Who is Genevieve O’Reilly?

Irish actress Genevieve O’Reilly was born in Dublin, Ireland, on 6 January 1977, making Capricorn her zodiac sign. She has 46 acting credits, and is perhaps known best for starring as Gretchen in the 2020 crime mystery movie “The Dry”, which also starred Eric Bana and Keir O’Donnell, and was directed by Robert Connolly. It follows Aaron Falk who’s returned to his small hometown for a funeral, and the movie won six of its 23 award nominations.

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Education and early life

Genevieve was raised in Adelaide, Australia as she and her family moved there not long after she was born; she has three younger siblings, and they were raised by their parents whose names and professions remain undisclosed.

Genevieve fell in love with acting while attending a local high school in Adelaide, as she appeared in many school plays, in most of which she portrayed lead characters; she was also passionate about music, as she learned to sing and play the violin.

She matriculated in 1995 and then enrolled at National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, Australia from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2000.

Genevieve’s been living in London, England since 2005.


In 2000, only a week after graduation, Genevieve was cast to appear in Gale Edwards’ production of “The White Devil”, while she was then cast to appear in his production of “The Way of the World”, performed at Sydney Theatre Company. Genevieve’s two following appearances were in Conor McPherson’s “The Weir”, performed at Dublin’s Gate Theatre, and his production of “Richard II” at London’s Old Vic.

The year 2011 saw her appear in the new play “13” by Mike Bartlett, and a production of Ibsen’s “Emperor and Galilean”; in 2012, she performed in a production of George Bernard Shaw’s “The Doctor’s Dilemma”.

Most recently, in 2015 and 2017, Genevieve appeared in a production of “Splendour” and “The Ferryman”, respectively.

Roles in TV series

Genevieve’s debut TV series role was playing Nagha in the 2001 episode “Slayer’s Return” of the action fantasy adventure “BeastMaster”, and from 2002 through 2005, she played Leanne Curtis in 15 episodes of the drama “All Saints”, which starred Judith McGrath and Georgie Parker, and aired its 493 episodes from 1998 through 2009. It follows the nurses working at All Saints Western General Hospital, and the series won 13 of its 62 award nominations.

Genevieve could then have been seen appearing in two episodes of the 2005 adventure mini-series “Mary Bryant”, all six episodes of the 2006 crime thriller mini-series “The State Within” and all six episodes of the 2007 crime comedy mini-series “The Time of Your Life”. In 2009, she played Sarah Caulfield in the crime action “MI-5”, which starred Peter Firth and Hugh Simon, and was created by David Wolstencroft. It follows the work of the UK’s domestic intelligence organization MI-5, the series aired from 2002 through 2011 and won nine of its 47 award nominations. Genevieve could then have been seen appearing in an episode of the action science fiction horror “The Day of the Triffids”, the romantic drama “Forget Me Not” and the crime mystery “Law & Order: UK”.

From 2011 through 2014, she portrayed Jamie Lapidus in 14 episodes of the popular comedy “Episodes”, which starred Matt LeBlanc and Stephen Mangan, and was created by David Crane. It follows a group of British TV producers who’ve come to Hollywood to export their hit TV series; it aired from 2011 through 2017 and won two of its 23 award nominations. Genevieve was then cast to star in the 2014 thriller mini-series “The Honorable Woman” and the 2015 historical mini-series “Banished”.

From 2015 through 2017, she portrayed Elishia McKellar in 12 episodes of the hit horror science fiction “Glitch”, which stared Patrick Brammall and Emma Booth, and was created by Tony Ayres. It follows six people who’ve been brought back from the dead with no memory, the series aired from 2015 through 2019 and won four of its 15 award nominations.

Some of Genevieve’s most recent TV series roles have been in all 25 episodes of the crime thriller “Tin Star” from 2017 through 2020 (lead role), a 2021 episode of the crime thriller mini-series “Three Families”, and nine episodes of the 2022 action adventure “Andor”.

Roles in movies

Genevieve made her debut film appearance in the hit 2003 action science fiction “The Matrix Reloaded”, which won eight of its 42 award nominations, and some of her following roles were in the 2003 action science fiction “The Matrix Revolutions”, and in 2004 the action science fiction “Cyber Wars” and the drama “Right Here Right Now”.

In 2005, Genevieve portrayed Mon Mothma in the critically acclaimed action adventure fantasy “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”, which starred Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen, and which George Lucas wrote and directed. It follows Chancellor Palpatine as he’s luring Anakin into a sinister plot, while Obi-Wan’s pursuing a new threat; the movie won 27 of its 91 award nominations, including an Oscar nomination for Best Achievement in Makeup. Some of Genevieve’s roles in the remainder of the 2000s were in the 2005 comedy “Second Chance”, the 2007 documentary “Diana: Last Days of a Princess” and the 2009 biographical historical drama “The Young Victoria”.

She played Lisa in the 2015 action crime thriller “Survivor”, which starred Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich, and was directed by James McTeigue; it follows a Foreign Service Officer in London who’s been framed with crimes which she hasn’t committed. Genevieve attracted a lot of attention with her portrayal of Mon Mothma in the 2016 action adventure science fiction “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, which starred Felicity Jones and Diego Luna, and was directed by Gareth Edwards. It follows a group of people who’ve teamed up in an effort to steal the plans to the Death Star, and the movie won 24 of its 109 award nominations, including two Oscar nominations for Best Achievement in Visual Effects and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing.

Some of Genevieve’s most recent movie roles have been in 2019, in the action family adventure “The Kid Who Would Be King” and the biographical romantic drama “Tolkien”, and in 2020 the  crime mystery “The Dry”.

Other credits

Some of Genevieve’s most recent talk-show appearances have been in “The Star Wars Show”, “Star Wars Celebration LIVE! 2023”, and “IMDb on the Scene”.

Awards and nominations

Genevieve’s been nominated for four awards: a 2018 Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role, for “Star Wars: Rebels”, a 2021 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award for Best Lead Actress in Film, for “The Dry” and two Irish Film and Television Awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Drama in 2018 and 2023, for “Tin Star” and “Andor”, respectively.

Love life and marriage

Genevieve shies away from speaking about her love life in public, and even though it’s known that she’s today both a wife and a mother, not many details have been shared about her husband and children.

The date of her and British non-celebrity Luke Mulvihill’s wedding hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s known that they married sometime in the first half of the 2000s, as they had already exchanged vows when they moved together to London in 2005. Luke’s today working as a chiropractor.

Genevieve and Luke have a son and a daughter together, but their names and birthdates haven’t been disclosed.

There are no other men whom Genevieve’s perhaps been with, that we know about; she’s married to Luke Mulvihill as of July 2023, and they have two children together.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Genevieve’s not a big fan of social media networks, and thus isn’t active on Instagram.

She’s involved with a number of charity organizations, while she mostly enjoys donating money to those which work with underprivileged children. She’s also a huge lover of animals, and occasionally volunteers with the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Genevieve likes to travel, and has been to a number of European countries and US states, with her favorite city to visit being Dubrovnik, Croatia.

She loves to swim in the sea and sun tan at the beach, which is mostly why summer’s her favorite season.

Richard Gere’s one of Genevieve’s favorite actors, and some of her favorite movies include “Chicago”, “Autumn in New York” and “Maybe I Do”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Genevieve’s age is 46. She has blue eyes and brown hair, is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 130lbs (59kgs).

Genevieve’s net worth’s been estimated at over $1 million, as of July 2023.

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