• Christopher Backus is an actor, screenwriter, and director
• He has a net worth of $7 million
• He moved to New York City in hopes of finding work in the early 2000s
• He is married to actress Mira Sorvino, who has a net worth estimated to be over $16 million
• The family is Christian, though Mira has been known to have professed being an atheist early in her career

Who is Christopher Backus?

Christopher Paul Backus was born on 30 October 1981, in Mission Viejo, California, USA. He’s an actor, screenwriter, and director, best known for his roles in shows such as “Sons of Anarchy”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and “The Mentalist”. Some of his other film credits include “Redline” and “Elevator”.

The Net Worth of Christopher Backus

Christopher Backus’ career in the entertainment industry has helped him reach a net worth estimated at $7 million, as of mid-2024. He probably also benefits from the net worth of his wife, actress Mira Sorvino, whose wealth is estimated to be over $16 million.

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Early Life and Acting Beginnings

Christopher’s family later moved to Kansas City, where he grew up -he didn’t get to know his father well, as he passed away when he was a child. He grew up with a sister, raised primarily by their mother who served in the US Marine Corps, retiring as a Colonel. In the early 2000s, he decided to pursue a career in acting, and moved to New York City in hopes of finding work there.

A few years later he moved to Los Angeles, alongside friend and fellow actor Rob McElhenney.

He got his first role shortly afterwards, in “Benjamin Splits”, and also supported his friend as they worked on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. As time passed, he was cast in more prominent roles, including playing a supporting character in “Will & Grace” – the sitcom follows the friendship of an interior designer and a gay lawyer over eight seasons, and is considered one of the most successful shows featuring principal characters who are gay. The show initially met criticism due to its stereotypical portrayals, but those soon faded, replaced with critical acclaim.

Christopher Backus

Rise to Prominence

Backus then had another supporting role in “The OC”, which aired on Fox from 2003 to 2007. The title is an abbreviation of Orange County in California where the show is set, and is the story of a young man who’s adopted into a wealthy family. He navigates a friendship with a socially awkward adoptive brother, as well as potential romantic partners. Backus then tried film, starring in “All In” alongside Dominique Swain. He also portrayed the leader of an indie rock band in “HUGE” before working with Patrick J. Adams in “3 Days Gone”.

His next role was in “Nothing Personal”, before starring in “Elevator” alongside Anita Briem, a mystery film which tells the story of strangers who are trapped in a Wall Street elevator, one of whom is holding a bomb – the group tries to escape and survive the situation. He returned to television shortly afterwards, playing a lead role in the ABC show “Life on Mars”, an adaptation of a UK series of the same name, telling the story of a police detective who regains consciousness in the past. An hiatus and changes in ABC led to a declined viewership as well as a loss of momentum, signaling its cancellation.

In recent years, he’s been busy with work in the independent film scene. In 2021 he appeared in the film “Rogue Hostage”, and in TV series “Truth Be Told” and “Blackout”.

Wife – Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino is an award-winning actress who rose to fame during the 1990s, with starring roles in numerous high profile films. One of the biggest projects of her career was in the film “Mighty Aphrodite” released in 1995, starring alongside Woody Allen in the film inspired by the play “Pygmalion”. It follows a man who tries to find his supposed genius biological mother, only to find that she is a prostitute, and not at all the genius he thought her to be.

Her performance gained a lot of praise, and she won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. She also had an Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated role in “Norma Jean & Marilyn”, which aired on HBO. It’s a biographical film based on the life of Marilyn Monroe and on the publication “Norma Jean: My Secret Life with Marilyn Monroe”, written by actor Eddie Jordan, who claims to have had a long relationship with the icon. Other notable roles she’s had in her career include “Human Trafficking”, “Like Dandelion Dust”, and “The Replacement Killers”.

Personal Life

Christopher met Mira at a friend’s party in 2003, hitting it off there and then. They married just a year later in a private ceremony held in Santa Barbara, California, then had a hilltop ceremony later on in Italy; they now have four children together. The family is Christian, though Mira has been known to have professed being an atheist early in her career. Prior to their relationship, she was romantically involved with film director Quentin Tarantino.

The family resides in Los Angeles, California. Despite all of the success Mira has had, she came out publicly as one of the victims of sexual harassment by producer Harvey Weinstein. She admitted that her career was damaged due to Weinstein using his power to block her from gaining starring roles in films such as “Lord of the Rings”.

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