• Jason Capital is an entrepreneur, marketing expert, and business consultant with a net worth estimated to be over $2 million.
• He began his career selling an online course on basketball and was able to make $20,000 when he was 20.
• He then sold online dating courses and seminars which resulted in him becoming a self-made millionaire.
• He now sells online marketing courses, consultations, business coaching, and lifestyle coaching.
• His products have attracted some controversy due to him claiming concepts popularized by other gurus as his own and for his current programs being overpriced.

Who is Jason Capital?

Jason Capital was born on 11 June 1988, in Michigan, USA, and is an entrepreneur, marketing expert, and business consultant. He’s best known for his book “Higher Status”, which describes his path towards becoming a self-made millionaire through the use of online courses, coaching, and other products he now produces.

The Riches of Jason Capital

Jason Capital has a net worth estimated to be over $2 million, earned through success in his various business endeavors.

He built his empire from scratch, and has since been consulting with other businesses to share his expertise. His clients include business executives, athletes, and celebrities.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

At a young age, Jason never thought of himself as an entrepreneur and was intent on becoming a professional basketball player. He practiced the game a lot, often spending time developing his individual skills. While attending high school, he played with his school’s team, and then applied for the basketball teams of several colleges, but was rejected multiple times.

Frustrated, he kept grinding on until he was able to play college basketball, but at that point he had been burnt out.

He dropped out of school, and used his connections in basketball to start an online course he could sell, about how to improve one’s ball-handling, an essential skill needed for professional basketball aspirants. The course sold well, and at the age of 20, he made his first $20,000. While it seemed like things were going to be smooth sailing for him, he moved to San Diego, but not having enough financial experience, soon lost all of his money.

Online Dating and Other Courses

Bankrupt, Capital returned home to his mother and stayed with her while thinking how to reinvent himself – he focused on another topic he was highly interested in, online dating. He began to launch and online dating courses, which proved to be the right move at the time, as there was a huge market for people wanting to find success in that particular field. He started to do online seminars, which led to live seminars attended by many who were frustrated with trying to find a partner.

Within the next year, he earned a seven-figure income, and had become a self-made millionaire.

He eventually left the dating world as many coaches do, and focused more on using the expertise in business, marketing, and copywriting he had acquired. These skills were especially helpful to him when he was starting his online-based career. He now sells online marketing courses, consultations, business coaching, lifestyle coaching and more.

Jason Capital

He’s claimed to have been featured by several known financial publications such as Forbes, and he’s also worked with professional athletes, authors, executives, actors, military men, and many others. He sells a lot of products to help people gain skills to become a millionaire like him. He recently released the book “Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement”, which tells his story of how he was able to achieve his dreams despite having little at the start.


Jason sells many of his products online, and while he has earned significant income from it, it has also attracted a lot of controversy.

One of the first big controversies surrounding him is the fact that he initially earned his millions through dating courses and online dating, yet he has left that all behind. A lot of well-known dating coaches settled down and started families which is why they left – some of his critics believe that he left dating courses behind as people were starting to figure out that a lot of what he was saying wasn’t backed up by experience.

He also used concepts that were popularized by other gurus, and claimed them as his own. His claims of being featured by popular publications also have no merit, as there are no links to any articles about him from Forbes or Fortune.

He’s also been criticized for his current programs, especially those in copywriting and email marketing. A lot of his critics believe that it is just marketing tactics and that he is using his skills in marketing to sell overpriced products to help him maintain his lifestyle.

Some people have compared his techniques to that used by Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) promoters and conference speakers, or those involved in pyramid scams. He has not responded to any criticisms, and many of his students vehemently defend him.

Personal Life

Capital is in a long term relationship with Nataly Biscay and the two have been traveling around the world, both for leisure and as a part of his work. Apparently he doesn’t intend to marry any time soon.

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