Who is Lil Wop?

Lil Wop (also known under aliases Lil Wop 17 and Little Wopster) is a young American rapper who is perhaps most popular for his hit single entitled “Lost My Mind” released in July 2017. Additionally, he is widely recognized for his other singles such as “Broadway”, “BackWoods” and “Safe House” as well as for being a ‘protégé’ of Gucci Mane and for signing a record deal with Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Label.

Early Life and Family

Lil Wop, whose real name still remains a mystery, was born under the zodiac sign of Libra on the 17th October 1995, in Chicago, Illinois USA, and apart from holding American nationality is of African-American ethnicity. His father is Danny C. Williams, a former musician best known as a member of a Detroit music trio “Rick, Ran & Dan”. Lil Wop has an older sister, Brandi who was the singer of R&B in the hip hop girl group “Blaque” (known as “Blaque Ivory” in the rest of the world), and a younger sister named Kodie, who is also a rapper and songwriter, widely recognized as Kodie Shane.

He is also a cousin of another American rapper – Famous Dex. Coming from a family with such a rich background in the world of music, it is no wonder that Lil Wop has made a successful music career himself.


Lil Wop dived into the world of music in 2014, when at the age of 19 he began uploading his mixtapes and tracks on the popular music streaming service SoundCloud. Some of his early works include singles such as “Perky’s & Molly’s”, “Hyped Out” as well as “The Wopster” (hence one of his stage names).

Lil Wop

In the following years, he teamed up with his sister and an upcoming young rapper Trippie Redd, with whom Lil Wop released three more recordings – “Beast Mode”, “Awakening My Inner Beast” and “Rock the World Trippie”.

In December 2016 Lil Wop released “Wopster The Mixtape”, after which he signed with the Bases Loaded Records. His debut studio-recorded mixtape entitled “Wopavelli” hit the charts in March 2017, and just a month later he released another mixtape, hosted by DJ Holiday and named “Wake N Bake”, which produced several hit singles, such as “Gotcho Bitch” and “BackWoods”.

With his popularity on the rise, in June 2017 Lil Wop went on to release his second major and at that time his biggest mixtape – “Wopavelli 2”. It featured guest stars ManMan Savage and Red Smash, and produced hit singles such as “Safe House”, “Dead People”, “Broadway” and “Lost My Mind“. As the latter received a huge dose of positive critiques from the audience, ‘scoring’ almost 2.8 million views on YouTube, Lil Wop ‘caught an ear’ of his idol and one of the greatest rappers in modern hip hop – Gucci Mane – and became his protégé, signing a record deal with 1017 Eskimo Label.

In October 2017, Lil Wop teamed up with Trippie Redd again, and the duo released a collaboration EP entitled “Angels & Demons”. Later in October, his third mixtape “Wopavelli 3” hit the charts, containing 17 songs including the singles “Workstar”, “Friday the 13th”, and “Paid In Full” featuring Gucci Mane as a guest star. For all his endeavors and due to a huge dose of fame earned almost overnight, Lil Wop was named the “2017 Trapper of the year“.

In August 2018, Lil Wop released a horror-movie-inspired 10-track EP entitled “Silent Hill“, which produced hit singles including “The Ring”, “Hills Has Eyes” and “Bride of Chucky”, featuring JDA Mook and Big Adolf as guest stars. In October 2018, after a two-month-long delay, he released his fourth mixtape from the Wopavelli series simply named “Wopavelli 4” – the 19 songs included several previously released hit singles such as “Real Or Fake”, “Ghoul” and “Hugh Hefner”. His latest release – “The Slime” hit the charts in March 2019.

Personal Life

Despite his moniker – or perhaps how it was humorously derived – Lil Wop is standing 6ft 5ins (1.96m) tall and sports a slim and toned body covered in tattoos ‘from head to toe’. Some of his trademark beauty perks include a ’24 carat smile’ as well as a sword tattoo crossing his right eye, and a copy of Gucci Mane’s iconic ice cream cone tattoo on his right cheek.

In October 2018, alongside Trippie Redd, Lil Wop faced some legal issues for being involved in a street brawl with Atlanta’s rapper FDM Grady.

After allegedly insulting Grady’s girlfriend, which was followed by him pointing a gun at them, Wop and Redd got into a fistfight with Grady and were later arrested, facing charges for criminal trespass and public fighting.

Net Worth

According to sources, it is estimated that the 24-year-old rapper’s net worth, as of early 2020, revolves around the sum of $450,000, acquired through his music career abundant with mixtapes, which has obviously empowered his lavish lifestyle which allegedly includes spending $4,000 monthly on drugs.


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