• Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough, better known as Fatboy SSE, is a 25-year-old American YouTuber, comedian, rapper and social media personality
• He rose to fame after he was fired from his job at Chipotle, and started recording rap songs
• He adopted a unique style, which involved being both serious and ironic at the same time
• He also focused on comedy, posting short skits and impersonations on Instagram
• He has a net worth of approximately $550,000, as of August 2019


Who is FatBoy SSE?

Born on 16 November 1993, in Irvington, New Jersey, USA, under the water sign of Scorpio, Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough, better known as Fatboy SSE, is a 25-year-old American YouTuber, comedian, rapper and social media personality. His other nicknames include “Fats” and “Boobie”, which he considers essential parts of his personal brand, instead of deeming them derogatory. He rose to fame after he was fired from his job at Chipotle, and started recording rap songs. These parody tracks earned him a lot of attention, which lead Tyriq to explore other genres of comedy, such as stand-up, sketch, improvisation and posting funny videos on Instagram. He is also beloved due to his inspiring life story.

Early Life and Education: From Football Star to Drug Dealer

Tyriq was raised in New Jersey by parents of unknown names and professions. Despite being a well-known celebrity, he never wanted to share too much about his family or childhood, politely refusing to answer any and all questions that didn’t regard his career. He grew up alongside several siblings, one of whom is famous comedian and YouTuber Darius DK. Kimbrough also had a sister, who died as a result of a shooting in 2008. We do know that FatBoy SSE attended Union Avenue Middle School in his hometown, where he excelled as a football player, but was never interested in academics. Instead, his focus was on becoming rich and famous by any means necessary.

Even though he was considered a talented athlete, his lack of money prompted him to explore unconventional methods of work – such as selling narcotics. At the tender age of 14, he started off by selling one-gram packs of marijuana, but quickly moved on to larger quantities and harder drugs, such as crack cocaine and cocaine. The money he earned mesmerized him, and he wouldn’t stop.

Life Before Fame: Prison and Working at Chipotle

Even though he saw many of his friends murdered or arrested, FatBoy SSE wouldn’t get out of the drug trade. A string of bad life choices resulted in several prison sentences between the ages of 18 and 22, ranging from a week to several months. During his time behind bars Tyriq read a lot, and thought long and hard about what would happen to him if he continued down the path he chose.

FatBoy SSE

After his fifth sentence was over, FatBoy SSE vowed to stay away from illegal activities, and started looking for a job. ‘At first, I thought there was no way in hell that I would work 9-5, but I realized that I just had to try and it would be easy to get used to that life’, he recalled. He was hired by Chipotle, a famous Mexican fast food restaurant chain, but he struggled greatly. Despite the fact that he earned money with honest hard work and could pay his bills, a normal job just wasn’t for him. After just three months, his manager insulted him and fired him for being constantly late; as a result, Tyriq hasn’t eaten at Chipotle to this day.

Becoming a Rapper: Instagram and a String of Successful Singles

Although he could have easily started selling drugs again, FatBoy SSE wanted to make his family proud. So he turned toward the thing he loved the most – rapping. Even as a child, he used to freestyle over beats in the schoolyard, alongside his classmates. Inspired by his passion and “previous experience”, he started posting short freestyles and homemade music videos on Instagram. He adopted a unique style, which involved being both serious and ironic at the same time. In 2015, he released his breakthrough song “Want 2”, which went viral in a matter of hours, and motivated Tyriq to work even harder.

In January 2016, he released “Fat Bastard”, his first official mixtape, and songs such as “2 Big Macs” ft. Bundles, “Mind Yo Business” and “McDonalds Freestyle” ft. DJ Spunk all became hits. He followed up with “F*ck Burger King” in 2016 and two more albums in 2017 – “A Fat Kid Loves Cake” and “2 Fat”. Songs such as “Drake”, “Never Give a H*e Nothing”, “Mama House” and others have appeared on several American music charts.

Establishing Himself as a Comedian

FatBoy SSE was beyond overjoyed because his dreams came through, but he wasn’t nearly done with building his brand. He toned it down a bit with music, and instead focused on comedy.

At first he posted short skits and impersonations on Instagram, which turned out to be a success, given his existing fame. Celebrities such as Meek Mill, 50 Cent and Michel Bell shared his videos, which earned him even more followers. Tyriq was also one of the most prominent Viners, before the site was discontinued.

What exactly happened to Vine?

Initially developed by Vine Labs, Inc. in June 2012 as a short-form video-hosting network for six-second-long looping video clips, and acquired by Twitter in October of the same year, launched on the 24th of January 2013, It has given rise to many of the social media celebrities that bask in the limelight today, and it was the founding stone for numerous trends that later took the internet by storm.

For almost exactly four years, Vine was the go-to video platform for the average teenager anywhere on the planet. However, in January 2017, Twitter decided to shut it down for various legal reasons, and this posed an issue for all of the Vine stars that were used to the network; most of them then took to YouTube in hopes of maintaining the influx of fans they enjoyed on Vine. In December 2017, Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann announced that the disgruntled past users should expect Vine’s successor V2 to be released in the future. However, in 2018 Dom stated that the project had been postponed for an unknown amount of time, due to various legal and financial obstacles.

2017 Arrest

On 10 October, 2017, FatBoy SSE was arrested when police concluded that he was driving his blood red Ferrari without a valid license. He was released the next morning, but caused a bit of a stir with a now-deleted Instagram video, in which he talks about police brutality and being held at gunpoint. He wrote the following in the description of the video: ‘LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN THE MIAMI BEACH COPS WAS JUST HATING ON ME CUZ I WAS DRIVING A BRIGHT RED RARRI & THEY STATED WE KNO WHO YOU ARE BUT WE DONT GIVE A F*CK YOU GOING IN FATBOY.’ As of August 2019, he hasn’t had any others brushes with the law since this unfortunate incident.

Personal Life: Does FatBoy SSE Have a Girlfriend?

Since FatBoy is a private person, there isn’t a lot of available information about his love life. We do know that he was in a relationship with a girl named Jes for several years – she is also a comedian, and was introduced by FatBoy SSE in an Instagram prank video called “Fat Boy hates when n*gga tries to talk with his girl”. However, things ended on a bad note, as Jes broke-up with him in February 2019, accusing him of beating her. He retaliated by stating she fabricated her claims and that she was “trying to save face” after she allegedly cheated on him. Jes responded by threatening to destroy his career, but so far hasn’t made any moves to accomplish this.

FatBoy SSE

His influences include Tupac, Jadakiss, Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne. FatBoy also loves eating Chinese food, He frequently watches films with Will Smith and Alyson Hannigan.

Body Measurements: How Tall is FatBoy SSE?

FatBoy SSE is 5ft 10in (178cm) tall, while his current weight is unknown. While him being overweight is a part of his brand, he has dropped approximately 50lbs with the help of exercise and proper nutrition.

Net Worth: How Rich is FatBoy SSE?

Have you ever wondered how affluent this famous rapper and comedian really is? According to authoritative sources, he has a net worth of approximately $550,000, as of August 2019, accumulated by aggressively promoting his music and posting more than 500 comedy videos on Instagram, Vine and other platforms.

FatBoy also has a sponsorship deal with PSD Underwear, as well as promoting several other brands on Instagram. If he continues to work hard and stay out of trouble, his net worth will surely increase in the near future.

Online Presence

Thanks to the ever expanding grasp that social media and content sharing platforms have on worldwide audiences, it is in the best interests of most celebrities to keep their fans informed about their activities and thus maintain and potentially increase their ratings and profit. FatBoy SSE himself is no stranger to this popular trend, as he built his empire on social media alone. However, there is no sign of his Twitter and Instagram profiles as of August 2019, as he must have deleted him at some point. He has an official page on Facebook, with 450,000 ‘likes’. You can also find him on YouTube, where he has 80,000 subscribers and amassed 4.4 million views.


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