Who is Jordan Craig?

Jordan Craig was born on 21 July 1991, in Los Angeles, California. She’s perhaps most famously recognized as the ex-girlfriend of National Basketball Association (NBA) player Tristan Thompson, however, Jordan is a celebrity in her own right for her achievements as an entrepreneur and social media influencer.

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Family and Early Life

Jordan often mentions that she grew up in a supportive and nurturing environment. She credits her mother, Gina Austin, for instilling in her a strong work ethic from an early age. Jordan has a brother named Ian Jeffery, who also enjoys some measure of fame as a fashion model.

She attended Marymount High School, a well-known private, all-girls Catholic school in Los Angeles. From an early age, she was driven, and displayed an affinity for fashion and lifestyle, which later directed the course of her professional life.

Career as an Entrepreneur

Jordan’s foray into the fashion industry was in 2009 when she started working as an assistant for the clothing company Sears, where she had the opportunity to learn the ropes of the fashion business.

In 2013, she launched her lifestyle blog, ‘Ala Mode J’, which quickly gained popularity for its unique take on style, fashion, beauty, and travel. Her sophisticated fashion sense, combined with her relatable personality, resonated with a wide range of audiences.

Her entrepreneurial journey took a new turn in 2017, when she founded her own online clothing boutique, What Jordy Wore, which primarily caters to women, and offers affordable, trendy clothing. Jordan’s personal style and entrepreneurial prowess have fueled the boutique’s success. The brand has gained traction on Instagram, with the official What Jordy Wore account numbering more than 100,000 followers. As of 2023, the brand is only selling online, although Jordan has shared plans of opening a physical store sometime in the future.

Relationship with Tristan Thompson

Jordan’s relationship with NBA player Tristan Thompson thrust her into the public eye. The couple started dating in 2014, and their relationship was marked by its high-profile status and occasional turbulence. In December 2016, Jordan and Tristan welcomed their first child, a son they named Prince Oliver Craig Thompson.

However, their relationship was short-lived. In 2016 Tristan started dating reality TV star Khloé Kardashian, marking the end of his relationship with Jordan, which sparked controversy, and remained in the headlines for some time, due to the overlapping timeline with Tristan’s relationship with Khloé.

According to court documents which were made public amidst the controversy, Jordan found out Tristan was cheating on her with Khloé a month after discovering her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Tristan staunchly denies that he was cheating on Jordan, claiming that they had already broken up before he began dating Khloé.

Jordan’s interlink with the Kardashians doesn’t end there. In March 2023, it was revealed that Jordan was previously married to rapper Tyga, who is also the ex-husband of Khloé’s sister, Kylie Jenner. The two reportedly met in 2010, exchanging vows in September the same year. However, their marriage wasn’t long-lasting, as Tyga filed for divorce after a month.

Social Media Presence

With over 700,000 followers on Instagram, Jordan has a significant social media presence. She uses her platform not only to promote her business ventures, but also to connect with her fans and followers.

Her Instagram feed is a mix of fashion, lifestyle, beauty tips, and glimpses of her personal life, especially the moments she shares with her son. She also uses her influence to promote body positivity and self-love, often posting inspirational and empowering messages for her followers.

In addition, she frequently collaborates with various brands, promoting their products on her Instagram page.

Net Worth

Jordan Craig has built a successful career as an entrepreneur and social media influencer. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is close to $2 million; this wealth is primarily from her successful online clothing boutique, and earnings from her collaborations with brands on social media.

Tristan Thompson Wiki Bio

Tristan Thompson is a well-known figure in the world of professional basketball. Recognized for his dynamic playing style and formidable on-court presence, Tristan has earned his place as a respected player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). However, Tristan’s fame extends beyond his athletic achievements. He’s often made headlines due to his high-profile relationships, notably with reality TV star Khloé Kardashian.

Tristan was born on 13 March 1991, in Toronto, Canada. Growing up in a sports-enthused family with three brothers, his love for basketball was evident from a young age. Tristan attended Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey, before transferring to Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada, for his senior year.

Tristan then attended the University of Texas, where he played for a year before declaring for the NBA draft. As a freshman, he averaged 13.1 points and 7.8 rebounds per game, earning him the title of Big 12 Freshman of the Year, and a force to be reckoned with in college basketball.

Tristan’s big break came in 2011, when he was selected 4th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA draft, becoming the highest Canadian-born player ever drafted in NBA history. With this, he began his professional journey in one of the world’s most prestigious basketball leagues.

As a Cavalier, Tristan demonstrated great prowess on the court, quickly becoming a key player for the team. His role as a power forward and center helped the team achieve numerous victories, as he became known for his rebounding ability, aggressive playing style, and tenacious defense.

One of the highlights of his career came in 2016, when the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship. Tristan’s contribution was instrumental in this victory. His rebounding skills and strong defense played a significant role in the Cavaliers’ successful season, helping to end a 52-year major sports championship drought for the city of Cleveland.

In 2020, after nine seasons with the Cavaliers, Tristan signed a contract with the Boston Celtics. Since then, he has played for four other teams – Sacramento Kings (2021-2022), Indiana Pacers (2022), Chicago Bulls (2022), and Los Angeles Lakers (2023).

In contrast to his basketball career, Tristan’s personal life has often been under public scrutiny. His relationship with Khloe Kardashian catapulted him into a new level of fame due to the Kardashians’ extensive reach in the entertainment industry, but their relationship has been characterized by highs and lows and several allegations of infidelity. In 2018, they welcomed their first child, daughter True.

Due to allegations that Tristan was unfaithful during Khloe’s pregnancy, the couple parted ways in February 2019, before rekindling their relationship in 2020. In July 2022, the couple announced that they’re expecting another baby, this time via surrogacy, and son Tatum was born on 28 July 2022.

Despite the turmoil in his personal life, Tristan maintains a close relationship with his children. He often shares glimpses of his life as a father on social media, portraying his commitment to co-parenting.

Outside his basketball career and personal life, Tristan is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in several charitable activities, focusing on uplifting and empowering the youth. In 2016, he donated $50,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland. He has also hosted numerous basketball clinics in his hometown of Toronto, fostering sportsmanship and team spirit among young players.

As of July 2023, Tristan’s net worth is estimated to be around $45 million, accumulated from his professional basketball career, and endorsement deals with several well-known brands.

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