Who is Bob Menery?

Bob is a sports commentator and social media personality, known for his distinctive voice and humorous commentary style; he gained popularity by posting videos of himself providing play-by-play commentary on various sporting events. Bob’s witty and often explicit commentary, has earned him a large following on platforms Instagram and YouTube. He’s also collaborated with professional athletes, and appeared in commercials, further expanding his presence in the sports and entertainment world.

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Early Life

Bob was born on 10 July 1987, in Boston, Massachusetts, the youngest of three children. He comes from a modest, supportive family that encouraged his diverse interests – his father Mark worked as an insurance salesman, while his mother Patty, was a stay-at-home mom. In his recent interviews, Bob often emphasizes that both of his parents were his role models growing up, instilling in him the value of hard work.

Bob attended St. Michael’s Catholic School, before transferring to North Andover High School where he participated in sports, notably soccer and football. During his high school years, he was often described as overly chatty and a ‘class clown’ by his teachers, which would eventually lead to him discovering that his true passion lay in entertaining people.

In his late teens, Bob discovered his talent for mimicking professional sports commentators, a skill that would later catapult him to fame. In a school talent show, he amazed his peers with an impromptu broadcast-like commentary, showcasing a powerful, emotive voice that captivated his audience. Even then, his unique talent was impossible to ignore.

Career Beginnings

After high school, Bob embarked on a journey to New York City with dreams of becoming a professional actor and comedian. Unfortunately, as he recounts, he was struggling to keep up with other actors, and land roles. He eventually returned to Boston and began ‘broadcasting’ football games for his friends.

Bob soon moved to Los Angeles, California with a revised plan of becoming a professional sports commentator. However, his early years in LA were marked by hardship, and Bob found himself working various odd jobs, including as a caddy at Wilshire Country Club to make ends meet. At one point, Bob couldn’t afford rent, and had to sleep in his car. Despite the struggles, he never lost sight of his goal; he worked tirelessly on his broadcasting skills, patiently waiting for a chance to prove his worth in the competitive world of sports commentary.

Bob’s breakthrough came in the form of social media. In 2017, he uploaded a video on Instagram showcasing his commentating ability. His vivid and humorous take on everyday life events, like a dog chasing a ball, combined with his sportscaster-like voice, captured the attention of many.

His videos quickly went viral, amassing hundreds of thousands of views and followers, and soon gaining the attention of professional athletes and celebrities, who found his content both amusing and impressive.

‘R-rated Sports Commentator’

Bob gained popularity as the ‘R-rated Sports Commentator’ who appealed to audiences that sought a departure from traditional sports commentary. He began collaborating with well-known personalities, including National Football League (NFL) players, further increasing his visibility and influence.

Despite some criticism for his unfiltered approach, Bob stood firm in his unique style, often defending it as an authentic and much-needed shake-up in the world of sports journalism. This defiance further endeared him to his audience, who appreciated his commitment to breaking the mold.

The Zapped Podcast

In 2020, Bob started the “Zapped” podcast, which quickly became a hit – it allowed him to have in-depth discussions with celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile individuals in an informal, relaxed setting. His sense of humor and sharp interviewing skills soon made “Zapped” a favorite among podcast listeners.

Not only did Bob offer his listeners amusing commentary, but he also provided them with insights into the lives of his famous guests. Through the podcast, Bob has maintained his distinctive style while also proving himself to be a thoughtful and provocative interviewer.

NELK Collaborations and Deprature

In addition, Bob was also a part of the NELK content creator group, founded by Kyle Forgeard and Jessie Sebastiani. The ‘Nelk Boys’ gained popularity through their YouTube channel on which they uploaded prank videos themed around North American college culture. They’re also known for their “FULLSEND” podcast, which Bob frequently appeared in.

However, in June 2022 Bob had a falling out with NELK claiming that they owed him money for their collaborations and violated his contract. Initially the feud wasn’t publicized, but the fans quickly noticed that Bob was missing from the podcast and it didn’t seem that he was going to return. Bob shared his side of the story on TikTok in October 2022, with Kyle promptly denying his claims.

Following Bob’s departure, “FULLSEND” podcast was hit with a wave of hateful comments left by Bob’s fans. The drama soon culminated after Bob uploaded a picture of his contract with NELK. The contract revealed that Bob actually overestimated the amount of money he was owed, but he still received a payout.

Presence on Social Media

Bob’s rise to fame can be credited largely to his impactful presence on social media – Instagram was the launchpad. His account, filled with humorous takes on mundane everyday situations, served as a perfect platform to showcase his unique voiceover skills. As of July 2023, Bob boasts over three million followers on the platform, a testament to his popularity.

His online presence isn’t confined to Instagram – Bob is also active on Twitter, on which he shares his thoughts on current events in sports, and engages directly with his fans; his Twitter account numbers more than 150,000 followers. Additionally, Bob has a presence on Facebook and YouTube, on which he posts clips from his “Zapped” podcast and other exclusive content.

Bob’s social media strategy is a combination of humor, authentic connection with his followers, and constant engagement.

Net worth

As of July 2023, Bob’s net worth is estimated at more than $5 million. His income sources are diverse, and largely tied to his social media influence.

A significant portion of his earnings comes from his successful podcast “Zapped”, which generates revenue through sponsorships, ad placements, and partnerships. Bob also monetizes his huge social media following. Through sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and endorsements, he’s turned his social media platforms into profitable business ventures. It’s been estimated that Bob makes up to $30,000 per single Instagram post.

Furthermore, his work as a sports commentator, albeit non-traditional, contributes to his wealth. He often partners with sports organizations and events, providing his signature comedic commentary.

Although Bob’s journey had a humble beginning, his perseverance, unique talent, and strategic use of social media have earned him significant financial success.

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