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Known for being the daughter of the deceased rap legend Christopher Wallace – The Notorious B.I.G – T’yanna Dream Wallace was born on 8th August 1993, in New York City, USA. Since the tender age of sixteen, T’yanna has been working hard to put herself out there and make her own path in life without forgetting her father’s legacy. These days, the young millionaire is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and mother.

Little is known of T’yanna’s early life. At just three and a half years old, her world was turned upside-down when her father was killed in a targeted drive-by homicide. Prior to that, we can assume that she lived more than comfortably thanks to her father’s success in the music industry; Christopher himself had promised that T’yanna would have everything she wanted, perhaps as a way to compensate for his own less-than-perfect childhood.

Although T’yanna’s mother Jan Jackson and Christopher were no longer together when T’yanna was born, the rapper mentioned his daughter in several songs such as “Sky’s the Limit” and “Juicy”, and was present in her life when his schedule allowed for it. At the time of T’yanna’s birth, Christopher was still dealing drugs; however, his label boss Sean Combs forced him to stop so he could stay out of trouble and focus full-time on music.

The meteoritic rise of Bad Boy Records and Christopher was soured by the rap beefs between the West and East Coasts. The brewing tension in the hip-hop world reached its boiling point in November 1994, when rapper Tupac Shakur was shot five times and robbed in the presence of Christopher and other Bad Boy affiliates. A few months after Tupac implied that Christopher, Sean Combs, and others were responsible for the attack, Christopher released a February 1995 single entitled “Who Shot Ya?” which many interpreted as a taunt towards his rival.

As fans of hip hop know, the West Coast/East Coast feud ended in tragedy, with Tupac being murdered in September 1996 and Christopher passing away half a year later. From then on, Jan and T’yanna faded into obscurity, and wouldn’t be heard from for over a decade. The oldest available interview given by Jan dates back to 2012, when she spoke to Hot 97 radio station.

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Career & Personal Life

At just eight years old, it became evident that T’yanna was a gifted artist. In her adolescence, she began designing clothes, which would culminate in the launch of her clothing line Notoriouss in 2013. By then, T’yanna was studying Business at Penn State University; in a 2014 interview, she said: “I’m hoping with my clothing line, Notoriouss, I can keep his [Christopher’s] legacy alive,” and shared how she had been projecting on the brand for years prior to its launch.

While studying at Penn State, T’yanna also worked at the school cafeteria, so that she wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else for money. She graduated in 2015 and stayed out of headlines until the following year, when she called out Sean Combs for not inviting her to an honorary concert in her father’s memory.

“The bad boy concert is for my dad’s birthday but I got NOT ONE TICKET,” she tweeted, adding that she hadn’t spoken to Sean in years, and finishing her online rant with: “Puff [Sean] does nothing for my family. Tired of lying for his lame a**!” T’yanna later apologized, saying that she had spoken to the CEO, and that they’d moved on from the situation.

From then on, T’yanna stayed out of the public eye until September 2021, when she revealed to her thousands of social media followers that she was expecting a daughter with her long-term boyfriend, who would be named Thailah,. The news instantly made dozens of urban blogs, with thousands of wellwishers congratulating B.I.G’s daughter. T’yanna and her boyfriend, Tyshawn Baldwin, welcomed Thailah to the world a few months after the big announcement.

Speaking of Tyshawn, he was arrested in August 2022 after being responsible for a hit-and-run incident in which three people – including a mother and toddler – were injured. The incident occurred when Tyshawn fled cops during a routine traffic stop, slamming into a group of pedestrians. Six days later, he surrendered himself and was held on a $1 million bond.

According to eyewitnesses, the collision unfolded when Tyshawn was stopped by the police for parking his car in a busy intersection, having dark tinted windows and a loud exhaust. After handing the officers his registration and driver’s license, and when police saw that his license was suspended he was ordered to step out of the car.

Tyshawn was arraigned on 17 counts of first-degree assault, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment, and other charges, facing up to 25 years in prison. Luckily for Tyshawn, T’yanna bailed him out by putting her $1.5 million Brooklyn home up – a decision for which she was heavily criticized by her own friends, who anonymously told media outlets that they thought she was “stupid” for posting her boyfriend’s bail.

“What do you expect from the children of celebrities? Especially someone whose father made a legacy from being a gangster,” one social media user pondered. “Money doesn’t buy class. She’s stupid for posting bail for a man that nearly murdered a toddler,” another netizen wrote.

Whatever the case, as of July 2023 we don’t know if Tyshawn and T’yanna remain together, as the hip hop heiress rarely posts on social media and prefers not to share photos of her daughter or boyfriend. She does, however, post plenty of snaps with her half-brother Christopher Wallace Jr., who was born in October 1996, and is the child of B.I.G and the R&B songstress Faith Evans.

T’yanna’s net worth is said to be $20 million, thanks to her father’s estate, although she also earns money from her clothes brand and social media sponsorships. Her brother, Christopher Jr., is an aspiring actor who played B.I.G in the 2009 biopic “Notorious” when he was just 13 years old. Although Christopher’s acting career has slowed down since 2019, he and T’yanna are often seen together at events commemorating their father’s legacy.

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