• Duane Lee Chapman II was born in Pampa, Texas, USA on 21 January.
• He holds American nationality and has one sibling and nine half-siblings.
• He has acted in TV shows such as “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and “Celebrity Family Feud”.
• Duane has also worked as a financial and retirement counselor, and written his autobiography.
• He has a net worth of over $700,000 and is active on social media with over 660,000 followers on Twitter.

Duane Lee Chapman II Wiki Bio

Duane Lee Chapman II was born in Pampa, Texas USA, on 21 January 1978 , so under the zodiac sign of Capricorn and holding American nationality – he rose to stardom thanks to his acting career.

Childhood and education

Duane spent most of his childhood in Pampa, alongside his parents Duane Chapman, a TV personality who was part of the “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” TV show, and La Fonda Darnell, but the two divorced when he was four years old – very little is known about his parents as Duane hasn’t shared much about them with the public. He has one sibling and nine half-siblings, as his father married and divorced five times – his only sibling is Leland Chapman.

Duane was interested in movies and TV series since he was a kid, due to his father who was a star during the years he was actively acting and appearing in TV shows. Duane was somewhat popular while attending high school mostly thanks to his father, however, he was also bullied because of the five wives his father married. After he matriculated from high school, Duane focused on his career as an actor rather than pursuing a college degree.

Career of an actor and other jobs

Duane got to launch his career thanks to his father, who helped him appear in the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” TV series – the two appeared alongside each other, and could have been seen while the show was still airing on A&E network.  They were part of the cast until the show was canceled after its eighth season finished airing. Duane also appeared in “Celebrity Family Feud” in 2008, “E! True Hollywood Story” in 2010, and “The Bill Zucker TP Tales” in 2010.

Duane Lee Chapman Jr

While Duane is mostly focused on his acting career, he’s also been doing a couple of other jobs throughout the years – he was a financial and retirement counselor in Colorado, while he also worked as a bounty hunter. Duane is also a bit of a (or a proficient) writer, as he’s published his autobiography entitled “You Can Run, You Can’t Hide”, which made its way into The New York Time’s list of bestselling books.

Love life and wife

It seems that Duane has inherited his love for women from his father, as he’s dated numerous girls throughout the years. He met Teresa R. Roybal in high school, but the two didn’t start dating until 1996, while they exchanged their wedding vows in 1999.

While the two were apparently happy together, they divorced for unknown reasons in 2008 – some people believe that the reason was violence in the family, while others think it was infidelity on Duane’s side. Duane then dated Michelle Riddle from Florida, but the two didn’t stay together for long as he left her so that he could be with Ana Cordova, a popular TV producer and a casting director, with whom he has recently broken up. Although he has no children with Teresa, Duane has a son named Dylan Chapman from a relationship he had before Teresa – he also has three step-children from Teresa’s past relationship, named Jody, Jasmine, and Jennifer. Judging by Duane’s social media accounts and his secrecy, he’s currently single, has married once, and has a single child of his own.

Likes and other interests

Duane is currently mostly focused on his acting career, but there are numerous other things he enjoys doing in his free time. Duane takes good care of his appearance and his image, and often goes to the gym – he has five training sessions each week, mostly focused on working on his upper body. One of his favorite actors of all time is Chuck Norris, and he has recently met him in person and taken a picture with him, which he’s uploaded onto his Instagram account.

Duane’s favorite movie is “Fast and the Furious”, while his favorite TV series is “Lost”. He sees eating as one of his hobbies, as he often goes around the city with a mission to taste various cuisines, different foods – he also often uploads pictures of his food onto his Instagram account – this appears to have become a trend around the world. He’s a big lover of animals, with lions his favorite species.

Appearance and net worth

Duane has long brown hair which he usually dies blonde, and blue eyes, and is 6ft 1in (1.85) tall while his weight is not known. According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $700,000, while his father’s net worth is ereputedly more than $6 million.

Presence on the internet

Duane is very active on the internet, and very popular on most of his accounts on several social media networks. He launched his Twitter account in January 2009, his Instagram account is most popular, but Duane is also running a Facebook page, currently followed by nearly 30,000 fans.

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