Summary of Jonah Marais:
• Born in Stillwater, Minnesota, USA in 1998
• Member of the boy band Why Don't We
• Net worth estimated to be over $4 million
• Gained fame through YouNow and other social media platforms
• Released debut album "Why the Daylight's Gone" and currently working on second album

Who is Jonah Marais?

Jonah Marais Roth Frantzich was born on 16 June 1998, in Stillwater, Minnesota, USA, and is a singer as well as a social media personality, best known for being a member of the boy band called Why Don’t We. He is the oldest member of the band, and is responsible for the creation of several hits.

The Riches of Jonah Marais

As of early-2020, Jonah Marais has a net worth estimated to be over $4 million, earned through success in the music industry.

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Before gaining wealth through his work in music, he also earned money through various social media platforms.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Jonah grew up in Stillwater alongside three siblings. At a young age, he showed a strong passion for music, which led him to try and find fame online, as several other people have done in recent years. One of the first platforms he focused on was YouNow and his following grew significantly on the website.

YouNow is a live broadcasting service which allows users to start public video streams and interact with other users on the site. The service launched in 2011 and has grown to have over 150,000 broadcasts a day. The site was initially popular among teenagers and young adults in particular, competing with the likes of Periscope and Twitch. It has undergone significant changes over the years, implementing features to keep up with competitors.

Thanks to his fame on YouNow, Jonah began getting booked on events as he showed a lot of his singing talents online.

Jonah Marais

In 2014, he toured alongside another pop artist – Devin Hayes – who is also known for collaborating with other known male singers. During the same year, he also performed with Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas during Digitour.

Why Don’t We

In 2015 Jonah met other talented singers, who would later become members of the boy band Why Don’t’ We. Not only was he the oldest member, but the only member who had a significant online following before joining.

Other members include Jack Avery who had released a few singles on his own, Corbyn Besson who is a singer/songwriter, Zachary Herron who is a YouTube personality, and Daniel Seavey who previously competed on “American Idol”. After the band was officially formed in Los Angeles, the group quickly went to work and released their debut single just a month later, called “Taking You”, which would be their introduction to a debut Extended Play (EP) called “Only the Beginning”. The EP was released within a month, and they then went on tour to promote their music.

The Taking You Tour was held the next year, and after its run they returned to making more music. In mid-2017, they announced their second EP – “Something Different” – which was also accompanied by a tour, making it their second headlining one. They quickly returned to the studio, and a third EP called “Why Don’t We Just” was released just two months after their second EP.

Recent Projects

After the release of their third EP, Jonah and the band were signed by the label Atlantic Records.

Just after that, they released their fourth EP called “Invitation”, and then produced another called “A Why Don’t We Christmas” which was released in November of that year, to coincide with Christmas. They continued touring in 2018, and then began collaborating with YouTube personality Logan Paul, who has helped direct some of their music videos. They’ve also appeared in a few of his blogs.

In mid-2018, the band released their debut album called “8 Letters”, which contained singles such as “Hooked” and “Talk”.

The album received positive reviews, and they went on another tour to support it. They are currently working on a second album set to be released in 2020, while committing to releasing new songs at least once a month.

Aside from his work with Why Don’t We, Jonah’s also ventured into music as a solo artist. He released his debut album called “Why the Daylight’s Gone” which featured several hit songs, including “Take You Home Tonight” and “War Paint”.

Personal Life

Jonah is single and there have been no signs of him being in any romantic relationship in recent months.

Among members of Why Don’t We, he is closest to Corbyn Besson who is his roommate, andtThe two often do other projects together outside of their work with the band. During his free time, he enjoys traveling around the country and going to beaches. He also enjoys dressing up for events and performances.

Jonah loves connecting and interacting with his fans through social media, and his online presence has grown thanks to the success of Why Don’t We. He recently got into surfing, which is one of the reasons he’s been frequenting beaches as of late.

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