Everyone loves car customizations, but not everyone is ready to see what Chad and Jolene from “Bad Chad Customs” have up their sleeves. Whether Chad is putting his hands on a classic or a muscle car, there’s always some kind of magic going on in his garage, as he uses the most unthinkable materials to make his automotive dreams a reality.

Nonetheless, it’s not only Chad who makes things work in the auto shop, as his fiancée Jolene has played an enormous role in the success of Hiltz Auto both as a business and on TV.

However, has Chad and Jolene’s work paid off? Stay here to discover how rich are the people behind “Bad Chad Customs”, whatever happened to their TV show, and whether their business is still going on these days!

How Rich Are They?

According to some online reports, Bad Chad and his fiancée Jolene MacIntyre have an estimated net worth of $3 million, which is resulting from their co-owned automotive business, and careers as TV personalities.

Though it’s unclear how much the couple made out of their TV appearances, it seems that Hiltz Auto Co. has greatly contributed to their fortune by turning the business into more than just a car-building auto shop. Nowadays, Hiltz Auto’s website lists a wide variety of merchandise for sale on their website, along with the income which comes from Bad Chad’s very popular YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

All in all, Bad Chad and Jolene are doing well when it comes to business, and will most likely keep growing their brand and online presence even more.

What Is Their Business About?

While “Bad Chad Customs” showed us Chad Hiltz and his crew building cars for customers as they dealt with the pressure of tight schedules and budgets, in real life the business isn’t your common car body shop. As it happens, Hiltz Auto Co is not only the brand which has allowed Chad’s automotive dreams to become a reality but it’s also where he and his fiancée started building their legacy in the automotive industry.

By using Chad’s talents as a fabricator and Jolene’s business mind, the pair have created a stable online presence which extends to several social media platforms and YouTube. The latter is where they share most of the processes and insights about the builds done in the shop, looking to create an educational platform for anyone interested in following Chad’s steps, or simply feeding their own creativity needs.

Though these days Chad mostly works on cars he wants for himself or Jolene, it’s that same work dynamic which has served him well to focus on what he loves, while helping others at the same time. That leaves no open questions about how important the internet has been for Chad and Jolene to build their path to success.

How Did Their Business Start?

The beginning of Hiltz Auto Co can be traced back to a couple of years before the premiere of “Bad Chad Customs” in 2019, yet Chad Hiltz has been in the automotive business for far longer. As he once said in an interview with Autowise, his interest in building things on his own started in his teens, when he left school following the birth of his son. Back then, his financial means were scarce, but that wasn’t enough to stop him: ‘I had the will and want to make something, and having no money caused my creativity. That’s basically it,’ he said.

In the following years, Chad taught himself the art of using all types of materials to build the things he wanted. At the same time, his automotive building skills improved by working in several places, every time learning from his mistakes to become better, and to eventually establish his business Green Goblin Customs.

Fast forward to 2017, Jolene came up with the idea of making Chad’s business grow far beyond local. At the time, Green Goblin Customs was a five-figure business and could only take a couple of restoration jobs, so Jolene’s route was to get the word about the business around by gaining traction online through videos and other types of entertaining content. That was how everything really started for the pair.

Debut On TV

Though the main goal of expanding their social media presence was to gain new customers for Green Goblin Customs, Jolene also took it upon herself to show the world how great Chad’s fabrication talents were. That’s when she started posting videos online, at first detailing how Chad built a replica of Ralph Lauren’s famous black Bugatti for her, and then focusing on several other projects.

Sooner than later, Green Goblin Customs gained more customers, and also attracted the attention of the US-based company Love Productions, which asked Chad and Jolene to recruit a bigger crew, and prepare to start their show. Though the pair had several people in mind to join the show, in the end, it was Chad’s son Colton and his friends Alex and Aaron who got on board that adventure.

Given that the production crew members were strangers to Nova Scotia, it was Jolene and Chad’s work to find clients, contact local business featured in the show, and set everything for the show. In those early stages of making “Bad Chad Customs” a reality, the business left behind the Green Goblin Customs name to become Hiltz Auto Co, putting it a step closer to building the international brand Chad and Jolene had wanted for so long.

What Happened To Their Show?

“Bad Chad Customs” had a successful run on TV for two seasons, and made the name Chad Hiltz known around the world. However, it’s been a while since the last time the show premiered any episodes, leaving its fans to wonder whatever happened to the show, and if a new season is in the works.

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Unfortunately, it seems that “Bad Chad Customs” has come to an end. As seen in a video from January 2023, Jolene revealed some of the less-known facts about the show, such as the fact that it was Discovery which paid for the renovations, while Chad got to keep the cars which were supposedly sold on screen. Though nowhere in the video has Jolene affirmed that the show was canceled, she made it obvious by describing the situation as something ‘in the past,’ also affirming that the TV industry wasn’t what people usually expected from it: ‘You would think that reality TV is real, and it’s really not. It’s so formulated’, she said.

Also in that video, Jolene made it clear that the show wasn’t scripted, and the builds done in it were real, but that the main goal they had with “Bad Chad Customs” was to spread the word around about Hiltz Auto Co., and expand their brand. All of that turned out well in the end, but it’s surely a bummer for fans not to see the show on air anymore.

What Else Will Chad and Jolene Do?

Even though seeing “Bad Chad Customs” again on TV seems unlikely, that doesn’t mean that Bad Chad and Jolene are over. These days, the pair have seen their social media accounts grow immensely, having almost 350,000 followers on Facebook, and another 120,000 on Instagram.

Nonetheless, it’s Bad Chad’s YouTube channel which has seen its audience grow the most, having over 250,000 subscribers and 111 billion views combined of their videos, with content which goes from detailing the builds done in Hiltz Auto Co to giving insights about Chad and Jolene’s daily lives.

The success of Bad Chad’s YouTube doesn’t come out of nowhere, as it’s a project which was in Chad and Jolene’s minds ever since they started Hiltz Auto Co. As she once told Authority Magazine, one of her goals with the business was to turn it into an ‘online college’ for those who wanted to follow the path of automotive engineering and design. Though Hiltz Auto hasn’t become an official academy, the content delivered by Chad and Jolene through their videos fits just right in that description.

Besides that, Jolene and Chad actively attend automotive shows as guests, visiting places such as Toronto in Canada and Australia, to meet other car experts and fans.

Regardless of not being on TV anymore, Bad Chad and Jolene have done a great job at keeping their business afloat, while also delivering great restorations and projects for their online fans to enjoy.

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