Summary of Emily Baldoni:
• Emily Fuxler is a Swedish-American actress, most known for her role in the "Coherence" science fiction movie in 201•
• After high school, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry, and has since appeared in numerous films and TV series.
• She is married to actor/director Justin Baldoni, and together they have two children.
• Emily is a feminist and philanthropist, and has done charity work for those damaged by Hurricane Irma and for cystic fibrosis research.
• She is 35 years old with long brown hair and brown eyes, standing at 5ft 9ins, and her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

Who is Justin Baldoni’s wife? Emily Baldoni Wiki Bio

Emily Fuxler (now Baldoni) was born in Uppsala in Sweden on 3 August 1984 – her birth sign is Leo and she holds Swedish nationality as well as American. She’s popular for being the wife  actor/director Justin Baldoni, as well as for being an actress, mostly known for playing the main role in the “Coherence” science fiction movie in 2013.

Education and childhood

Emily spent her childhood with her parents in Uppsala, where she went to high school and was simultaneously taking acting lessons – after matriculation, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of making her way in the film industry.

Career as an actress

Emily’s acting career was officially launched in 2008, when she won the role of Lucy in the “Killer Pad” movie, followed by appearing in the “Grizzly Park” film – in the same year, she made her TV series debut when she appeared in single episodeS of both “How I Met Your Mother” and “Burn Notice”.

She went on to play Nadja in the “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” movie, and Lena Brodsky in the “Bones” TV series, both in 2009, while 2010 saw her appear in “The Lost Tribe” film, and the “Legend of the Seeker” TV series. She won her next roles in “Rules of Engagement” and “Mad Men” TV series in 2010, and then played Emily in the “Coherence” movie in 2013, which is the role that made her popular in the film industry, being praised by the critics for her performance, and this won her many new roles.

She appeared in two TV series in 2014, entitled “Reckless” and “Major Crimes”, and in the “Rizzoli and Isles” TV series in 2015 – after this, Emily took a break to focus on her family, as she gave birth to two of her children in the upcoming years. Her first role after the break and also her latest has been in the “Five Feet Apart” movie shot in 2019, in which she plays Nurse Julie.

Emily Baldoni and Justin Baldoni

Marriage with Justin Baldoni and how he proposed

Justin and Emily were dating for a year before exchanging their wedding vows on 27 July 2013. Justin proposed to Emily at the Blu Jam Café, which is where the two went on their first date – he lit the candles on the table, and when Emily arrived at the café, Justin was not around. Instead, the staff of the café brought a TV screen with a video recording of Justin asking her to marry him – the recording also featured a number of short videos, including one showing Justin visiting her father’s grave and asking him for her hand. At the end of the footage, Justin appeared and asked her to marry him to which she said…‘yes’ – the video of the entire proposal.

Emily gave birth to their daughter Maiya Grace Baldoni on 27 June 2015, and to their son Maxwell Roland-Samuel Baldoni on 18 October 2017, both born at Emily and Justin’s home – and it took Emily 35 hours to give birth to Maiya.

Who is Justin Baldoni?

Justin Baldoni was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 24 January 1984 – his zodiac sign is Aquarius and he holds American nationality. Justin is popular for his acting career, espcially for his role of Rafael Solano in the “Jane the Virgin” TV series.

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*Marriage Talk* Eight years ago this week I took this fox out on our first date. It’s pretty a pretty cool feeling to spend that long with someone and realize that you don’t just love them but you also really like them. So yeah- I really like my wife! It probably sounds like it should be expected, but we often take the friendship of our spouses or partners for granted and think it’s an obligation. It’s not. Just like love is a choice, I think the liking part comes from each of us working on ourselves as distinctly unique and individual people, experiencing life outside of each other and then coming back to share it. It evolves and changes like we do. Maybe I’m wrong but I think the like factor is a key ingredient in the marriage soufflé – you might have moments where it’s missing and you can get by, but in the long run you need it for it to taste just right. (Thats probably a terrible analogy but you get it) Point is- don’t become complacent in love, you should like each other too. And if you don’t know if you like your partner at the moment… then look at yourself first. It’s easy to place the blame elsewhere. It always starts in the mirror. You can’t like them if you don’t like yourself. The right person will reflect you. #marriage #datenight #takeitwithagrainofsalt

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Justin grew up in Medford, Oregon alongside his parents Sam and Sharon Baldoni – Justin is a follower of the Bahá’í Faith, which is something he inherited from his parents. He was very sporting at high school, as he played soccer and ran track, and also worked at a local radio station as a disc jockey.

Justin was persuaded by his manager to pursue a career in acting and directing, and he went on to produce a music video in 2008, which was shown at the Dawn Breakers International Film Festival, and won him an Audience Choice Award. His documentary TV series “My Last Days” was released in, and it ended up being amongst the most watched documentary TV series in history – it currently counts three seasons, with the third having been released in 2018.

The year 2014 saw Justin play Rafael Solano in the “Jane the Virgin” TV series, which is the role that made him popular as an actor – soon afterwards, he launched his own company called Wayfarer Entertainment. Justin’s latest achievement has been directing and producing the “Five Feet Apart” movie in 2019, in which his wife also appears.

Emily’s likes and interests

Emily is a feminist and a philanthropist, who has done a lot of charity work throughout the years. She helped the Blu Jam Café with their fundraiser on 22 September 2017, created to gather money for all those damaged by Hurricane Irma. After the “Five Feet Apart” movie which she played in was released, Emily began influencing people to donate their money to research of cystic fibrosis.

Summer is Emily’s favorite time of the year, as she enjoys being at the beach with a cocktail in her hand, and swimming at the ocean. One of her main hobbies is travelling, and she and her husband went to Italy this year – they visited the (supposed) balcony of Juliet (from “Romeo and Juliet”) in Verona, and Emily uploaded a picture of them kissing underneath it onto Instagram. Both Emily and Justin are very sporting, and occasionally go the gym together.

Appearance and net worth

Emily has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, and weighs around 132lb (60kg). As of mid-2024, her net worth is more than $1 million, while Justin’s wealth is over $1 million as well.

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