• Joselyn Cano is an Instagram star and fashion model with 10.5 million fans.
• She was born in 1991 in Orange County, California and started modelling at 17.
• She is the face of the fashion brand Swancoast and has released her own swimwear line.
• She has a net worth of $1.2 million and has had breast and nose surgery for aesthetic purposes.
• She has 3 star tattoos on both of her legs, but intends to get them removed.

Who is Joselyn Cano?

Many people today have used social media platforms to promote themselves and their skills, talents, and looks. One of them is Joselyn Cano, who became an Instagram star and a fashion model. She had more than 10 million fans on her official Instagram page, when she passed away in 2020.


Joselyn Cano Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Joselyn Cano was born on the 14th March 1991, in Anaheim, Orange County, California USA, the daughter of Thomas and his wife, Jemma. Of part-Hispanic ancestry, Joselyn grew up with two brothers in her hometown. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about her education, only the fact that once she finished high school, Joselyn launched her career.

Career Beginnings

Joselyn was already contacted by several talent agents and scouts during her teenage years, and it was right out of high school that she secured her first modelling gig. Just 17 years old, her career had already started, and it took a rather short period to reach stardom, with a number of modelling gigs under her name before she was 20 years old.

Rise to Prominence

Once she started her Instagram page, Joselyn’s popularity increased at a rapid pace, and after a few months, she already had more than 100,000 followers. With every new picture posted on her page, the number of her followers increased, and she soon reached a million loyal fans.

Joselyn Cano

She started getting paid sponsorships thanks for her Instagram popularity, and began gracing the pages of popular magazines, such as “Wheels and Heels Magazine”, “Low Rider Magazine”, then “Hot Bike” and others. Her Instagram page became even more successful, and she now had more than 10.5 million followers, eagerly waiting for her new photo sessions. In addition to her career as a fashion model, Joselyn hasdalso designed her own swimwear line, JoselynCanoSwimwear which could be bought through the official Instagram page.

To speak further of her accomplishments, Joselyn became the face of the fashion brand Swancoast, and collaborated with such brands as Prettylittlething, among numerous others, all of which helped to increase her popularity and wealth.

Joselyn Cano Net Worth

Jocelyn became a rather successful model,, and her success significantly increased her net worth.

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According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Cano’s wealth was as high as $1.2 million. Undoubtedly, her wealth would have increased , assuming that she successfully continued her career. Some of her most luxurious possessions include a BMW 3-Series coupe.

Joselyn Cano Personal life, Dating, Boyfriend, Children

When it comes to speak about Joselyn’s personal life, she wasn’t very open about it.

However, we’ve discovered some interesting facts about her. Joselyn didn’t marry, but had a couple of high-profile relationships, although she never revealed the names of her lovers. One more interesting thing about Joselyn is that she had a daughter, and apparently another child, but kept details about both a secret, such as their names and those of their fathers. Hopefully, such information may be revealed at some point.

Joselyn Cano Internet Fame

Instagram  helped Joselyn a lot in her career, as the number of her followers continuously increased – she had close to 11 million lat her demise.

She also expanded her popularity to other social media platforms, including Twitter, with whom she shared pictures and videos from her sessions, but also some of her own interests and ideas.

Joselyn Cano Height, Weight, Body Measurements and Appearance

Joselyn captured millions of hearts throughout the world, thanks to her stunning looks. So, you are probably wondering what her measurements were.

Joselyn stood at 5ft 3ins, (1.6m) tall, weighed approximately 119lbs or 54kgs, and her vital statistics wre 34-25-36.; She had hazel eyes and brown hair.

Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos, Death

Joselyn underwent the knife several times to supposedly improve her physical appearance,  including rhinoplasty, popularly known as a nose job, breast augmentation, and also took shots for amplifying her back. Joselyn had a three-star tattoo on both of her legs, but said that she intended to have them removed.

Ironically, Joselyn passed away on 7 December 2020, after undergoing further plastic surgery, but which hasn’t so far been confirmed as the cause of her death. A tragic end to an aspiring super-model.

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