• Chrysti Ane is a Brazilian-born fitness model and actress.
• She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 26 July 1993 and moved to the US at age 6.
• She is a sought-after model, having appeared on covers of fitness magazines and in commercials for lingerie and clothing brands.
• She has starred in two TV series and one movie, and is an entrepreneur with her own fashion boutique and a website with fitness training advice.
• She is in a relationship with actor Ryan Guzman, with whom she has a son.


Who is Ryan Guzman’s Girlfriend? Chrysti Ane Wiki Biography

Chrysti Ane was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 26 July 1993, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding Brazilian nationality – she is popular for her career of a fitness model while she is an actress as well.

Childhood and education

Although born in Brazil, Chrysti did not get to spend much time there as her family moved to the US when she was only six years old. She doesn’t usually talk about her parents in public as she prefers to keep them away from media attention, and she’s said to be an only child because she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings.

Chrysti grew up being in love with both modelling and acting and is one of not so many people who have made more than one of their dreams come true. She was very popular during the years she spent at Redondo Union High School located in Redondo Beach in California, and most of the boys there wanted to go out with her because of her looks, however, it is not known whether or not she dated anyone during those years.

As she was in love with acting, after she matriculated from high school, Chrysti enrolled at Aaron Speiser Acting Studio located in Los Angeles in California.

Career of a fitness model

Chrysti started going to the gym while she was still attending high school – as it sometimes happens with people, although all of her friends believed Chrysti to be very attractive and look great, she still wasn’t satisfied with her body, so started going to the gym to work on her glutes and her legs.

Chrysti Ane

Christy launched her Instagram account around the same time she began going to the gym, and gathered fans quite quickly thanks to her attractive looks. She was soon noticed by modelling scouts who invited Christy to attend her first photoshoots, and her career of a fitness model was officially launched as she soon got to sign her first contract with a modelling agency. She has since become a sought-after model, and has appeared on the cover pages of several popular fitness magazines while she’s also posed for numerous lingerie and clothing brands, so appearing in numerous commercials as well.

Chrysti has not managed to make herself a popular actress, as she has so far succeeded in appearing in only two TV series and a single movie – in 2013, she played Meg in the 21st season of “Malhacao Casa Cheia”, in 2016 she was cast as Kayla in the “A Housekeeper’s Revenge movie, and then Sarah Thompson (the pink Ninja Steel Ranger) in the “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” in 2017 and 2018.


Chrysti is an entrepreneur as well, as she founded her luxury fashion boutique, and is running her own website on which she offers advice and fitness training guidelines.

Most popular fitness models in the world

Fitness is currently a very important thing in the world, and people are turning to Instagram to find fitness models there so that they could learn from their workout plans and their diets. “Influence marketing hub” website has shared their list of 10 most popular fitness models on Instagram and surprised or not, Alyssa is not among them – we will mention four of the most popular fitness models:

  • Fourth place is held by Ana Cheri who has amassed nearly 12.4 million followers on her account – she is currently 31 years old and she launched her Instagram account out of nowhere when her figure was already well built;
  • Jen Selter is in third place, who has amassed more than 12.8 million followers on her Instagram account. She is currently 24 years old, and began working out when she was 15 – she was working in a fitness gym and the very first picture of her in a bikini she shared online made her popular overnight;
  • In second place is Michelle Lewin, who started off as a catwalk model but then switched to bikini modelling. She started going to the gym to work on her body, and quickly changed her weight from 95lb to 120lb of pure muscle;
  • Top place is held by Sommer Ray, who is currently followed by more than 21.3 million people on her Instagram account – although she is somewhat new to Instagram as she joined the platform in September 2016, it hasn’t stopped her from becoming the most popular fitness model.

Even though these are the current most popular four fitness models, the industry is moving very quickly and their positions could soon be overthrown by some new names, including Chrysti.

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Love life and relationship with Ryan Guzman

Chrysti is taken, and can often be seen through uploading photos of herself and her boyfriend Ryan Guzman onto her Instagram account – Ryan is a very popular American actor, best known for his roles in “The Boy Next Door” and “Heroes Reborn”.

Chrysti and Ryan first met on the set of a TV series they were working on together. The people who were there have stated that the two instantly fell for one another, and could be used as an example of the ‘love at first sight’ expression. They began dating soon after meeting, and made their relationship official after a month of dating. In September 2018, they let their fans know that they were going to become parents, and Chrysti gave birth to their son in January 2019 – it appears that the two haven’t exchanged wedding vows.

Chrysti hasn’t talked about any other men she might have dated before, Ryan as she prefers to keep her personal matters to herself.

Hobbies and other interests

Chrysti’s number one passion is exercising, and she spends most of her time at the gym doing what she does the best – working out. She enjoys firing weapons too, and often visits an outdoor shooting range close to her home in California – her favorite weapon is a shotgun. Now that she’s a mom, she often watches TV while she is trying to put her little boy to sleep – her favorite movie is “Coming to America” starring Eddie Murphy, her favorite animated movie is “Mary and Max”, and TV series “Friends”. She is very fond of winter sports, and is an avid snowboarder.


Chrysti was very passionate about travelling before the birth of her son, and has been to almost all the states in the US, however, now that her son is born she can no longer be gone for too long. Her family currently counts five members, as she and her husband Ryan also have two dogs.

Appearance and net worth

Chrysti is currently 26 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, and is 5ft 2in (1.57m) tall while her weight is not known.

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $400,000, and is steadily rising thanks to her modelling career.

Social media presence

Chrysti is very active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for her career of a fitness model. She launched her Twitter account in January 2010 and has gathered nearly 30,000 followers and tweeted over 14,000 times. She is a lot more popular on her Instagram account, which is followed by nearly 360,000 people, while she’s uploaded more than 670 pictures onto it – Chrysti is running a Facebook page as well, which currently counts more than 6,500 fans.

Chrysti is a YouTuber as wel,l as she launched her channel on 19 January 2017 and there are currently more than 23,000 people subscribed to it, which counts more than 1.6 million views of all her videos combined, mostly related to her everyday life.

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