• Heidi Somers is a popular fitness model, YouTuber, and Instagram star
• She was born in North Pole, Alaska, and moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2009
• She works out five to six times a week and follows a Paleo diet
• She is rumored to be dating someone from her gym, but has not confirmed it
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $300,000

Heidi Somers Wiki Bio

Heidi Somers was born in North Pole, Alaska USA, on 14 March 1989, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding American nationality – she is popular for her career of a fitness model, while she is also a YouTuber and an Instagram star.

Early life and education

Heidi spent her entire childhood in Fairbanks, alongside her parents and her sister Mary, who she doesn’t usually talk about, and she wasn’t exactly happy with her life there.

Heidi has been into sports since she was a kid, as all her family have been. She was popular thanks to her attractive looks and her fit body, however, Heidi did not enjoy living there, because of a lack of opportunities.

Heidi Somers was home-schooled along with her siblings and the information regarding her higher education after moving to Texas is not explicitly mentioned. ​Heidi didn’t enroll at college, but rather focused on her fitness career. After she matriculated from high school, she began working four jobs simultaneously, so that she could gather enough money to move away from North Pole – in 2009, she finally moved to San Antonio in Texas, and left her old life in Alaska behind.

Career of a fitness model

By the time Heidi arrived to San Antonio, she was skinny and dissatisfied with how her body looked. In an effort to change this, she began eating a lot more and so gained weight, but a lot more than she wanted – now she was overweight, and dissatisfied with that situation.

Heidi Somers

Determined to turn her life around, Heidi paid her monthly subscription at a gym close to her home, and started working out on a daily basis. She was taking fitness classes but was frightened to start with weights as she thought it would make her look like a man, however, a coach at the gym felt her insecurity, and helped her with choosing the proper weights and exercises for her. Her new lifestyle made her happier, and although it wasn’t easy changing her diet, she got used to it, and began uploading pictures of her progress onto her Instagram account. As she was gathering fans, she was given an opportunity to pose for a popular fitness magazine, and given an interview after which she signed a contract with a modelling agency, which officially launched her career of a fitness model.

Heidi was also now ready to start competing – she began taking CrossFit classes. and entered her first NPC competition. She’s entered several competitions so far, but hasn’t achieved any notable results.


Heidi’s workout routine and diet

She has five to six training sessions every week which are focused on her entire body. Heidi prioritizes weight lifting over other forms of exercise, begins her workouts with a 10-minute cardio session, then lifts weights for 45 minutes, and ends with another 10-minute cardio session.

Heidi is currently following a Paleo diet, also called stone age diet – it means that the person only gets to eat the food which was available to humans during the Paleolithic era.

Personal life and relationships

Heidi hasn’t shared much about the men she might have dated in the past, as she prefers to keep her personal matters to herself.

Heidi had a boyfriend in Alaska before she moved to Texas – the two were inseparable for two years before he broke up with her only a month before she moved. Heidi didn’t take the break-up well, and managed to crash her car the same day – all of this additionally motivated her to leave everything behind, and move to San Antonio

Heidi Somers is in a relationship with Christian Guzman, an American fitness YouTuber, fitness entrepreneur, and vlogger.

Hobbies and other interests

It might appear to some that Heidi is completely focused on her career of a fitness model but she has numerous other interests.

Heidi enjoys going out late at night but prefers restaurants and quiet places over clubs and loud music. She is a lover of animals, and has a pet dog whose name isn’t known – the two often watch the “Game of Thrones” episodes together as this is Heidi’s favorite TV series. She is very interested in working with young people and encouraging them to start going to the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle – she has attended numerous events during which she’s spoken about the importance of being physically active.

Heidi is very passionate about travelling, and has been all around the US throughout the past couple of years.

Appearance and net worth

Heidi is currently 30 years old. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, is 4ft 11ins (1.5m) tall, and weighs around 130lbs (58kgs).

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million, and is steadily rising thanks to her career of a fitness model.

Social media presence

Heidi is very active on several popular social media networks, as this is very important for her career of a fitness model.

She launched her Twitter account in June 2011, and has gathered almost 80,000 followers and tweeted nearly 14,000 times. Her Instagram account currently counts more than 1.7 million followers, while she’s uploaded nearly 2,000 pictures onto it – Heidi is running a Facebook page as well, which is currently followed by nearly 200,000 fans.

Heidi is also a YouTuber, as she launched her channel on 20 December 2008 and there are currently nearly 750,000 people subscribed to it, while it also counts nearly 80 million views of all her videos combined, all of which are usually related to fitness.

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