In this age of the “indoor generation,” meaning spending over 22 hours a day indoors, it’s rare to see young people enjoying outdoor activities, such as fishing and camping. Hannan Baron, a model and social media content creator, is hoping to change this narrative and get more young people outdoors through her content. Hannah rose to fame a few years back when she posted a video of herself catching a huge catfish. The video went viral, and got millions of people from all over the world interested in seeing her fish, hunt, including attempting to catch fish with her bare hands, known as ‘noodling or tickling’. She capitalized on the interest in her activities to increase traffic to her YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, and has been posting related content since. As her followers and revenue from the platforms continue to grow, people often wonder – just how rich is Hannah Barron? Here is a breakdown of her wealth.

Hannah Barron: Model, Outdoor Enthusiast

Hannah is a model, born on 3 July 1996, so Hannah turns 27 in July this year. She was born in Crenshaw County, South Alabama into a relatively wealthy family. She has a close relationship with her father, Jeff Baron, who has since remarried after divorcing her mother, Amy Sherer Tackett. After high school, she elected to remain in her home state and attended Troy University. Hannah is an Instagram model, and although she is relatively short for a model, standing at 5ft 5ins or 165cm tall, she has a personality that is warm and inviting, yet commands attention, making modeling the perfect career for her.

Hannah’s career as a model made her a high-profile personality, but it’s her enthusiasm for outdoor activities that catapulted her to fame. Hannah and her father bonded over hunting and exploring the outdoors. By the time she clocked four years, she could identify most of the snake species in Southern Alabama by name. When she was eight, she hunted and killed a deer without her dad’s help, but the more she learned from her father, the more her passion for hunting was awakened. Over the years, she has grown into a skilled huntress who can shoot wild animals with the accuracy of a seasoned hunter, catch huge catfish with her bare hands, and impale a fish in the water with a bow.

Rise to Fame

Hannah’s rise to fame was accidental – she went noodling with a cousin one day and caught a large catfish. Her cousin recorded the remarkable feat, which Hannah posted on her social media accounts, which didn’t have as many followers then as they do now. The video went viral, driving traffic to her pages and arousing interest in the model in her twenties, who could hunt like a pro. The size of the catfish was impressive, but the process of catching it is what had people gawking. Hannah explained the painstaking noodling process as a game of patience, courage, and high reward, which involves identifying a catfish hole, sticking her hand inside, and wiggling her fingers waiting for the fish to take the bait before pulling it out. She has to be careful not to attract ‘gators or turtles with the motion!

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In 2016, Hannah shared a picture of herself and Ryan on Instagram, raising speculation that she was in a relationship with him. The two confirmed the rumors, and hinted at being in the relationship for the long haul. Hannah’s followers supported her instantly, particularly since Ryan, a hunter, shares her love for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. The two go on fishing and hunting expeditions, and give their followers glimpses of their activities together through pictures and videos. In 2018, Ryan went down on one knee and asked Hannah, whom he calls “Soul Loveth,” to marry him.

However, the couple broke up the following year, and Ryan stopped making his regular appearances in her videos and on social media. Since then, she’s engaged in adventures and started several personal projects on her own. Most recently, she’s been sharing videos of building her house from scratch. Ryan may be missing from the project, but Hannah’s dad Jeff has remained consistent in his appearances on his daughter’s videos, and has been helping her with the house, which is nearing completion, since the father-daughter duo cut a driveway to the house in her most recent update.

Social Media

After her viral video, Hannah started posting regular videos and pictures of herself in her element. She’s built her social media presence to enviable numbers over time. As her two million followers on TikTok510,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 1.2 million followers on Instagram will attest, Hannah posts content consistently, and takes them along with her on her adventures on the water and in the forest when she goes hunting. Most of her content revolves around noodling, catching fish, and hunting but she posts the occasional house improvement video documenting the process of building her house.

Hannah’s large following on social media has earned her a reputation as an influencer, which has brought along some brand partnerships and appearances in mainstream media to talk about her hobbies. In 2019, she graced the cover of South Magazine under the headline “Noodlin’ in Style.” She was wearing her classic bikini top and shorts, raising criticism over her dressing code. Her critics faulted her for using her body and good looks to promote her social media and increase her influence. Never one to take undue criticism without defending herself, Hannah clapped back saying that she noodles in a bikini because long sleeves are not recommended for the exercise. Using one of her pictures, in which a catfish is impaled on her arm while she held its back with the other, Hannah demonstrated how sleeves would make noodling impossible.

Hannah works hard to remain in peak health and form for hunting. She posts some of her workouts on social media, giving followers a break from hunting and fishing content. Some brands capitalize on her influence and work with her to promote wellness-related products. One of her most popular endorsements is Bowmar Nutrition, a health and wellness brand that produces protein powders, probiotics, supplements, and healthy snacks for fitness enthusiasts and people who are looking for healthy but nutrient-dense drinks and snacks. Besides endorsing brands, Hannah’s enthusiasm for outdoor activities earned her a gig as co-host in an outdoor television program on the Hunt Channel.

Net Worth

In this age of highly paid social media influencers, Hannah’s large following across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok is a cash cow. Hannah is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million, as of mid-2023. She earns most of her income from ads and views on her social media, product endorsements, sponsorships, and hosting shows on topics related to her hobbies. Hannah supplements her income from social media by selling merchandise branded with cute phrases such as “Get Bit.”  Finally, Hannah and her father take people noodling at a fee. This month, they’ve partnered with “Huntin’ Fool” to take outdoor enthusiasts on a two-day noodling expedition. As Hannah’s following on social media and profile as an influencer continues to grow, her net worth will continue to rise.

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