Who is Deep Roy?

Born Mohinder Singh Purba under the sign of Sagittarius on the 1st of December 1949, in Moga, Punjab, India, also known as Gurdeep Roy, Deep Roy is a diminutive – 4ft 4ins (1.32m) tall – almost 70 year-old award-winning British stuntman, actor and puppeteer of Indian origins, with Kenyan and UK nationality. He is perhaps best known to the world for his significant presence on the TV screen and across the many media outlets due to his numerous roles, most prominently for having his appearance cloned and multiplied in order to star as the 165 Oompa Loompas in the 2005 musical fantasy film entitled “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. He has also had a number of other successes over the course of his often lucrative acting career since 1976.

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Early life and education: Growing up in Nairobi

Roy was originally brought up right where he was born by his Indian father, who was a household décor dealer, and his mother of an unknown profession, both of still unspecified names. Regarding any siblings he may have had, he is apparently an only child.


There still isn’t enough information to reveal what his early interests were across the credible sources, though there is the fact that he came into adulthood wanting to be a world-famous comedian, so a passion for showmanship seems very likely in this case. As for his education, Roy attended an unspecified high school in Nairobi, from where he matriculated around 1967. His family then moved to London, England, so that Roy could have the opportunity to study accountancy, according to his father’s wishes. However, the young man had something entirely different in mind, and he refused his father’s funding of a college education in order to make an attempt at comedy. His father was outraged, but Roy was as determined as ever, and to this day, he is yet to attend college. Still, he did get an education at The Slim Wood School of Comedy, from where he graduated at an unspecified date.

Career: From stand-up to chocolate factories

While in comedy school, Roy began doing stand-up at nearby cabaret clubs around 1969. In 1970, he had the honor of opening on the London stage of Palace Theatre, Westcliff-on-Sea’s Ray Cooney’s Miracle Worker.

For a few years after graduating from the comedy school, Roy remained a stand-up comedian with a relatively well-established presence, though he was at that moment yet to achieve true success. Fortunately, he was successful in two auditions in 1976 and make both his TV series and film debut in the same year – starring as Klokoe in an episode of “The New Avengers” entitled “Target!”, and as an Italian assassin in “The Pink Panther Strikes Again”. In 1977, he set a career milestone by obtaining a role in as many as six episodes of the wildly popular TV series entitled “Doctor Who”. He was seen in “Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story” in 1978 for his short film debut, and he also appeared in an episode of “Blake’s 7”, in which he starred again in 1979 and 1980. In 1979, he was seen as Van Bullock in “Roots of Evil”, as well as Midget in “Undercover Lover”, while 1980 showed him as Princess Aura’s Pet in “Flash Gordon”.

Deep Roy

His breakthrough 20 years

Roy took a break from acting for a year in 1981, and in 1982 appeared in two titles – “The Dark Crystal” and a short video entitled “Return of the Ewok”. In 1983, he had an uncredited role as Droopy McCool in “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi”. He made up for his pause with three more appearances in 1984, starring as a gorilla in “Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes” and two other feature films. Roy saw massive success in 1985, when he obtained the role of Tin Man in the legendary “Return to Oz”, which was at the time one of the most popular films on the planet, and remained such for many years. In 1986, he appeared in another episode of “Doctor Who”, and he also had an uncredited role in “Weekend Warriors”. With one more screen appearance in 1987 and another two in 1988, Roy increased the count with three more in 1989, the most famous of which is “Rising Storm”, in which he portrayed Joker Arroyo. He was seen in only one role in 1990, two in 1991, and seven more until and including the year 2000.

Roy’s new millennium

In 2001, Roy appeared as a beggar in one episode of “The X-Files”, and as a gorilla kid in “Planet of the Apes”. He took another year-long break in 2002, and was back on screen in 2003 in two roles, while 2004 showcased him as Indian Mo in “Surviving Eden”. It wasn’t until 2005 that his two most successful roles to date were realized – voicing General Bonesapart in world-famous Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”, and all of the Oompa Loompas in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Starring in the latter film proved a massive challenge for any actor, since each of the individual Oompa Loompas had to be played differently and yet with apparent similarities, all by the same actor. There are as many as 165 of them, and in order to play every single one successfully, Roy took Pilates and dance classes at the time. Just for this role, he received $1 million, and thus this appearance is considered to be the greatest yet contribution to his net worth. One could argue that it was precisely Roy’s incredible performance that popularized the ‘oompa-loompa’ expression, which is now widely used everywhere. After this role, Roy took a four-year break from acting

The last 10 years

In 2009, he appeared in three titles, the most famous of which is definitely as Keenser in “Star Trek”, wherein he became one of the only two actors to hold an achievement called ‘the unique science fiction trifecta’, alongside Simon Pegg, appearing in “Doctor Who”, “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” franchises. That year, he was seen in one more sci-fi franchise – as an Egyptian guard in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. In 2010, he starred as Aaron in three episodes of “Eastbound & Down”, while in 2011 he played the lead role Sandeep Majumdar in “The Ballad of Sandeep” – a short film. 2012 showcased him in two more characters, at which time he gave his voice to Mushana in “Zambezia”, and strred as Mr. Jo in an episode of “Wolfpack of Reseda”. He had three roles in 2013, the most important of which is his reappearance as Keenser in “Star Trek Into Darkness”. After a role in 2014 and a break in 2015, he was Keenser one more time in “Star Trek Beyond” in 2016. In 2017 he played Sandeep in a short film entitled “God Came ‘Round”. After a break in 2018, he is this year seen as Dr. Love in “Deep Into Love”, making for a total of over 70 roles, in a variety of characters, but also performing stunts in many.

A very impressive award summary

Over the years, Roy has made significant contributions to cinematography, some of which haven’t gone by unnoticed and without an award. As a matter of fact, he is one of the extremely few actors ever to have won all of their 10+ nominations, the total being 11. His first was the Best Actor award at the Colorado Film Festival for his performance in “The Ballad of Sandeep”; he won two more in 2012, another three in 2017, and five in 2018. It’s important to note that all of his awards came due to two of his performances, the one mentioned above and the one in “God Came ‘Round”. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, he is yet to win an award for his 165 performances in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. However, as his career continues, there’s no telling what else he could win in the future.

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Love life: His family, does he have a wife?

When it comes to his romantic involvements, Roy has always been known for extreme secrecy regarding this part of his life, and not even the most informed sources are able to shed light on the matter. He hasn’t been seen in particular female presence even once, but he is still thought to be a married man. Under the assumption that this is true, his wife remains a complete mystery to the fans, and he almost definitely does not have any children. As far as rumors go, he was never thought to be involved with anyone. According to all of the information currently available, or the lack thereof, Deep Roy is heterosexual and potentially married with no children. He is normally resident in Hounslow, England.

What is Deep Roy’s Net Worth?

Have you recently considered the net worth Deep Roy could have accumulated by the middle of 2019? According to the most reputable sources, it has been estimated that the total of Deep Roy’s wealth is over $2 million, made by lending his appearance to numerous titles throughout his life, most prominently for starring as 165 Oompa Loompas in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Seeing as his career is not finished yet, the specified amount can be expected to grow.

Body Measurements: What is his height?

When it comes to his physical specifications, Deep Roy is in fact quite famous precisely due to his somewhat unusual height. He is 4ft 4ins (1.32m) tall and weighs approximately 105lbs (48kgs) right now. He has pitch black hair and dark brown eyes, as well as a generally dark complexion, and his body shape is mostly described as curvy.


Social Media Presence

So, does Deep Roy have a presence on social media nowadays? He is widely expected by both his fans and colleagues to retain active engagement through the social media networks, in order to potentially increase the future profits of his upcoming projects, which is a strategy that most actors apply. However, it doesn’t look as though Roy is too interested in partaking in this trend, as he is mildly present on just two social networks and doesn’t persist with engagement. His private Facebook profile has almost 2,000 fans, he doesn’t have a Twitter account, and his Instagram account has just over 16,000 followers.


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