• Felicia Combs is an American meteorologist who has a net worth of over $300,000 and is 30 years-old.
• She is single and does not have any children.
• She attended the University of Central Florida and Mississippi State University, graduating in Applied Science.
• She works for The Weather Channel and has nine years of experience.
• Her most memorable event is Hurricane Matthew, and her job requires her to analyze and interpret meteorological data for forecasts.

Felicia Combs Short Bio and Wiki

Born on 27 May 1989 under the sign of Gemini, in Lake Wales, Florida, USA, Felicia Combs is best known as an American meteorologist, who has worked for channels such as Fox and KYTV. The 30 year-old has so far had a nine year-long professional career, and accumulated a net worth estimated at over $300,000, as of early 2020.

Her fans often wonder if she’s in a relationship – however, it turns out that as of today Combs is still single, which she stated in interviews and on her social media multiple times.

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Nonetheless, judging by one of the meteorologist’s tweets, she did have a boyfriend in 2018, but didn’t reveal his identity.

Does Felicia Have Children?

Combs doesn’t have any children, but she has a nephew named Xander and enjoys babysitting him. She bought him a onesie reading “My mom’s taken, but my aunt is cute and single”, once again confirming that she’s not in a relationship. In one tweet, she wrote that she doesn’t understand parents who tell their kids that they’re bad, selfish or whiny.

“Why would you ever plant those seeds in your children’s spirit”, she added, revealing what her parenting would be like. Combs is a feminist, and despite loving kids and wanting kids of her own, stands up for women who chose to have a career over having a child.


Felicia was a student of the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and during her time at UCF, she was a journalism intern at one station, and that was when she realized that she wouldn’t want to become a hard news reporter.

Felicia Combs

She was then recommended to go spend some time with station meteorologists, which she enjoyed so much that she eventually chose it as her calling. So she then went to Mississippi State University, and graduated in applied science.

Personal Life

Felicia uses her social media to share some news from her life, but still keeps some information to herself. At the end of 2019, she shared a post in which she expressed her gratitude for things she achieved and got throughout the year – she especially pointed out that she became an aunt, made friends and worked in two new countries, Thailand and Mexico.

She has 15,000 followers on Instagram and her followers get to see her travel and spend time with her friends. As she stated, she didn’t get to spend Christmas with her family in almost a decade, as her work requires a lot of her time and attention, but she doesn’t mind as she gets to spend it with her colleagues, who are also like family to her. Many of Felicia’s reports have ended up on YouTube. Felicia has been associated with National Weather Association since 2015 and with 211 Helpline.

Her favorite weather is tropical weather, which is no surprise considering the fact that she grew up in Florida, in a hot climate. However, she remembers the issues she had during the 2004/2005 hurricane season, adding that she couldn’t go to school and didn’t have roofs and electricity. Other than that, her favorite season is fall.


On her official website, Combs stated that she’s forecast “everything from calm weather to winter blizzards or severe weather outbreaks”, and that she’s worked double shifts on weekends.

Furthermore proving her capacity and dedication to work, Felicia also covered other shifts and was responsible for school visits and safety day talks and reports.

Combs began her professional career in 2011, when she was hired by NewsCentral (FOX24/ABC16) based in Macon, Georgia, as their Morning Meteorologist. She covered the weather for WGXA Morning News on ABC16, beginning her work at around 5 am, and then covered weather from 7 am to 9 am for Fox24.

In 2013, she began serving as a meteorologist for KYTV in Kansas City, appearing in “Ozarks Today” Weekend Edition, also on NY3 News at Noon, and on Branson Visitor TV and KY3 24-7. In 2016 Combs moved back to Florida to join WFLX FOX 29, but left it in 2018. She wrote a heartfelt post about her upcoming departure on her Twitter account, saying that the event is very bittersweet for her, but that she’s very excited at the same time.

Latter Career

In 2019, she took a big step forward in her career when she began working for The Weather Channel.

She has experience of nine years, and has seen virtually all weather patterns, however, the event that struck her the most and the event that stands out the most to her is Hurricane Matthew. “It came very close to West Palm Beach, and it looked like it might be a direct hit for a little while, and then it changed path.”, Felicia recalls. Combs’ job required her to analyze and interpret meteorological data and prepare it for forecast, which she also presents. She also issues hurricane and other severe weather and interprets prognostic charts, maps and photographs.

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