled “LDFIT” (Linda Durbesson Fit), encompassing a variety of products, including clothing, exercise and diet plans, supplements, etc. In 2024 this site is her main source of income, while Durbesson is also no stranger to earning through YouTube ads. She posts her workouts on the popular video network, thereby promoting both her brand and Instagram page. She isn’t keen on professional photo-shoots, and almost never advertises another fitness product on her Instagram page.

Love life: Does Linda have a boyfriend?

When it comes to the fitness star’s romantic involvements, it seems as though she’s chosen to remain completely anonymous on the subject.

No source can offer a shred of concrete information about Linda’s love life, besides the aforementioned fact that she dated a certain man with whom she arrived in the US. She’s never been seen attending any public events in specific male company, and there hasn’t been controversy regarding her personal life. Durbesson is thought to reside alone in Miami, Florida. For now, she’s most likely single.

Did she have plastic surgery?

Many of Linda’s fans have been wondering whether her body is completely natural, and all they have to do is find a particular Facebook post to unravel the mystery. In the description of a picture showcasing her progress over many years, Linda said ‘That was me before ‘yes’ with a NO BOOTY, NO GENETICS as well… ‘yes’ before everyone focus on what, it’s not that important on the picture really – ‘YES’ I have breast implants…’

Linda Durbesson

She went on to explain that breasts are the only important part of a woman’s body which cannot be improved with exercise, and thus she opted to have them surgically augmented.

How does she stay in shape?

While numerous members of her audience think she follows a strict workout plan every week, provided that she also sells said plans for a living, this is actually not true. Lina makes an effort to train six days per week, but the exercises she performs in the process aren’t set in stone. She often improvises to accommodate her current needs, sometimes focusing more on her legs, and sometimes her upper body, but most of the time tries to keep an even balance between the two. Linda most frequently does about 20 reps in a super-set, which is her favorite way to exercise. For cardio, she runs on the treadmill almost every day.

What does she eat to get that body?

Unlike her workouts, Durbesson’s diet is somewhat complicated. She carefully chooses her meal plans from week to week, adding or removing specific foods in order to keep a perfect balance of protein and vitamins in her system. Throughout the changes though, fruits and green vegetables can always be found on her table. What most wouldn’t suspect is that Linda is a big fan of candy and chocolate, but she evidently doesn’t indulge in sweets too often, saving them only for the weekly ‘cheat day’.

Her YouTube channel

Linda’s mentioned YouTube presence has existed since March 2008, though she’s become popular on the site only during the last few years.

Still, in spite of having almost 2.5 million total video views, she hasn’t been active on the network recently. Her most popular is entitled “Linda Durbesson Hot & Brutal Workout”, from August 2011 with more than 250,000 views.

Linda is also on TikTok

The social media star looks to be present on many popular networks, including even TikTok (formerly Musical.ly), the modern successor of Vine. Though she may just be doing it for personal reasons, being found on such modern apps undoubtedly makes her more popular with the public, and thus garners a higher net worth.

Her essential oils

Few know of Linda’s less advertised ventures, such as another one of her sites, this time offering a type of essential oil to permanently cure bloating in the long run.

Since she hasn’t advertised this page in a while, it would be fair to assume she’s either out of stock indefinitely, or simply no longer interested in the project.

What is Linda Durbesson’s net worth?

Have you taken a second to consider the potential wealth Linda could be boasting, as of mid-2024? Some of the most authoritative sources estimate her net worth at to be peaking at close to $1 million, earned by trading her fitness and nutritional expertise throughout her career. Linda is still confidently pursuing this path, so the said value will most likely increase.

Body measurements

So, what are the fitness instructor’s physical specifications? Linda is 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall, and weighs about  145lbs (66kgs).

Her vital statistics are 38-27-40, and her bra size is 42e, while her body shape is often described as voluptuous. She has dark green eyes, dark brown hair, and her complexion is mostly bright.

Social media presence

Since Linda is both a fitness instructor and a model, she stands to gain much more by constantly uploading posts about both her personal and professional life. Durbesson seems to be enjoying this habit, and likes to take her time interacting with the audience on a daily basis. She is present on all three of the most popular social media networks –Twitter and Instagram  while her Facebook page has over five million fans.

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