• Hera Hilmar is a 30-year-old Icelandic actress
• She rose to fame through her role in “Da Vinci’s Demons” and “Life is a Fishbowl”
• She was formally educated at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
• She has 50k followers on Instagram and 6k followers on Twitter
• Her net worth is estimated at over $1 million


Who is Hera Hilmar?

Born on 27 December 1988, at an unspecified location in Iceland, so under the earth sign of Capricorn, Hera Hilmarsdóttir is a 30-year-old Icelandic actress. A formally educated actress, Hera rose to fame through her role as Vanessa in the hit television series “Da Vinci’s Demons”. Produced by BBC Worldwide, the show centers around a fictional version of the early life of Leonardo Da Vinci. Shown in more than 120 countries, the show made Hera a true star, and perhaps the most famous Icelandic actress. Her other significant roles include Eik in “Life is a Fishbowl”, one of the best movies in her home country, and Hester Shaw in “Mortal Engine”, perhaps her biggest movie to date.

Early Life, Family and Education

Hera was born into an Icelandic family, to mother Thorey and father Hilmar. Thorey Sigthorsdottir is an accomplished actress herself, having starred in a myriad of Icelandic movies and TV shows, in addition to roles in other European productions. It turns out that Hera’s mother wasn’t the only one enamored with cinematography, as her spouse is none other than Hilmar Oddsson, one of the best Icelandic directors of all time. Their influence and artistic prowess inspired young Hera to become an actress. From an early age, she displayed a pronounced infatuation with acting, and with the guidance of Thorey and Hilmar, she learned the ropes of stage performance before the age of 10, and even appeared briefly in several of her father’s movie. She subsequently attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, from where she graduated in 2011. Even though she had several credits to her name, Hera used her newly-found theoretical knowledge to become a better actress and expand her already impressive portfolio.

Career Beginnings

Hera made her debut on the silver screen at the tender age of 6, when she appeared in the famous Icelandic movie, “Tears of Stone”. The plot centers around Jon Leifs, a composer who spent most of his life in Nazi Germany, and was praised by critics for its accurate portrayal of the life of this iconic artist. Hera’s father was the director, which allowed her to grow accustomed to the acting profession. Afterwards, she appeared in “No Trace”, also a successful movie, but then Hera decided to take a break from acting and focus on her education.

Hera Hilmar

So her next role was in “Quiet Storm”, a 2007 hit movie, and for her excellent performance, she was nominated for an Edda, the most prestigious award in Icelandic cinematography. In 2008, she starred in “Two Birds” by Rúnar Rúnarsson, which took the festival scene by storm after its premiere at the 2008 Cannes Festival. It even received a Palme d’Or nomination, which announced Hera’s arrival on the scene. Short of the Week, a popular website, described it as ‘perhaps the purest and most earnest 15 minutes of film I have ever experienced’.

Establishing Herself as a Star

2012 was a big year for this aspiring actress, as she was featured in three episodes of “Leaving”, as Paulina, and a few months later, fans could see her in “Anna Karenina” as Varya, and in “World Without End” as Margery. Both of these roles were met with positive critiques, which resulted in subsequent roles in “The Fifth Estate” and “We Are The Freaks”. However, her biggest accomplishment to date was being cast as Vanessa Moschella in23 episodes of “Da Vinci’s Demons”. The series was critically praised because of its subtle distortion of historical facts and events, using just a hint of fantasy and creative energy. 2014 saw Hera act in “Life in a Fishbowl” and “Get Santa”, then after a series of successful performances in “An Ordinary Man” and “The Ottoman Lieutenant”, Hera got her first lead role in a movie produced by a major studio. She took on the part of Hester Shaw in “Mortal Engines”, and even though her performance was satisfactory, the movie became one of the biggest box office failures of all time, with losses clocking in at approximately $175 million.

Personal Life: Does Hera Hilmar Have a Boyfriend?

As for her romantic involvements, there is almost no information across any of the credible sources that could accurately describe this part of her life. Hera herself tends to keep news about her partners completely private, and has not yet come forward to address these fan inquiries. Nothing is known about her early relationships, or her current status. She has never been seen attending any public events in particular male company, and there’s no one that the fans suspect across her social media posts. There has also been no controversy regarding this matter. According to the available information, or the lack thereof, Hera is heterosexual and currently single. Her time is split between London, Reykjavik and Los Angeles.

Social Media Presence

Thanks to the ever expanding grasp that social media has on worldwide audiences, it is in the best interests of most celebrities to keep their fans informed about their activities and thus maintain and potentially increase their ratings and Hera herself is no stranger to this popular trend, as her dedication to posting updates on her public profiles and engaging with her fans is at an all-time high. Her Instagram page has 50,000 followers, while her Twitter account has 6,000.

Net Worth

Authoritative sources estimate that Hera’s net worth is over $1 million, as of mid-2019, accumulated from her more than decade-long acting career on TV and the big screen.

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