• Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall is a 44-year-old American bodybuilder, YouTuber, vlogger, actor and social media personality.
• Spent most of his childhood in the poorest neighborhoods of Oakland and was a football star in middle and high school.
• Was sentenced to 11 years in San Quentin State Prison, where he learned the therapeutic values of working out.
• Gained fame by creating his YouTube channel and motivating people to work out; also acted in several movies and TV shows.
• Has a net worth of approximately $5 million and is active on social media with 2 million YouTube subscribers and 750,000 Instagram followers.

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Who is Kali Muscle?

Born on 18 February, 1975, in Oakland, California, under the air sign of Aquarius, Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall is an American bodybuilder, YouTuber, vlogger, actor and social media personality. He became known for his motivational videos on YouTube, in which he shared advice on how to build muscle and face all kinds of problems in life. With a candid delivery and a wealth of knowledge, he became one of the most famous content creators in the entire fitness industry. Fans all over the world were moved by the story of a football player on a scholarship who went to prison for seven years and later reinvented himself as a fitness superstar. In addition to amassing followers and fans, Kali has used his impressive physique to act in several movies and TV shows. Before taking on bigger roles, he honed his skills in several national commercials, for brands such as Honda, Taco Bell, Snickers and others.

Early Life and Education: Constant Struggles

Kali was born into an American family, and spent most of his childhood in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Oakland. He never met his father, and was instead raised by his mother and step-father, alongside two siblings. Ever since he learned to walk, Kali made it clear that there was nothing more important to him than sports. In middle school and high school, he dabbled in basketball, wrestling and even track, however, his bread and butter was football. Having already started going to the gym, young Chuck excelled in the position of running back due to his impressive size and speed.  To make ends meet, he got a job at the 24 Hour Nautilus Gym, which also gave him an excellent opportunity not just to earn money, but also practice football drills. He was so good that Fresno State University offered him an athletic scholarship, however, just as he was about to carve out a career in sports, a tragedy happened. His younger brother died as a result of an accidental self-shooting. Kali lost one of the closest people in his life, and was unsure about what to do. This unfortunate event resulted in him making a series of bad decisions.

Prison Time: Working Out as a Form of Therapy

Kali was detached from his everyday obligations and had lost his sense of direction. Unable to cope with the trauma, he started hanging out with criminals and ultimately committing crimes. His hopes of amassing a fortune from robberies were shattered when he was arrested in 2001; he couldn’t afford a good lawyer, so he accepted a plea deal to serve 11 years in San Quentin State Prison, one of the most notorious correctional facilities in California. Fortunately, Kali saw the whole process as a ‘sobering experience’. He was determined not to let life slip away, and to avoid other criminals and dealing with gangs, he spent most of his time in the prison gym and library. After one fight in the yard, the warden officially forbade the use of metal weights. As he didn’t want to stop engaging in this form of therapy, Kali had to get creative. He used everything from garbage bags to washing machines to challenge his muscles. For exercises like squats and dead lifts, he even used other inmates. Subsequently he was released in 2008, four years early due to good behavior.

Kali Muscle

Career Beginnings: Readjustments, Acting and More

A large majority of former inmates end up behind bars again simply because they aren’t used to real life. Kali was aware of this trend, so vowed to do everything is his power to stay as far away from the criminal justice system as possible. To avoid robberies, gangs and drugs, he knew that he had to keep himself busy and stay focused on something, not always successfully. Prison taught him a lot about the therapeutic values of working out, as well as the notion that every problem in life is mainly due to a person’s perspective. He remembered those thoughts and principles and decided to share them with the world. On 10 April 2008, Kali created a YouTube channel, initially focusing on videos related to exercises anyone can do anywhere. The inspiration behind this initial phase of his content was the time he spent in prison, when he was forced to improvise in order to work out. His intense, motivational tone and clear instructors made him an instant star on YouTube, and people from all over the world were fascinated with his story, and used his words as a catalyst for making important life decisions.

Establishing Himself as an Online Sensation

As time went by, Kali became more popular, and by 2011 he was already one of the most famous fitness YouTubers. His views were in the millions by now, which resulted in many other business opportunities. Fitness expos and magazines began reaching out to him, but instead of accepting every offer, Kali was ready to do research and leave nothing to chance, and so slowly built his brand. While most fitness stars were focused on marketing expensive products and doing photo shoots, Kali saw an unexplored niche in the industry. He constructed his videos on the premise that people can work out anywhere if they truly want to become healthy. By looking at his channel, you can find out a lot about creative meal plans, ways to do a muscle-up and more. In addition to fitness advice, Kali talks about mental health as well, and oftentimes uploads Q&A videos in which he helps fans resolve issues that they might be facing in their lives.


Acting Career

Even though YouTube made him a star, Kali refused to become satisfied with only one accomplishment. Instead, he used the platform he had and reached out to several directors and producers in Los Angeles. His impressive muscularity and unique persona made him an instant hit. Various advertisements were his first contact with acting, as we could see him in Honda, Geico, Taco Bell and other commercials on a national level. It was quite a feat for an ex-convict with no acting credits to this name. In 2011, he appeared as himself in “1 vs. 100”, with roles in “Mr. Sunshine” and “Savior” following. You might have also seen him in the music video for the hit song “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. His most significant parts in recent years were in “Maury”, “Workaholics”, “Raising Hope” and “The Taker” – mostly assuming the roles of bodybuilders, bouncers and football players, Kali carved an impressive career out of his outstanding physique and contagious charisma.

Becoming a Role Model and a Writer

Kali is another celebrity who prioritizes giving back to the community he grew up in. Upon becoming famous, he created the “From Ex-Con to Icon” project, a series of lectures, talks and workshops all around California. Cali would appear and talk to at-risk youth about the perils of spending too much time on the street, and hanging out with the wrong people. In 2013, he named his autobiography “FROM XCON TO ICON”, happily reading and discussing excerpts during his talks with children. Today, Kali is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, not just because of his experiences, but because of his skills. He has the rare talent of effectively conveying his personal life into lessons that can be passed onto others.

Personal Life: Is Kali Muscle Married? Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Believe it or not, the answer to both of these questions is yes. How is this possible? Well, Kali and his wife, Dvyne Beverley, have quite a strange relationship. She is an R&B singer who achieved moderate success in the mid-2000s. Everything seemed to be going well until Kali suddenly filed for divorcce in 2016. He never disclosed his reasons for making such a move, but many have suspected that Helena Vlad, his current girlfriend, might have had something to do with that. Apparently, Dvyne refused to acknowledge that Kali was in favor of a divorce, so she decided to stall the process as much as possible. Helena and Kali met at a fitness expo, and she recognized him after her ex-boyfriend sent her one of his videos. The couple immediately hit it off, never hesitating to display their love on social media. Despite still being legally married, Kali is devoted to his girlfriend, and they even have a YouTube channel together.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Kali Muscle?

Kali Muscle is 5ft 9in (175cm) tall. Due to several decades of working out, he was able to reach 245lbs (111kg) in weight. He is known for his signature thick beard and big brown eyes.

What Are His Workout and Nutrition Plans?

Despite being an affluent entrepreneur and celebrity, Kali still focuses on the basics when it comes to working out. He combines complex gym exercises with the simple techniques he learned in prison. This unique approach to exercise became known as “Prison Workouts”, which was coined by Kali himself. ‘When I was locked up, you had to get big because someone could attack you at any moment’, explains the bodybuilder.

‘Prison workouts are also a state of mind, where you gotta [sic] be intense at all times.’ Interestingly, Kali avoids any supplements or overly complex meal plans, but follows the same plan he had to follow in prison. This includes a focus on consuming as many calories as possible, and offsetting meal consumption with a lot of vegetables, fruits and water.

Steroid Allegations?

Like every fitness celebrity, Kali was targeted by malicious allegations concerning possible steroid consumption. On every occasion, he denied that he wasn’t “natty” (natural in gym slang) and that anyone could become as big as he is now. ‘People are accusing me of stuff like that, but trust me – if you didn’t have sh*t to do behind bars all day, you too would eat and lift’, says Kali.

Kali Muscle

Net Worth: How Rich is Kali Muscle?

Have you ever wondered how affluent Kali Muscle is? According to reputable sources, Kali has a net worth of approximately $5 million, as of mid-2024, accumulating this wealth by becoming a YouTube superstar and subsequently launching his own line of workout supplements. His roles in various movies, shows and commercials have also contributed to this impressive amount. If he continues to work hard and build his brand, we might see Kali add even more funds to his name in the near future.

Online Presence

Kali himself is no stranger to the popular trend in social media, as his dedication to posting updates on his public profiles and engaging with his fans is at an all-time high. His bread and butter is, of course, his YouTube channel, with two million subscribers and 380 million views. People also love him on Instagram, and on Facebook.. He doesn’t use Twitter that often, but still has dedicated followers.

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