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FactShe has a Swedish surname.
  • Jaclyn Swedberg gained fame through Playboy in 2010, later becoming Playmate of the Year 2012.
  • She has acted in films including “Snake and Mongoose” and “Muck.”
  • Raised in Chino Hills, California, she studied Communications with aspirations in journalism.
  • Currently single, Jaclyn was briefly engaged in 2012 and had a notable relationship until 2017.
  • Her estimated net worth is between $1-5 million, with a significant following on social media platforms.

Who is Jaclyn Swedberg?

Jaclyn Elaine Swedberg, born on 14 August 1990, in San Pedro, California, embodies the passionate and commanding traits of a Leo. At 33 years old, she stands as an accomplished American model, host, reality TV star, and Playmate. Her journey to stardom commenced in 2010 with a groundbreaking photoshoot for Playboy magazine, catapulting her into the limelight and securing her position as the host of the renowned reality series “Badass!”. With her exceptional talent, she soon became a regular feature in Playboy publications while simultaneously nurturing her acting career with notable roles in films like “Snake and Mongoose” and “Muck”. Presently, her primary focus remains on modeling, yet she harbors aspirations of transitioning into a full-fledged journalist, eagerly awaiting the perfect opportunity to make her mark in the field.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in California

Jaclyn was born into an American family in San Pedro, a neighborhood nestled within the expansive expanse of Los Angeles. Although her early life and parental background remain undisclosed, speculation among fans suggests potential Swedish roots due to her surname’s prevalence in the Scandinavian country. During her formative years, she transitioned to Chino Hills, a prestigious enclave in San Bernardino County, renowned for its celebrity residents like the Ball Family. It was here that she completed her middle school education before graduating from Chino Hills High School in 2008. Following graduation, Jaclyn embarked on her collegiate journey at an undisclosed institution in California, where she pursued a degree in Communications. Despite her inherent shyness, she harbored a desire to overcome her reservations and exhibit her aptitude for communication. However, her academic pursuits took an unexpected turn when she received a life-changing opportunity.

Full NameJaclyn Elaine Swedberg
Known ForPlayboy Playmate of the Year (2012)
Profession/OccupationModel, Host, Actress, Reality TV Star
EducationGraduated from Chino Hills High School; Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Broadcast Journalism from Woodbury University​​
Net WorthBetween $1 million and $5 million​​
Date of BirthAugust 14, 1990
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthSan Pedro, California, USA
EthnicityCaucasian, with speculated Swedish ancestry
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Bra Size34D
Height5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight110 lbs (50 kg)​​
AwardsPlayboy Playmate of the Month (April 2011), Playboy Playmate of the Year (2012)
Associated BrandsPlayboy, various modeling and acting roles
Social Profile LinksInstagram, Twitter

Starting the Journey: Playboy Photoshoot Leading to Hosting Role

In 2009, Jaclyn’s interest in modeling sparked, prompting her to delve into the intricacies of the industry. The following year, she took a bold step by submitting a selection of her photographs, captured by a close confidant, to Playboy, who was conducting a contest at the time. From a pool of numerous contenders, she emerged victorious, earning the coveted opportunity for a photoshoot. Reflecting on this milestone, Jaclyn remarked, “Playboy forced me to come out of my shell a little bit…it’s sort of been a crash course in [being social.]” Her participation in this “crash course” not only allowed her to display her prowess in communication but also caught the attention of Playboy executives. Impressed by her skills, they extended an invitation for her to host “Badass!”, a show that showcased Playboy’s renowned playmates as they ventured into extreme sports. Though her tenure as host lasted just a year, Jaclyn undeniably made a lasting impression, solidifying her status as a prominent figure within Playboy’s constellation of beauties.

Jaclyn Swedberg

2011 and 2012: Rising to Stardom

In 2011, Jaclyn earned the prestigious title of Playmate of the Month for April, foreshadowing her ascent to celebrity status. Her magnetic personality and unapologetic confidence endeared her to the American audience, captivating them with both her allure and outspokenness. This led to her participation in “Playmate Casting Call,” a television special offering an intimate glimpse into the lives of Playboy’s most renowned models. True to form, Jaclyn charmed audiences once again with her innate charisma. In 2012, she achieved another significant milestone by gracing the covers of Playboy Germany and Playboy Argentina within a span of six months. These remarkable accomplishments culminated in her being crowned Playmate of the Year for 2012—an accolade she embraced with pride, using it as fuel to propel her career to even greater heights.

Sustained Achievements: Maintaining Presence and Engagement

Since 2013, Jaclyn’s appearances in Playboy shows and specials have become less frequent; however, her affiliation with the renowned magazine remains strong, with occasional photoshoots and features on their website. In 2015, she graced Episode 7.43 of “The Playboy Morning Show” and the “8th Annual Babes in Toyland: Live from Avalon Hollywood,” both emblematic programs of Playboy TV. Leveraging her status as a former Playmate of the Year, Jaclyn serves as a valuable resource for insights into Playboy, enabling new enthusiasts to delve deeper into the magazine and potentially subscribe. Impressively, she also returned to academia, dedicating herself to passing several exams, inching closer to obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree.

Venturing into Acting: Roles in Muck, Snake & Mongoose, and Beyond

While continuing her hard work, Jaclyn found herself drawn to the realm of acting. Despite her initial exposure to the camera as the host of “Badass!”, she harbored a desire to explore further and exhibit her talents. Thus, she embarked on a journey of attending acting classes, honing her skills for a potential silver screen career. Her breakthrough came in 2012 with her debut in “Pauly Shore’s Pauly~tics,” a television comedy that humorously critiqued prominent politicians. Despite the film’s lukewarm reception, Jaclyn’s performance stood out, earning praise from industry insiders. Building on this momentum, she secured a role in “Snake & Mongoose” in 2013, a film chronicling the rivalry between legendary drag racers and its impact on motorsports. Jaclyn delivered a remarkable portrayal of Nicky, garnering acclaim for her performance. In 2015, she embraced her most significant role yet in Steve Wolsh’s “Muck,” a horror film infused with occult and sci-fi elements. The anticipation mounts as Jaclyn prepares to reprise her role as Terra in the sequel, currently in pre-production, marking another milestone in her burgeoning acting career.

Exploring Future Paths: Journalism on the Horizon?

With her initial studies in Communications, Jaclyn continues to contemplate the prospect of transitioning into journalism as a full-time pursuit. Recent observations of her reduced presence in Playboy suggest she may be nearing the completion of her studies. In a candid interview, Jaclyn revisited her long-standing interest in journalism, expressing, “I see myself having a career…either hosting a show or being a news anchor. I love to write and I love to meet new people!” With her aspirations clear, the possibility of seeing her grace television screens regularly seems increasingly likely.

Jaclyn Swedberg’s Relationship Status and Personal Life

Jaclyn reportedly dated Michael Giovanni Rivera from 2013 to 2017. Before that, she was briefly engaged in 2012, although the identity of her alleged fiancé remains undisclosed. There are also rumors of an engagement to an unknown individual in 2019. Presently, she is single.

On social media, Jaclyn predominantly shares photos of herself, though one particular image has sparked ongoing speculation. In a tribute to the late Hugh Hefner, she posted a photo wearing what appears to be a wedding dress, standing alongside Hugh and an unidentified man. Jaclyn has chosen not to address this image, leaving it shrouded in mystery. Additionally, she has a younger sister born on November 20, 2005.

Jaclyn Swedberg’s Physical Attributes: Height and Body Measurements

Jaclyn Swedberg stands at 5 feet 5 inches (165cm) tall and weighs 110 lbs (50kgs). Her vital statistics measure 34-25-35, with a cup size of 34D. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity, boasting brown hair that complements her matching brown eyes.

Speculations on Jaclyn Swedberg’s Alleged Plastic Surgery

While Jaclyn has never acknowledged undergoing plastic surgery, rumors persist regarding her purported breast enhancement. Observant fans have noted significant changes in her breast appearance in photoshoots post-2014, suggesting the possibility of implants. Despite repeated inquiries on the subject, Jaclyn maintains that her physique is entirely natural, attributing it solely to exercise and diet.

Jaclyn Swedberg

What is Jaclyn Swedberg’s Net Worth?

According to several reputable sources, Jaclyn Swedberg has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million, as of 2024, accumulated through a number of Playboy photoshoots, appearances in their reality shows, as well as acting gigs. Given the fact that she is only 33 years old, we might be seeing her net worth rise significantly, if she expands her areas of interest even further.

Jaclyn’s Social Media Activity

Recognizing the importance of social media for marketing and fan engagement, Jaclyn has maintained a presence on various platforms. While she was once an active Twitter user, she has been absent from the platform for nearly six years, disappointing her 182,000 followers. On Instagram, although she hasn’t posted consistently since December 2018, she still commands a following of 813,000 individuals. This extended hiatus from social media suggests that she may be immersed in filming commitments or focused on her educational pursuits.

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Full NameJaclyn Swedberg
Height1.65 m
ProfessionModel, Actor



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