• Leeya Eliana Shapiro is the daughter of Ben Shapiro and Mor Shapiro (née Toledano)
• Her name is derived from Hebrew and Moroccan roots, as a representation of Ben and Mor's gratitude to their deity of choice • Orthodox Judaism.
• Mor Shapiro is a doctor from Israel, with Moroccan roots, and is the founder of the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium.
• Leeya has a brother whose name is unknown, and she famously suffered a congenital heart defect, which was cured through successful surgery.
• Ben Shapiro's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, and Leeya's aunt Abigail Shapiro is a successful musician.

Who is Leeya Eliana Shapiro?

Born under the sign of Aquarius on the 28th of January 2014, in Los Angeles, California USA, of Jewish origins and beliefs as well as Moroccan descent, Leeya Eliana Shapiro is an almost six-year old Caucasian child. She is well known across the media outlets around the world thanks to being the first child of highly acclaimed author, public speaker, radio host, editor, lawyer, conservative political commentator, and former columnist Ben Shapiro. Her mother is also a public personality thanks to her involvement with Ben – Mor Shapiro (née Toledano) is a medical doctor from Israel, but with Moroccan roots.

Ben wrote her a letter

Leeya was written a letter by her father when she was only six days old, in which Ben took the liberty to explain to her and the public why he had named her the way he did, and what he expected of her in the future. In Ben’s own words, the name Leeya means ‘I belong to God’ in Hebrew, and she bears it as a representation of Ben and Mor’s gratitude to their deity of choice – Orthodox Judaism. He also stated that she is ‘the future of the Jewish people and the American people’, adding that they are ‘preserving God’s word and His freedom for the next generations.’ It’s also evident how much Ben and his wife wanted to bring Leeya into the world, as the letter continues with ‘And you were our answer, Leeya.

After Mommy and Daddy prayed very hard to Hashem to give them a healthy little baby, God answered them: Eliana.’ This excerpt explains her middle name – a representation of the wedded couple’s gratitude to their deity.

Who is her mother Mor Shapiro?

Born Mor Toledano in 1988, in Herzliya, Israel, Mor has Moroccan and Jewish ancestry. She was initially raised there, but her family moved to the US when Mor was aged 12, to Sacramento, California, where she attended an unspecified high school, matriculating in 2006. She then enrolled into the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), from where she graduated with a major in psychobiology in 2010. Mor continued at UCLA as a developmental neuroscience researcher, until the latter half of 2012.

Ben and Mor Shapiro

While there, she used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to gain knowledge about the way early life affects brain development in children. Following her discontinuation of this work, Mor enrolled into the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM), from where she eventually graduated with a doctor of medicine degree. Later on, she founded the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium.

What is her career like?

Mor found employment while attending medical school, primarily as a clinical skills instructor, teaching the basics of first aid and life-saving methods to the general public. Her medical practice becomes almost untraceable after this until she actually finished all of her studies, with the exception of the mentioned laboratory research endeavor.

In early 2020, Mor exercises medicine locally as a resident MD within the Family Medicine Residency Program (FMRP), at Kaiser Foundation Hospital, based in Fontana, California.

When did her parents marry?

Ben and Mor first met around the middle of 2004, and began dating shortly afterwards. Their relationship flourished over the course of the next three years, leading up to their engagement in 2007, and the couple married a year later in Acre, Israel, in a fully traditional Jewish ceremony, with only friends and family in attendance.

Leeya has a mysterious brother

It’s been known since 2016 that Leeya is no longer Ben and Mor’s only child, but the details regarding her brother have been successfully kept out of the media even up to the start of 2020. Ben can often be seen talking about his children, at which point he frequently mentions the various adventures he enjoys with his young son. One such example is when he took a moment in “The Conversation” to explain how he brought his son to a restaurant, stating ‘Never take your two-year old son to dinner’ at the start of the story. Still, he is yet to mention his son’s name.

She had serious health issues

Ben and Mor were initially very concerned about the health of Leeya, as Mor spent 26 hours in labor. The newborn inevitably suffered difficulties during the process, and was subsequently determined to have been born with a congenital heart defect on the atrial septum. This is known to be a highly life-threatening issue which is often hard to cure, possibly ending to child mortality. Over the course of the next year, Ben and Mor took all the precautionary measures necessary, having Leeya stay at the LA Children’s Hospital while she waited for heart surgery.

To help ensure success in the delicate procedure, Ben hired the same doctor who had previously performed a successful surgery on the son of Jimmy Kimmel. The operation turned out to be a complete success, and Leeya fortunately made a full recovery from her condition. She now lives normally as a completely healthy child.

Her father faces danger frequently

Due to the often frowned-upon remarks that Ben Shapiro tends to make in very public places, he is not regarded as one of the most understanding celebrities out there, leading to threats against Ben and his family.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, Ben faced a serious death threat in May 2019, and after he filed his report with the local police department in Los Angeles, they deemed the threat serious enough to refer it to the FBI, which promptly resulted in an arrest.

Her aunt is famous too

Abigail Shapiro is Ben’s younger sister, who is also in the public eye, but for completely different reasons. She is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, mentored by Joan Patenaude-Yarnell, and a holder of both a Professional Studies Certificate and Masters degree from the institution.

Over the course of her early career, she received various commendations for talent, such as a Trustee Scholarship at the University of South Carolina, the semi-final placement in the Spotlight Awards, first place in the preliminary round in the Classical Singer Competition, and the Margaret Hoswell van Der Marck Scholarship in Opera given by the Manhattan School of Music. Near the end of 2019, it’s not an exaggeration to say that her future promises great success in the music industry.

What is her family’s net worth?

Mor’s net worth is not specified for the moment, and Ben’s is estimated to be around $20 million, created through various endeavors in his career, in greatest amount thanks to his very frequent presence on television, naturally including his own show.

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