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French-born Mexican actress Angelique Boyer, rose to fame thanks to her role as Victoria Paz in the teenage series “Rebelde”, and growing up, she landed several big roles in popular Mexican telenovelas, such as “Alma de Hierro”, “Amar a Muerte”, and “Lo Que la Vida me Robo”.

She has nearly 20 acting credits to her name, and her most significant role was her portrayal of Lucia in the soap opera “Amar a Muerte”, which earned her the Premios TVyNovelas Award for Best Actress in a Telenovela (Mejor Actriz).

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Her birth name is Angelique Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau, and as mentioned, she was born in the French town, Saint-Claude, Jura, however, aged two, her French mother and Spanish father moved with her to Mexico, where Angelique spent most of her early life. Angelique celebrates her birthday on 4 July, and since she was born in 1988, she will soon have a party for her 35th birthday.

Angelique made her acting debut as Anette Elizalde in an episode of the series “Corazones al Limite” in 2004, and since then, she’s starred in numerous telenovelas popular worldwide. When it comes to her movie roles, Angelique debuted on the big screen as Chica Francesca in the 2007 horror “J-ok’el”.

Currently, Angelique stars as Leona Bravo in the series “El Amor Invencible”, which began airing in February 2023.

Love life before Sebastián Rulli

Angelique has been the subject of various rumors about her love life, and the relationship that caused the most controversy was her romance with TV producer Jose Alberto Castro – at the time when they began dating, Angelique was 23 years old, and Jose was in his 50s. Their relationship lasted from 2011 through 2014, having met on the set of the telenovela “Teresa”, in which Angelique played the lead role. The rumors about their relationship started almost immediately, but the two kept silent until the end of the production.

The age gap between Angelique and Jose caused various speculations, and even her parents were opposed to the relationship. In one of her interviews, Angelique shared that it was very hard for her to leave her childhood home, however, she was in love and she chose Jose despite her parent’s disapproval.

When the two broke up, they released a joint statement, saying among other things that their ‘a marvelous relationship full of love’ comes to an end. Shortly after, rumors began about alleged physical abuse, saying that Angelique broke up with Jose since she’d enough and couldn’t stand it anymore, which the actress denied. She wrote on her Twitter that she was deeply saddened because of these speculations, saying that Jose has never attacked her physically or verbally.

Many media outlets later wrote about the alleged reason for their break up, and almost all of them assumed that Sebastián Rulli was the main reason for their separation.

Who is Sebastián Rulli?

He’s an actor with nearly 30 acting credits to his name, however, besides his acting talent, Sebastián is also known for his modeling career. He modeled in Miami, Tokyo, Paris, Millan, and Zurich, and according to his admirers, his good looks is his ace in the hole which opened many doors for this now popular actor. With his muscular body, height of 6ft 2ins (1.88m), blonde hair, and green eyes, Sebastián became the number one heartthrob when it comes to telenovelas’ actors.

Born Sebastián Óscar Rulli under the zodiac sign of Cancer on 6 July 1975, he will soon celebrate his 48 birthday. He’s a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he spent his early day, and where he attended a local high school. Upon matriculating in 1993, Sebastián enrolled at the University of Argentina, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1997. During his time at college, , in 1996, Sebastián made his acting debut as Ignacio in the series “Montana Rusa, Otra Vuelta”.

However, he decided to pursue his modeling career, and after traveling across Europe and the US, he moved to Mexico, where he enrolled at the Centro de Educación Artística to study acting. His first notable role came in 2000, cast to play Willy in the series “Verano Del ‘98”.

Sebastián’s breakthrough role which brought him international fame was his portrayal of Hector Ferrer Garza in the 2004 telenovela “Rubi”. In the following years, he was seen in numerous commercially successful series, such as “Pasion”, “Papa a Toda Madre”, “El Dragon: Return of a Warrior”, and “Vencer El Pasado”, which brought him and Angelique the Premios Juventad Award for Me Enamoran.

When it comes to his personal life, Sebastián was married once. On 31 December 2007, he married his fellow actress Cecilia Galiano, whom he dated for several years before they tied the knot. Cecilia is perhaps known best for her role as Miriam Soler in the telenovela “La Desalmada”. The two have one son together, namely Santiago, whose birthdate hasn’t been disclosed. The couple divorced in July 2011, and in the following year, Sebastián began dating famous Mexican actress, Aracely Arambula.

How did their love story begin?

Angelique and Sebastián met on the set of the series “Teresa” in 2010. However, at the time, Angelique had begun her relationship with Jose Alberto, and Sebastián was still in a marriage, and later began dating Aracely Arambula. The two were the protagonists of the telenovela “Teresa”, and in the following years starred together in “Lo Gue La Vida Me Robo” (2013-2014).

Angelique and Sebastián spoke publicly about their relationship in July 2014. At first, Angelique was saying that they are just close friends who bonded working together for the last couple of years, however, she later confirmed rumors about her and Sebastián dating.

Are they still together? Married?

As of June 2023, the couple is still together. After “Lo Gue La Vida Me Robo”, Angelique and Sebastián starred together in “The Three Sides of Ana” (2016) and “Vencer el Pasado” (2021), and although the characters they played in these telenovelas married, in real life, the couple hasn’t walked down the aisle, to date. In one of his interviews, Sebastián said that he doesn’t want to get married because he’s afraid of divorce, adding that he and Angelique enjoy their love and they don’t need to exchange the wedding vows in front of the other people to prove their love and commitment for each other.

It’s confirmed that the couple will star together for the fifth time in the announced telenovela “The Strange Return of Diana Salazar”, a re-make of the 1998 series starred by Lucia Mendez.

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