Who is Elise Laurenne?

Born on 2 April 1996, in Toronto, Canada, under the bold and somewhat audacious sign of Aries, Elise Laurenne is a 23-year-old Canadian model, social media personality, cosplay artist, news anchor, gamer and streamer. She achieved fame through her cosplay sessions, regarded as astonishingly realistic, in which she mimicked popular game and movie characters to perfection. In addition to her more “alternative” photo shoots, she also has experience in adult modeling, mostly in her early career. Her uncanny body modifications and creativity have caused her to become one of the most sought-after alternative models in the world.

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Day 1 at #blizzcon ? went to the opening ceremony, cried at the Rein and Warcraft cinematic, and now helping @…

Posted by Elise Laurenne on Friday, November 3, 2017

Early Life and Education

Elise was born into an Canadian family, in the largest city in the country. She is an only child, otherwise we don’t have access to any information about Elise’s early life, nor about her parents. Even though she is a celebrity, it was never her goal to expose herself and share more about her private life than she was required to. This is a clear sign that she is devoted to her career and that she has no intention of letting anything interfere with her plans. However, we do know how Elise found her true calling in life.

First Contact With Cosplay

When she was just five years-old, Elise had her first contact with cosplay when she went to a costume party organized by another kid from her kindergarten class. Despite being too young to understand the full meaning and culture behind cosplay, Elise immediately fell in love with dressing-up as fictional characters, which ended up defining her later on. As time went on, she started watching cartoons and superhero movies more often, which resulted in her getting fully immersed into the world of cosplay. When she turned 12, Elise made her official cosplay debut, dressing up as one of the characters from Elfen Lied, a famous Japanese Manga. By her own account, her grandmother taught her how to sew, which turned out to be a skill essential to her eventual fame.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay, etymologically, is a portmanteau of the words “costume” and “play”. It’s an evolving trend, a performance art if you will, in which participants wear custom-made costumes and other accessories to resemble a fictional character as closely as possible. Even though people have been dressing-up ever since the 8th century, costumes of fictional characters became a part of pop culture only in the 1980s and ‘90s, and Japan, the USA and Western Europe began hosting an increasing number of conventions dedicated to works of fiction. Thus, cosplay slowly started turning into a legitimate art. Incorporating elements of make-up artistry, design, optical illusions and much more, popular cosplayers like Elise became legitimate celebrities because of all the hard work they put into mimicking their favorite characters.

Early Career: Getting a Taste of Modeling

We don’t know much about Elise’s early career. By her own account, she started asking friends to shoot her for fun, wanting to see what modeling was really all about. An avid gym goer, Elise realized that she could venture far beyond cosplay and regular modeling, and soon after her first contact with modeling, she started doing nude photography. Despite the fact that this type of exposure is seen as controversial, Elise was never ashamed of her body and didn’t hesitate to show off her attributes. Even in her earlier photos, we can see the charisma and the pizzaz that made her so popular later on. Realizing that she could combine erotica and innocence, Elise found her niche in the modeling world and began promoting her work.

Elise Laurenne

Continued Success: Naked Girls

At an unspecified point in time, Elise became a part-time anchor at “Naked News. Founded by Kirby Stasyna and Fernando Pereira in Toronto in 1999, this online show features an all-female cast, but with one twist – they’re all naked! The idea behind Naked News is to promote the beauty of the female body, as well as instilling a healthy mindset about nudity and its historical significance. Elise mostly deals with internet and pop culture-related topics, with occasional photoshoots, like the one she did with Bruce Colero, an artist renowned in the nude photography niche. She was also the anchor of Naked in the Streets, a special segment of “Naked News” in which the reporter goes out topless and interviews passers-by on a wide range of topics. With her tattoos, unique charisma and eloquence, Elise became a staple of the show, and is still appearing in segments and other publications by Naked News.

Rising to Prominence: A Master at Cosplaying

Given the fact that Elise adored Marvel superheroes (and villains), as well as anime and manga characters, she had no shortage of inspiration. Using the sewing skills bestowed upon her by her grandmother, she began recreating some of the most iconic costumes from the world of fiction. In her career, Elise dressed up as Carnage from Spiderman, a night elf from the World of Warcraft, Melisandre from Game of Thrones, Venom and much more. By analyzing her cosplay portfolio, it’s safe to conclude that Elise enjoys international fame because she knows how to strike a balance between current trends in pop culture and nostalgic elements that her fans would appreciate. Her costume inspirations range from the latest Game of Thrones scenes, all the way to forgotten manga characters from the 1980s.

Creating Her Own Characters: Anti-Gwenom

All of Elise’s costumes she created are based on knowledge and real recollection of the character she’s portraying. Just like other renowned cosplayer, Elise knows the background story behind her every costume, which allows her to be adept at playing the role she chooses. However, Elise has done something almost no cosplayer in the world managed to do – she created a completely new character. For her masterpiece, entitled Anti-Gwenom, she fused two familiar faces from the Spiderman universe – Gwen Stacy and everyone’s favorite bad guy, Venom. Combined with her fit body and amazing knowledge of make-up, it’s hard to believe pictures of the costume aren’t a product of Photoshop.

Other Ventures: Suicide Girls

Elise is also a long time model for Suicide Girls, a popular website and brand centered around pin-up photography, light erotica and alternative modeling. She has been a member of the website since 2015, providing a constant stream of both fresh cosplays and photos of her in provocative poses. Her Suicide Girls name is “Ellie Suicide”. Elise also organizes parties and other types of events with other Suicide Girls models, meaning that she is an active member of the community. Most of the content she posts is available only for Suicide Girls members, which you can become by purchasing a membership.

Elise Laurenne

Personal Life: Does Elise Laurenne Have a Boyfriend?

There is no credible information on whether Elise currently has a boyfriend or not. We do know that she was in a long-term relationship with a man named Brandon Gilbert. Interestingly, after they broke-up, there were rumors about most of her costume designs being his idea and that she was “an imposter”. Elise neither confirmed or denied these allegations. As of mid-2019, she is probably single, and focused on her career.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Elise Laurenne?

Elise is 5ft 3in (160cm) tall, weighs approximately 110 lbs (50kgs), her vital statistics are 34-25-31, with her bra size being 34D. As for body modifications, Elise has a large number of tattoos, highlighted by a gorgeous half-sleeve on her left arm, consisting of geometrical shapes and what seems to be a mandala, an ancient Hindu and Buddhist symbol. She also has stretched lower earlobes, with large plastic insertions in both her ears. As of June 2019, she has piercings on her nipples, septum and belly button.

I love @filthycasualco so fricken much and @darshelle_stevens takes amaZing pictures ?This was taken at NYCC last year, excited to attend again this year! ?

Posted by Elise Laurenne on Friday, July 14, 2017

What is Elise Laurenne’s Net Worth?

According to authoritative sources, Elise Laurenne has a net worth of approximately $1 million, as of June 2019, accumulated through donations on Twitch, product sponsorships and her many modeling gigs and appearances at fantasy-related conventions. If she continues to be such an influential figure on the cosplay scene, it’s highly likely that her net worth will increase in the foreseeable future.

Online Presence

Like every cosplayer, Elise has understood the importance of social media as a tool for engaging with her audience and expanding her online influence. She was most famous for her Instagram account, on which she had a million followers, but it seems that she’s either deactivated it or received a temporary ban for inappropriate content. On her official Facebook page, she has 210,000 ‘likes’. Recently, she also opened her own store at Storenvy.com, with the goal of selling her photos and costume design sketches in print form. Her Twitter account is followed by 150,000 people, regularly interacting with her. On Suicide Girls, she has 27,000 followers. Interestingly, she also has an unofficial section on Reddit, with 13,000 users receiving the latest updates about her career. You can watch her play games on Twitch, alongside her other 10,000 followers.


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