• Katrina Weidman is a paranormal investigator and actress from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA.
• She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in theatre arts and minor in music.
• She is most widely recognized for her appearance in the reality TV series "Paranormal State" and "Paranormal Lockdown".
• She is a singer and philanthropist, and enjoys traveling, cooking, watching TV series, and volunteering.
• Katrina is 36 years old with a net worth of over $500,000.


Who is Katrina Weidman? Wiki Bio

Katrina Weidman was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA, on 2 March 1983 – her zodiac sign is Pisces and she holds American nationality. Katrina is a paranormal investigator, who gained recognition after she began appearing in the “Paranormal State” reality TV series in 2007.

Childhood and education

Katrina was raised with a brother and a sister in Bucks County by her parents, and believes that the home in which she spent the first six years of her life was haunted – her parents didn’t agree with her, but she became interested in paranormal anyway, and eventually went on to investigate haunted houses for a living.

Katrina matriculated from a high school in Bucks County before enrolling at Pennsylvania State University, from which she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts in 2005, with a minor in music – while there, she joined the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) which would later help her star in a TV series. In 2006, Katrina was promoted to serve as the case manager at PRS, a position she held until 2011.

Career as an actress

Katrina launched her career as a celebrity in 2007, when she was cast to appear in the “Paranormal State” reality TV series which began airing on 10 December on the A&E Network.

The series revolves around PRS and their investigations of alleged paranormal activities at haunted locations. The show counted six seasons and 83 episodes, airing its final episode on 2 May 2011. In 2013, Katrina made her acting debut movie appearance in the “Kilimanjaro” drama romantic film, playing a mourner at a funeral – in 2015, she played Caroline in “The Last Apartment” horror film.

She was invited in 2016 to star in the “Paranormal Lockdown” reality TV series, alongside Nick Groff who is also a paranormal researcher.

Each episode follows Groff and Katrina as they spend 72 straight hours in a (supposedly) haunted house. The show aired its first episode on 4 March 2016 and counts three seasons and 48 episodes – including 10 specials – while its final episode aired on 5 February 2019. Katrina appeared in several movies while she was shooting for “Paranormal Lockdown”, such as “Who’s Jenna…?” in 2016, in which she played a woman on a train; “Café Artist” in which she played Boha in 2017; and “F. Godfather” in which she portrayed Pauline in 2017.

Katrina has recently been cast to star in the “Portals to Hell” paranormal reality TV series – the show follows Jack Osbourne and Katrina as they spend time in haunted houses in search of ghosts. It began airing in 2019 and so far counts eight episodes. Katrina is also a singer, as she has been the lead singer of the “Away from 30” alternative rock band for several years now – she began singing at the age of nine, and has never taken lessons.

Love life and relationships

Katrina and Nick Groff met in 2016 when they began starring together in the “Paranormal Lockdown” reality TV series – they began as colleagues, but rumor had it that the two soon began dating.

Katrina Weidman

However, Nick is a married man who exchanged vows with his wife Veronique in 2004 – the two are parents their children Chloe and Annabelle. The rumors were a major controversy, threating to ruin the relationship he had with his wife.  Both Katrina and Nick had to address the public, and explain that they were not together, how the chemistry visible in the show was for the show’s purpose only; it appeared that the people who started the rumors were not aware that Nick was a married man.

Katrina currently appears to be single, and there is no record of any men she might have dated in the past.

Hobbies and other interests

Katrina has been interested in the paranormal since she was a kid, but is also a religious person believing the ghosts are connected to her religion, and that her connection with God helps her see and feel them. She is a big lover of animals, and has a German Spitz pet dog, while her favorite animals are horses. One of her main hobbies is travelling, and her job as a paranormal investigator has taken her to houses all around the USA as well as to several places in Europe.

She also likes to cook, and often shares pictures of her meals on her Instagram account.

She enjoys watching TV series and movies in her spare time – her favorite TV series is “Lost” which follows the story of ‘plane crash survivors after they find themselves on a mysterious island in the South Pacific Ocean – it contains elements of the supernatural and science fiction, and is considered by the critics to be one of the greatest TV series of all time. Some of her favorite movies include “Gothika”, “The Conjuring”, and “The Blair Witch Project”.

Katrina is a philanthropist and a volunteer, who has been serving as a volunteer crisis counselor since 2008.

Appearance and net worth

Katrina is 36 years old. She has long brown hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and weighs around 139lbs (63kgs) – her net worth is over $500,000, while she is said to be making $35,000 per episode of “Portals to Hell”.

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  1. I used to love Paranormal State back in the day, until the “newsbreak” happened. Fake accounts, fake “evidence”, set up hauntings, and fabricated EVP’s and other things. I know in the end it was revealed that the “star” of the show had some serious dependency issues, and those can destroy you, your life, your reputation, and in the end if you allow it your entire existence. I’ve heard Ryan Buell got help for his issues. I HOPE AND PRAY that is the truth! They had a fun show. All the people were very unique and interesting people, or characters if you will. Chip Coffey, Elsie? I think, the Vampire physic lady, and then Ryan, and Katrina. Katrina has some serious stones. To be in certain homes with INTENSE historical evidence. Some of it TERRIFYING, REAL, AND TWISTED! Add to that, she is funny, extremely intelligent, she KNOWS her stuff, and she has an amazing smile, and eyes that are like a cat. She is fun to watch, and her knowledge of the Paranormal makes it that much more fun.

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