• Jason Hawk is a cast member of the reality show "Mountain Men" since 2016, living in a remote part of the Arizona desert.
• He is of Native American ancestry, and grew up in Arkansas with his parents, developing an interest in survival in nature.
• He has a blade welding store named Outlaw Forge Works and is a restaurant chef, showcasing his skills in kitchen cutlery.
• His involvement in reality TV shows has earned him a net worth of $400,000.
• He is married to Mary and has two children, River and Madeline Rose.

Who is Jason Hawk?

“Mountain Men” is yet another reality TV documentary show, that follows people living in remote areas of the USA, such as in “Alaska: The Last Frontier” and others. Jason Hawk is one of the cast members of “Mountain Men”, having joined the show in 2016. Jason lives in a remote part of the Arizona desert.

Jason Hawk Age, Childhood, and Education

Jason Hawk was born in 1962 in Colorado USA, and is of Native American ancestry.

His exact birth date and place haven’t been made available. He grew up in Arkansas with his parents – his father was his idol. Interested in nature and exploration, Jason started learning skills needed for survival in remote parts, and found making knives the peak of his interest. According to sources, Jason had become the youngest licensed hunter, as he was just 15 years old when he obtained his license. As he got older, his interest in survival in nature increased, and alongside his father started a small shop of knife making.

After high school, Jason went to Montana, where he studied metal fabrication and welding. This helped him further in his knives-making craft. His father was his inspiration throughout the whole journey, however, he passed away in 2016. Sources claim there was an accident that took his life, unconfirmed.

Career Start, Knives Shop

Before Jason became a famous TV star, he moved to the Ozark Mountains in Montana, where he lived in the remote areas, and used all the skills he had learned to survive.

He returned home from Montana, and with new knowledge and experience, he found a job as a restaurant chef, showing his skills in kitchen cutlery. However, he grew tired of the kitchen and set up a blade welding store named Outlaw Forge Works, but then returned to the Ozark Mountains.

Because of his unique way of lifestyle, he attracted the attention from various production companies, and in 2014 was invited to become a cast member of the show “No Man’s Land”. He featured in all eight episodes of the show, which gave him further exposure.

The series featured several other Americans who live in remote areas of the country, such as Charlie Acuna, a knife-wielder as well, then Howdy Fowler, a cowboy, and Rick Gibson, who lives in the Mojave Desert. After a couple more years living in remote areas, secluded from civilization, new cameras found a way to him, as he was selected as a new member of the highly popular “Mountain Men” show. He accepted, and from 2016 to 2018, Jason was one of the lead stars in the award-winning series, showcasing all his skills learned by himself, without any professional training.

Jason Hawk

Rise to Stardom, Net Worth

Jason featured in 27 episodes of the show which made him quite popular, not only in the US but also around the world. His skills as a hunter, blacksmith, and homesteader, have left audiences in awe. He received praise from fans, firstly for taking that step and going into the wilderness, and for lasting that long in the remote area, without modern technologies, including electricity, water, and everything else needed for a normal, suburban life.

He doesn’t use the internet and has no social media networks, despite becoming a global star. Nevertheless, his involvement in reality TV shows has earned him a hefty amount. According to authoritative sources, Jason Hawk’s net worth is estimated at $400,000 as of late 2019.

Jason Hawk Personal Life, Wife, Children, Body Stats, Other Information

Jason is not alone in his endeavors, as he is a married man. His wife has accompanied him to the remote area of the Ozark Mountains, and is helping him in any way she can.

Her name is Mary, and the two have been together since 2008, but there isn’t information as to when they married, and no reliable information about Mary’s birth, and life before she met Jason. Since moving to the mountains, the couple has welcomed two children, a daughter River born in 2011, and another daughter, Madeline Rose, born in 2018. His wife experienced prolonged pain while giving birth to their second child, which worried Jason, and they return to civilization for the time being. For now, they have been off the air, but hopefully, Jason and the Hawks return to “Mountain Men”.

Jason stands at 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall, and has brown hair and brown eyes. Jason has also taken Filipino style martial arts training under the famous mixed martial artist Christopher Petrilli.

Although he lives in a remote area, Jason has avoided most dangerous situations, and has easily gotten out of any problems, thanks to his survival skills. Jason’s face is covered with a couple of scars and he also has a red line across his face under his eyes, but he has never disclosed how he got these marks.

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