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Don Stark was born in New York City, USA on 5 July 1954, so under the zodiac sign of Cancer and holding American nationality – he is mostly popular for his acting career, especially for his role of Bob Pinciotti in the Fox Network sitcom “That ‘70s Show”, which aired from 1998 to 2006. Don is also known for being a bodybuilder and a martial artist.

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Early life and education

Don spent his early childhood with his parents in New York City – his father Nate Stark – who was born in 1924 and died in 1978 – served as the manager of the Wilson’s House of Suede. Nate was quite a popular person due to his unique sense of humor, and one of his most popular lines was ‘Life is a sh*t sandwich and every day you have to take another bite’. Don’s mother Harriet was born in 1926 and died in 1993, and was a housewife who was an example of a Jewish mom.

Don inherited his sense of humor from his father, and was quite popular in high school thanks to it – he attended Grover Cleveland High School in Reseda in California, and was very sporting. He was an avid football player, and was simultaneously acting in the school’s theater – he played John in “Dark of the Moon”, Sky Masterson in “Guys and Dolls” and many others, while his role in “Othello” during the Shakespeare Festival got him an award.

Career of an actor and a bodybuilder

Dan’s career of an actor was officially launched in 1975 when he landed a role in the “Switchblade Sisters” movie and he kept on winning new roles after that. He appeared in “Tilt” in 1979, “Evilspeak” in 1981, and “Peggy Sue Got Married” in 1986. He briefly appeared in the “Star Trek: First Contact” movie as well as in “Supernatural” TV series, in which he was killed by a ghost.

In 1996, he won a side role in the “Time Cop” TV series while also appearing in the “iGo to Japan” movie, in which he played a pilot flying over Tokyo. Don appeared in numerous other movies and TV series, but none of which were significant for his career as much as the role of Bob Pinciotti in the “That ‘70s Show” TV series – he joined the cast in 1998 and stayed to the end of the series in 2006.

Don is also known for his dancing career, as he performed with numerous bands as well as solo, and he is also known for his career of a bodybuilder. He began going to the gym soon after he matriculated from high school, and has been taking good care of his physique ever since – he is a martial artist as well, as he has been taking classes since he was 10.

Don Stark

Don is currently serving as a softball coach of his daughter’s team, while he is also a volunteer for the YMCA.

“That ‘70s Show”

“That ‘70s Show” is the series which made Don Stark famous. It is an American TV period sitcom, originally created to air on Fox with its first episode being aired on 23 August 1998 and the last on 18 May 2006. The story follows the lives of six teenagers who are living together with their families in Point Place (fictional) in Wisconsin – the series follows dates from 17 May 1976 to 31 December 1979. The actors who played the teenagers are Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama while the people who played their parents and other adults are Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Tommy Chong, Don Stark (the star of this article), and Tanya Roberts.

The people behind the show wanted it to feel as the ‘70s, so they decided to take 1976 as the starting year as that was when all the trends and political matters were already set, while they also had to pay attention to the length of the show. The timeline which they chose allowed them to cover topics such as streaking, the sexual revolution, the Equal Rights Amendment, and the ‘70s oil crisis. The series also covers both Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and a bit of “Star Wars” movie can be seen, as the movie was released in May 1977.

Personal life and relationships

Don is very secretive when it comes to his love life, as he hasn’t shared much about his past and present relationships with the public, however, some things are still known.

Don married Julie Stark in the mid ‘80s – Julie was his high school sweetheart, and she was there while his acting career was still on the rise. They are parents to two of their daughters named Nicole and Samantha, however, things between them did not work out and they divorced in 1988, rumor to be because Don became popular and began cheating on his wife, however, this hasn’t been confirmed.

In 1989 Don married Aubrey Robinson, a fellow actress, and they seem to have been living happily to this day. They do not have any kids together, and Aubrey doesn’t seem to have any kids from her former marriages (if she had any) and relationships, while Don has two daughters. There are no controversies or rumors surrounding their marriage.

Don hasn’t spoken about any other women he might have dated besides Aubrey and Julie.

Likes and other interests

Don’s main focus is and has always been on his acting career, but he has had numerous other interests throughout the years.

Don has always been sporting, and paid attention to what his physique– the only period during which his body did not look as great as he wanted it to was while he was shooting for “That ‘70s Show”, as it required him to look a bit chubby. He is a huge fan of exercising, and even today he spends a lot of his free time in his own gym – he also likes martial arts and is an excellent fighter. Even in “That ‘70s Show”, one can notice that Don is a very passionate dancer, as the moves he performs couldn’t have been acted that easily. Don was also interested in travelling and he spent a lot of his time exploring the US with his second wife Aubrey.

Bob Pinciotti ( Don Stark)

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He also likes animals, and is very supportive of all the campaigns launched in order to save endangered species from extinction.

Appearance and net worth

Don is currently 65 years old. He has short black hair and green eyes, while his height and weight are not known.

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $4 million, and is steadily rising thanks to his continuing career of an actor.

Social media presence

Don doesn’t appear to be that active on the internet, as he only seems to be using his Twitter account, while one can find only fan pages of him on Facebook and Instagram.

Don launched his Twitter account in February 2013, with his caption reading ‘Currently playing Oscar on the hit VH-1 series HIT THE FLOOR’ – his account counts more than 1,800 followers, while he’s tweeted over 250 times.


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