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MarkTowering height
FactHe has a degree in pre-medicine.
  • Derek Theler is known for his acting in “Baby Daddy” and modeling, showcasing versatility in entertainment.
  • He earned a Bachelor’s in Sports Medicine and Nutrition from Colorado State University, reflecting his interest in health alongside acting.
  • Derek’s significant role as Danny Wheeler in “Baby Daddy” highlighted his career, with earlier roles in “Cougar Town” and modeling for brands like Nike.
  • Post-“Baby Daddy”, he appeared in “Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe” and “American Gods”, showing a diverse project portfolio.
  • He enjoys a stable relationship with Lisa Marie Summerscales and actively engages fans on Instagram and Twitter.

Who is Derek Theler?

Derek Theler, born on 29 October 1986, hails from Fort Collins in picturesque Colorado. He is praised for being a versatile American talent, boasting a career as an actor and model at the age of 37. Widely recognized for his memorable stint in the popular sitcom “Baby Daddy,” which aired for half a dozen successful seasons, Theler’s charm and comedic flair endeared him to audiences worldwide. Beyond this milestone role, he graced the screens of shows like “The Middle,” and “Cougar Town,” steadily carving a path to prominence within the industry. Despite lesser-known anecdotes, Theler’s journey almost took a different turn when he vied for the iconic role of Steven Rogers in the 2011 film “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Impressively, he navigated the audition process with self-confidence, although the role ultimately slipped through his grasp, landing in the hands of Chris Evans. He has lent his captivating presence to commercials for renowned brands such as State Farm, Nike, and Coca-Cola, showing his versatility and enduring appeal.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Colorado

Derek comes from Fort Collins, and details about his parents and their professions remain elusive. Despite his status as a prominent figure, Derek maintains a tight guard over his personal life, signaling a steadfast commitment to his professional pursuits and a reluctance to entertain unfounded speculations. Nonetheless, his diverse heritage reflects a blend of English, Scottish, and German ancestry. When he was only three years old, Derek found out he has Type-1 Diabetes, yet this challenge has evidently not impeded his journey, with no apparent long-term ramifications.

Full NameDerek Theler
Known ForActing, Modeling, Starring in “Baby Daddy”
ProfessionActor, Model
OccupationActor, Model
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine and Nutrition from Colorado State University
Net Worth$3.4 million to $4 million
ChildrenDenali McKean Theler
Date of Birth29 October 1986
Zodiac SignScorpio
Place of BirthFort Collins, Colorado, USA
EthnicityEnglish, Scottish, German ancestry
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Height6 feet 5 inches (196 cm)
Weight218 pounds (99 kg)
Notable Works/Awards“Baby Daddy”, “Project: SERA”, “American Gods”, “Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe”
Associated BrandsState Farm, Nike, Coca-Cola
Social Profile LinksInstagram, Twitter, Facebook


Following his graduation from high school in 2005, Derek embarked on the next chapter of his academic journey at Colorado State University. Throughout his collegiate tenure, he showcased a passion for athletics, frequently engaging in football and enduring demanding swimming sessions to uphold his fitness regimen. In 2009, Derek earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine and Nutrition, a testament to his dedication and academic pursuits. While he didn’t pursue competitive sports at the collegiate level, Derek’s towering stature, standing at an impressive 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm), facilitated his segue into the world of modeling, a career path he had contemplated since his formative years.

Derek Theler

Career Beginnings: Smaller Roles and Modeling

After finishing his education, Derek was steadfast in his pursuit of an acting career. His journey commenced in 2009 with small roles in “Cougar Town” and “The Middle,” laying a solid foundation for what was to come. He also left a lasting impression with a cameo appearance as military personel in superstar Rihanna’s chart-topping video for her track “Hard,” featuring Jeezy, showcasing his early versatility and potential in the industry. By 2010, Derek’s presence caught the eye of numerous talent agencies, his athletic physique proving to be a standout attribute. This led to modeling gigs with prestigious brands like Verizon, Nike, Coca-Cola, and State Farm, enriching his professional repertoire. However, fueled by his passion for performance, Derek redirected his focus towards acting once more. His appearances in films such as “Valentine’s Day,” and television shows like “Conan” were his first steps toward true success.

Climbing the Ladder: Baby Daddy and Beyond

The year 2012 marked a significant turning point for Derek as he kicked off the year with notable appearances in “Camp Virginovich” and “The Grass Is Greener”. However, it wasn’t long before he secured the defining role of his career, stepping into the shoes of Danny Wheeler in the hit series “Baby Daddy”. The show orbits around Ben, who finds himself unexpectedly becoming a father to a baby girl following a one-night stand. Supported by his brother Danny and their tight-knit family, Ben navigates the trials and tribulations of parenthood, capturing the essence of familial bonds amidst the inevitable challenges of raising a child. Derek showed off his commitment to the craft by featuring in all 100 episodes of the show, culminating in its finale in May 2017. Amidst his bustling schedule with “Baby Daddy,” Theler delved into the realm of sci-fi, portraying Riggins in “Project: SERA,” a series entrenched in a dystopian future. Notably, his versatility and unwavering dedication drew acclaim from critics, underscoring his prowess in delivering compelling performances across diverse genres. Additionally, in 2013, he undertook the role of Derek in the revered series “General Hospital,” further solidifying his standing as a multifaceted talent within the industry.

Recent Projects: Ninjack vs the Valiant Universe, American Gods

Derek’s creative journey continued post-“Baby Daddy,” marked by a venture into uncharted territories and fresh horizons. His adaptability was evident as he embodied Dirk in an episode of “American Housewife.” In 2018, he embraced the persona of Aric Dacia in “Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe,” a series unraveling the intricate story of a man navigating the intricacies of duty and destiny within a covert intelligence agency in Great Britain. Amidst this narrative, he grapples with his alter ego, a martial artist entrusted with challenging the formidable forces of the Valiant Universe. Entering 2019, Derek revealed his comedic flair in “Wayne,” a narrative chronicling the journey of a resolute 16-year-old on a quest from Boston to Florida to reclaim a stolen car, a poignant memento of his deceased father. Yet, it was his depiction of Donar in the esteemed fantasy series “American Gods” in April 2019 that truly mesmerized viewers. Embracing the role of Odin’s son, Derek’s portrayal ignited fervent curiosity and earned acclaim from critics and fans alike, signaling yet another remarkable phase in his dynamic career trajectory. He also starred in “Dollface” in 2019, though it was just for one episode.

In 2020, he featured in 10 episodes of “68 Whiskey” and also had a role in “Leverage: Redemption.” 2023 saw him being part of three projects: “In Deep,” “Villains of Valley View,” and “The Naughty Nine.”

His latest projects are “Quarter,” which is in post-production, and “Deadlocked: Dad of the Dead,” which is in production as of early 2024.

Personal Life: Does Derek Theler Have a Girlfriend?

Derek’s romantic journey has found its current anchor in actress Lisa Marie Summerscales, with whom he has shared a steadfast bond since May 2016, marked by a seamless continuum devoid of any partings or disturbances. Lisa’s overflowing joy finds expression in her Instagram feed, adorned with snapshots capturing their shared moments. Despite their evident contentment, Derek and Lisa have chosen not to tread the path of marriage. Derek’s road to finding enduring love was not without its twists and turns; prior to Lisa, he had fleeting relationships, including a brief dalliance with Meredith Giangrande in 2010. While portraying Danny in the hit show “Baby Daddy,” he had a romantic entanglement with fellow actress Chelsea Kane, followed by an involvement with Christina Ochoa, an actress as well. Although Derek once proposed to Christina in 2013, their union never materialized. In the wake of this chapter’s closure, Derek’s heart found solace in the companionship of Lisa, marking a new chapter in his romantic odyssey.

In January 2024, Derek was happy to announce that his child with Lisa, a boy they named Denali McKean, has been born healthy.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Derek Theler?

Standing at a towering height of 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm) and weighing 218 pounds (99 kg), Derek Theler maintains his sculpted physique through rigorous daily workouts and mindful dietary choices. His striking features include piercing blue eyes and light brown hair, with no visible tattoos or body modifications recorded as of 2024, reflecting his dedication to a natural and authentic persona.

What is Derek Theler’s Net Worth?

Reportedly, Derek Theler’s net worth falls within the range of $3.4 million to $4 million, as affirmed by numerous reliable sources. This wealth has been amassed through his prolific contributions to various films, television series, and prominent advertising campaigns. Considering his relatively young age of 37, there exists significant potential for his net worth to experience further growth in the coming years, provided he continues to advance his career and secure compelling roles.

Social Media Presence

Like almost every model and actor, Derek understands the importance of social media as a tool to engage with his audience and gain even more revenue. His favorite platform, by far, is Instagram, on which he regularly informs people about animal rights and T1 diabetes. With 604,000 followers, he is one of the more popular men in show business. On Twitter, he is followed by 120,000 people, and he also has an official Facebook page, with 205,000 followers.

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General Info

Full NameDerek Theler
Height1.96 m
ProfessionActor, Model
EducationColorado State University


NominationsTeen Choice Award for Choice TV: Liplock, Teen Choice Award for Choice TV: Breakout Star
MoviesHow Sarah Got Her Wings
TV ShowsBaby Daddy

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