• Demi Bagby is an 18-year-old American CrossFit athlete, social media personality, motivator and bodybuilder
• She recovered from a severe neck injury that left her paralyzed for several months and made headlines for her inspiring story
• She has millions of followers on her social media profiles and participates in CrossFit competitions around the world
• She combines CrossFit and bodyweight workouts to maintain her muscular physique and practices yoga, gymnastics, surfing, and calisthenics
• Her net worth is currently estimated to be $500,000 with a large presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


Who is Demi Bagby?

Born on 10 January, 2001, in San Diego, California, under the earth sign of Capricorn, Demi Bagby is an American CrossFit athlete, social media personality, motivator and bodybuilder. She made headlines after she miraculously recovered from a severe neck injury that left her paralized for several months; apparently, she fell during cheerleading practice and hit her head hard. Despite doctors telling her that she would likely never walk again, Demi fought valiantly, all the while documenting the entire process on social media. Slowly but surely she regained the ability to use her legs, and went on to become one of the most famous fitness personalities in the world. People around the world were inspired by this relentless young lady, which resulted in millions of followers on her social media profiles. Nowadays, she participates in CrossFit competitions, and travels around the world performing gravity-defying acrobatics.

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Early Life: An Athletic Background

Demi was born into an American family, but despite her international fame, there is no available information about her parents. Facing enquiries about this matter on a number of occasions, she remained professional and politely refused to answer any and all questions involving her parents and childhood. Not many celebrities are so devoted to their privacy, however, we do know that Demi has two brothers and a sister – one of her siblings is none other than actor Devon Bagby, best known for his portrayal of Conor Donovan in the hit TV series “Ray Donovan”. As a child, Demi always played soccer with her brothers, and was also interested in track & field as well as several other sports. She was especially enamored with cheer-leading, in which she was involved competitively; everything was going well, until one practice session changed her life forever.

The Accident

Cheerleading often involves incredible stunts, flips and other acrobatics, which is the reason why Demi was attracted to the sport. One day in early 2014, she had an intense practice, and to cap it off, she wanted to work on her backflips before going home. In the middle of one flip, she timed the movement of her legs badly and ended up falling on her head. Her teammates were terrified by the sight of her lying motionless on the ground, but they were quick to call the ambulance. The diagnosis was grim – Demi injured the upper part of her spinal cord, resulting in a loss of movement in her legs; several doctors told her that she might spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Most would be devastated by such a turn of events, but Demi took it worse precisely because sports were her entire life, but this was the exact reason for her incredible will to overcome the unfortunate accident she had. It took her three months to even get out of bed, and even though this was better than anyone expected, anything more complex than slow walking was out of the question. Still, she wanted to fight.

Demi Bagby

Discovering CrossFit and Bodybuilding

Because she was bedridden, Demi had a lot of time on her hands, so she read a lot about sports, athletes and nutrition. One day, she stumbled upon an interview with a CrossFit athlete, and immediately became interested in the sport. At the same time, she also studied calisthenics, muscle-building exercises that one can do with his or her own bodyweight. ‘I saw videos of people online doing CrossFit, and calisthenics, and all these fun kind of workouts, and I told myself if I was ever able to walk again that I’d be determined to live it everyday, and just learn new things everyday.’, she said. And walk she did.

By late 2015, Demi was already jogging, which was an incredible occurrence. She shared her progress on social media, resulting in a myriad of supportive messages and words of encouragement. When she combined her newly-found knowledge of CrossFit and bodyweight workouts with the support she was receiving, Bagby was aware of her full potential. She worked tirelessly to build muscle mass and regain the strength she once had. Day by day, Demi practiced ever more difficult exercises, including muscle-ups, lunges and dips.

Where is She Today?

The once-bedridden cheerleader became an online sensation, as well as a successful athlete. She managed to win several CrossFit competitions, leaving much older women wondering how one so young could be so adept. In 2016, she ranked 23rd worldwide amongst women in her age category, an incredible turn of events for someone so young, inexperienced and previously almost paralysed.

Despite still competing in CrossFit events, she became involved in surfing and martial arts, and she began a professional racing career in November 2022. She is now more focused on modeling and being a motivator. ‘I’ve always wanted to spread a positive impact on the world of what being active and healthy can really do.’, Demi stated. ‘It may be simple, but that does not mean that it’s easy.’ Her social media posts are filled with motivational quotes, and advice on how to maintain a muscular physique.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Demi Bagby?

Demi Bagby is 4ft 11in (150cm) tall, weighs approximately 115lbs (52kgs), but her vital statistics and other measurements are unknown.

How Does Demi Bagby Maintain Her Body?

Demi isn’t so focused on CrossFit anymore, which gives her the opportunity to practice other sports as well. She loves yoga, gymnastics, surfing and calisthenics, and from time to time also goes to the gym and does compound exercises (bench press, deadlifts and squats) to strengthen the most important areas of her body. As for nutrition, she has no particular secret. Her goal is to eat natural, unprocessed foods that hydrate and energize her at the same time.

Personal Life: Does Demi Bagby Have a Boyfriend?

As for her romantic involvements, there is almost no information across any credible sources that could accurately describe this part of her life. Demi herself tends to keep news about her partners completely private, and has not yet come forward to address these fan inquiries. Nothing is known about her early relationships, as well as her current status. She has never been seen attending any public events in particular male company, and there’s no one that the fans suspect across her social media profiles. There has also been no controversy regarding this matter. According to the available information, or the lack thereof, Demi is currently single and focused on her career.

Who Does She Look Up To?

During her recovery period, she took a particular liking to Frank Medrano and Kristi Eramo, both renowned calisthenics and CrossFit athletes. She copied their workout routines, exercises and nutrition plans. As she gained the knowledge she needed, Demi realized that a positive attitude and a will to battle adversity were just the things she needed to make it big. ‘Inspiring others to be strong and healthy is all I could ever ask for. I know what being injured feels like, and it’s a struggle. But breaking my back and doing what I do now is one of the biggest blessings and struggles I’ve ever experienced’, Demi said on the privilege of being a motivator.

Net Worth: How Rich is Demi Bagby?

Have you ever wondered how affluent Demi Bagby really is? With information from authoritative sources, it’s estimated that her net worth is close to $2 million, as of mid-2024, accumulated by slowly building her brand, in addition to competing in CrossFit events. Nowadays, Demi mostly dabbles in modeling, which is one of the main reasons why everyone thinks this is just the start of this young lady’s empire, so her net worth will surely increase in the near future.

Online Presence

Demi herself is no stranger to the popular trend of on-line media, as her dedication to posting updates on her public profiles and engaging with her fans is at an all-time high. On Instagram she is a superstar; Facebook and Twitter have also contributed to her fame, and she has a YouTube channel too.

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