• Greice Santo is a Brazilian-born TV celebrity, model and actress best known for her role in “Jane the Virgin”
• She is also a singer and dancer, and has released music videos “Você Você” and “DJ Don’t Stop”
• She is currently married to professional gambler Robert J. Cipriani
• She was accused of being offered money for a sexual relationship with Canadian billionaire Daryl Katz and her husband filed a lawsuit against him
• She has a net worth of $1 million and an active social media presence

Greice Santo is a TV celebrity who’s appeared in various series, probably best-known for her role in “Jane the Virgin”. She’s also tried herself as a singer and dancer, so let’s find out more about her success in these fields of the entertainment industry, discover her current relationship status, net worth, etc.

Early life and family

Greice Santo was born under the sign of Gemin on 6 June 1992 in Brazil.  Nothing is known about her family, as she’s never mentioned any details about her parents or any siblings. She later moved to Los Angeles, California USA to pursue her dream of becoming a model and actress.

Educational background

Nothing at all is known about Greice’s educational background, as she never mentioned which high school she matriculated from, and if she studied in any college or university.


Acting and modelling career

Greice has been modelling for various magazines from a young age. In 2012 she started her acting career by landing the role of Maria in the series “New Girl” (2011 – 2018) in which she played opposite Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield. Later she was cast as cocktail waitress Veronica in the movie entitled “Wild Card” (2014), after which she played the role of Gia in the CBS’ series “The Odd Couple” (2015-2017), sharing the screen with the legendary Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. Another role Greice landed was that of Ana Maria in the series “One Day at a Time” (2017-2019). However, she rose to fame when appearing in the role of Blanca in the series “Jane the Virgin” (2014 – 2019) .

In 2019 she had another minor role of a yoga nanny in the new series “Games People Play” (2019 – present). It is worth mentioning that she’s also recently appeared in “Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” in 2020, playing the role of Scantily Clad Crystal, and “Space Jam 2” (2021) in which Greice  plays a minor role of a girl in the cafe.

Music career

Greice decided to develop her singing and dancing skills, and recorded her own music video entitled “Você Você” launched in 2018, and which soon attracted over a million views, and as many as two million.

However, it took Greice almost a year to launch another music video, uploadied on her YouTube channel, and announcing it on all her social media profiles. The track entitled “DJ Don’t Stop” was launched in July 2019, attracting over 100,000 views in a couple of months.

Personal life, husband Robert J. Cipriani

Greice was in a relationship with the American actor and producer John Stamos; they were rumored to have a romantic affair, even though there was a huge age gap between them, as John was 54 when he met 23-year-old Greice. However, their relationship didn’t last long, as Greice met and then married her now-husband Robert J. Cipriani. Not much is known about him, as he tends to hide any details about his work.

Authoritative sources claim that he’s a professional gambler, and was even banned from the global casino net after he was witness to a key informant in the international investigation on the activity of a local cocaine syndicate. Greice doesn’t have any kids, and there’s no information about Robert’s former affairs, so it’s not known if he has kids from any previous relationships.


Assaults of David Katz

It seems that Greice will never forget April of 2017, when her name was in all the headlines of newspapers and magazines. The reason for her unexpected fame was not pleasant at all – she was reported to have been offered an impressive amount of money for an explicit relationship with the Canadian billionaire named Daryl Katz. While she was working on the shoot in the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, she was noticed by the billionaire who asked his cousin to visit Greice to ask her some questions.

Greice Santo

The Dailymail reports that Greice was invited by David Katz’ cousin named Michael Gelmon to talk about her career, and the support and help the billionaire could provide to her and her family. After a 30-minute talk Greice understood that she was offered such help in return for her sexual services. Being offended to the core, Greice could only answer: ‘I am not a prostitute!’ and leave the room.  Katz and his cousin hurried to let the whole world know that she was promised around $1.44 million per month for sleeping with the billionaire at least six times during the payment period of a year, and that she declined the offer and was going to file a lawsuit against David Katz and his treacherous colleagues.

Eventually it was Greice’s husband, Robert, who filed the lawsuit against the Canadian billionaire for sexually assaulting his wife. However, David Katz was not an easy nut to crack; all he answered was that all the accusations were ‘false, malicious and entirely without merit’.

Another self-proclaimed victim of Harvey Weinstein

The same year that Greice had dirty offers from the Canadian billionaire, she launched the website which she called “I met Harvey”, to tell her story of being assaulted by the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.  She encouraged other women to tell their stories and not to be afraid of him, revealing the truth about his inappropriate behavior.

Even though there is no real evidence of Harvey’s assaults against Greice, she claims she is one of his victims just as Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan, Lena Headey and many others. It’s worth saying that Gwyneth Paltrow earlier accused Harvey of sexual harassment, however, the attorneys of Weinstein filed another lawsuit against Paltrow for defamation and irreparable damage to reputation. The results are now widely known!.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

When it comes to her hobbies, Greice chooses to spend her spare time sunbathing, swimming and enjoying some long-drinks at the beach; she shares that it had always been her favorite type of relaxing.

She also likes dancing and singing, so she enjoys going to night clubs with her husband, and since they don’t have any kids, they don’t need to hurry back home, and can spend the whole night celebrating another day of their lives.

Social media presence

Greice is very active on social media platforms, having several profiles – her Instagram account is popular, and her Facebook is ‘liked’ and followed by over 60,000 users. She almost never answers any questions from her fans in the comments, and they sometimes feel offended about that, asking her why she ignores their questions. However, she never responds.

Appearance, clothing style

Greice now wears her hair short, enjoying her bangs and bob hairstyle. She has naturally straight dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. She’s 5ft 8ins (1.73 m) tall and weighs around 116lbs (60kgs); her vital statistics aren’t available but she is of slim build. As to her clothing style, she often jokes that her favorite outfit is a swimsuit, however, in her everyday life she prefers wearing casual clothes, such as jeans, shorts, tank-tops, T-shirts, etc.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Greice’s current net worth is estimated to be close to $1 million. As to her gambler husband, his net worth has never been reported, so there is no information about their joint wealth, and one can only guess how rich their family is.

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