• Ian Anthony Dale is a 41-year-old Eurasian actor from Saint Paul, Minnesota.
• He has an English and French father and a Japanese mother.
• He studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Osaka Sangyo University in Los Angeles.
• He has 48 credited roles in his career, including Adam Noshimuri in “Hawaii Five-0” and Scorpion in the “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” web-series.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $3 million.


Who is Ian Anthony Dale?

Born under the sign of Cancer on the 3rd of July 1978, in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA, Ian Anthony Dale is a 41-year-old Eurasian actor of French, English and Japanese descent. He is perhaps best known to the world for his significant presence on TV screen and across the media outlets due to his various roles, most famously for portraying Adam Noshimuri in “Hawaii Five-0” for eight years thus far. He has also had a number of other successes over the course of his often lucrative acting career since 2002.

Early Life and Education: Growing up in Saint Paul

Ian was brought up where he was born by his father Jack Dale, who has English and French roots and who is a former professional ice hockey player of the Minnesota Golden Gophers of the National Hockey League (NHL), while he was also seen on the national team of the 1968 Winter Olympics. His mother is of an unknown identity and profession but of Japanese origin, who emigrated to the US in her teenage years. Regarding siblings, Ian has three brothers and a sister, all of whom are still of unknown identities and ages.

Ian Anthony Dale

During his early childhood, Ian Anthony nourished a keen interest in baseball and acting, and proved to have a talent for both. As for his education, he first attended Cretin-Derham Hall High School in his birthplace, where he was one of the most commended baseball players and a noted actor. Following his matriculation in 1996, Ian pursued further studies at St. Mary’s University located in Winona in his birth state, where he took stage and theatre classes for a while, before enrolling into the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the eponymous place, from where he graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in film.

His additional education

Even though Ian never really had to learn Japanese in order to make his career dream come true, he decided to do so anyway, some would say out of respect for his mother’s roots. Thus, it is known that he attended Osaka Sangyo University in Los Angeles for a time, and that he is reasonably fluent in the Japanese language. He also took Shinkendo Japanese Swordsmanship and Kung Fu lessons, to obtain skills which undoubtedly helped him land some of his most prominent action roles later on in life.

Career: Persistent to act

Even after obtaining his degree, Ian still had to take acting classes to help him pass role auditions, and thus he spent his first two post-college years in Los Angeles, California, building movie sets as a carpenter to sustain his life there, while waiting for an opportunity to grace the screen. Eventually, in 2002, he made his TV series debut as Jackson Yu in an episode entitled “Mighty Blue” of the action crime thriller series “Fastlane”. After just one role in his first year, he made up for the time he spent investing in himself and as a carpenter, by securing another four performances in 2003, one of which was his debut film role – Kavika in “The Break” by John Stockwell. Since Ian possesses a few of the most notable features of characteristic Asian appearance, the year 2004 marked a promising continuation of his career, when he was seen in as many as five roles, most of which were characters with Asian names (Fukuda, Sam Chang, Jonathan Tam), though the most famous of these was his appearance as Avatar Gamma in the world-famous TV series “Charmed”. From this point on, his career took-off fully, and he had another 20 roles by the end of 2010.

Rising through the current decade

2011 started off light for Ian, with only three roles, though two of them were extremely significant – Ian got to portray Hanzo Hasashi, also known as Scorpion in the game franchise screen revival entitled “Mortal Kombat: Legacy”, which had the form of a web-series. He remained through 2013, when the show abruptly ended. However, his most important role thus far is as Adam Noshimuri and Earl Blackstone in a total of 74 episodes of “Hawaii Five-0”, an action crime drama TV series that is still ongoing. Concurrently, Ian was also involved in a number of other projects over the years, with a total of 12 other more titles under his belt to this date, which makes for 48 credited roles in his career. At the moment, Ian doesn’t seem to be involved in any other project, though he remains in pursuit of work.

A star in two worlds

While the role of Scorpion may not seem so significant to an average TV aficionado, Ian’s appearance in “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” is something most gamers admire, all over the world. The “Mortal Kombat” game franchise is arguably one of the most popular PlayStation fighting games of all time, besides “Tekken”, in the screen revival of which he also appeared, that time as Kazuya Mishima, in 2010. Ian was also interviewed quite extensively by journalists of nerdreactor.com about his Scorpion role, at which time he got to talk about nearly every aspect of the role. One significant detail is that in every single game (and he has appeared in every single “Mortal Kombat” release ever), whenever he is about to execute his opponent, he shouts ‘Get over here!’ When asked whether it was difficult to pronounce the iconic line with the mask covering his face, Ian stated ‘No. It wasn’t difficult to scream through the mask. I had the tiniest bit of room between my lips and where the mask fell on my face.’ He continued by adding that this made the shout sound much more genuine, which added to the quality of his performance.

Love Life: Who is his wife? Have they started a family?

When it comes to Ian’s early romantic involvements, seeing as he prefers to retain the privacy of his partners, there is virtually no information across authoritative sources that could answer these inquiries. However, it is known that he dated a woman named Nicole Garippo for four to five years before marrying her in a ceremony in Los Angeles in October 2016, without the media’s presence, which only family and close friends attended. Together, they have a daughter whose name and birthdate are still a mystery. The family resides together at an undisclosed location, and there has been no controversy surrounding their marriage.

What is Ian Anthony Dale’s Net Worth?

Have you ever stopped to think what the amount of Ian Anthony Dale’s wealth would be around the middle of 2019? According to the most respectable sources available at the moment, it can be concluded from the information available that Ian’s net worth over $3 million, and that he now makes almost $750,000 per film. He made this fortune thanks to lending his acting expertise to numerous titles throughout his career, most notably in “Hawaii Five-0” as Adam Noshimuri.

Social Media Presence

Since most celebrities nowadays are expected to nourish a rather close relationship with their fan base across the most widespread social media networks, in order to expand their range of influence and thus increase future profits of their upcoming projects, Ian himself is no exception to the modern standard. He, like many others, remains highly active on the three most popular audience engaging sites, and he takes almost every daily opportunity to keep fans up to date on his activities. His Facebook page has more than 2,000 followers, his Twitter almost 28,000, and his Instagram close to 140,000 fans.

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