Who is Ryan Trahan?

Ryan Trahan is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media personality, having gained popularity through his YouTube channel, on which he creates various content, including vlogs, challenges, and educational videos, with popular thanks to the challenge he created. Ryan is also known for his entrepreneurial ventures and active presence on social media platforms.

Ryan Trahan Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Ryan Michael Trahan was born on 7 October 1998 in Eagle Lake, Texas, USA, where he attended Rice High School in Altair, and later studied at Texas A&M University, where he excelled as a cross-country runner. However, in 2016, Ryan co-founded the water bottle brand Neptune Bottle with his friend Caden Wiese, which due to NCAA regulations, this resulted in him leaving the university as he couldn’t continue on his athletics scholarship. Subsequently, he focused on the business, which achieved significant success with over $50,000 in revenue during its first year.

Career and YouTube Stardom

Ryan Trahan had launched his YouTube channel on 27 October 2013, initially focusing on producing content related to running, including a deadpan comedy video entitled “PSA: Drink Water”, which humorously highlighted the importance of water. He continued with comedic videos and advice on running and sports on the whole while also showing his results on track.

As he dedicated more time to his YouTube stardom, it only grew bigger. He switched to daily vlog content, and it was only in 2017 that his channel reached 2,000 subscribers. Nevertheless, Ryan Trahan’s consistent presence and engaging content led to a rapid increase in his popularity on YouTube, and he achieved the significant milestone of reaching a million subscribers on 29 January 2019, so solidifying his status as a prominent YouTuber and social media personality.

Surviving on $0.01 for 30 Days Series

In a bold adventure that began on 1 June 2022, Ryan Trahan embarked on a remarkable journey from Los Angeles, California, across country to North Carolina. Armed with only a penny and a trusty backpack, he set out on this daring quest, inspired by the impending end of penny production by the US Mint in 2023, and MrBeast’s fascination with the humble penny.

The purpose of this series went beyond personal discovery, as Ryan collaborated with Feeding America to raise funds and combat hunger in the US. His goal was to make a significant impact on ending hunger and providing meals for those in need.

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The response from viewers and fans was overwhelming, and the fundraiser for Feeding America gathered immense support, raising an impressive $1.4 million, with this generous contribution translating to at least 14 million meals for those struggling with hunger.

Ryan successfully completed the challenging journey on 30 June 2022, covering a staggering distance of over 3,000 miles in just 30 days, and documenting the entire expedition, culminating in an engaging and heartfelt eight-hour series.

During the adventure, Ryan faced the practical realities of survival. He had to manage his resources wisely, and transportation costs amounted to $509.21, an expense he handled with careful consideration.

One intriguing aspect of his journey was his daily sustenance. Ryan’s choice of nourishment during this expedition was a unique one, as he relied on meals from McDonald’s for each day of the trip. Consequently, he had at least 30 meals from this fast-food chain, along with a notable number of iced coffees.

Additionally, the series gained immense support from new subscribers, who contributed over two million cents to the cause. This generous support was transformative, as it provided at least 200,000 meals to those in need.

In a show of solidarity and generosity, MrBeast, an influential figure on YouTube known for his philanthropy, donated a substantial sum of $102,000 to support feeding families.

Surviving on $0.01 for One Week Series

Following the success of the 30-day Penny Series, Ryan Trahan began a new chapter on 1 July 2023. Entitled “Far From Home,” this series delves into another thrilling week-long challenge, keeping viewers engaged and inspired. He’s shared his entire journey on his channel with the recent video “I Crossed the World with Only €0.01“.

How He Survived With a Penny?

During his “Surviving on $0.01 for 30 Days” series, Ryan Trahan employed various techniques to sustain himself with just a single penny, introducing three key rules for the challenge:

  1. All Profits from the Penny: Ryan aimed to make money from the initial penny and use the profits for his needs during the journey.
  2. All Expenses from Profits: He committed to funding all expenses, including food, accommodation, and transportation, from the profits generated during the challenge.
  3. 30-Day Deadline: Ryan set a time constraint of 30 days to deliver the penny to MrBeast, since the US Mint was discontinuing penny production.

Throughout the journey, Ryan adopted several ingenious methods to earn money:

Online Surveys

Golf Ball Hawking

Lawn Mowing

Car Wash & Washing Windows

Selling Sodas and Water

Drawing Caricatures & Telling Jokes

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting:

Uber Eats/DoorDash

His popularity soared through the roof, and he now has more than 13 million subscribers, with more than two billion views. In addition to his penny travels-related videos, Ryan has created a number of other videos that have millions of views. Some of them include “I Spent 100 Days in the Metaverse“, with 38 million views, then “Tesla Autopilot For 24 Hours Straight!“, which has 34 million views, and “I Spent 100 Days in Realistic Minecraft“, which has been viewed 33 million times, in addition to numerous other videos that have millions of views.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Ryan Trahan’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, as of mid-2023.

Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children

Ryan Trahan has been married to Haley Pham since November 2020. The two started dating in 2018 and became engaged in May 2020. Halye is also a YouTube star with around three million subscribers – they often feature in each other’s videos and have produced challenges, pranks and vlogs together.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Ryan Trahan has blonde hair and blue eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m), weighs approximately 150lbs (68kgs), with vital statistics of 38-30-14, and an athletic figure.

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