• Born in the UK, date and place unknown
• Career includes copywriting, journalism, and screenwriting
• Net worth estimated at $1 million
• Formerly married to actress Chrissy Metz (2008-2015)
• Very private person, no details known about him apart from his work

Who is Martyn Eaden?

Martyn Eaden was born in the United Kingdom, date and place unknown, and is a copywriter, journalist, and screenwriter, but probably best known for being the former husband of actress Chrissy Metz. She is best known for her work in the television series “This is Us”, in which she plays the character Kate Pearson.

The Net Worth of Martyn Eaden

Martyn Eaden’s net worth has been estimated at over $1 million, although he is reputed to have shared in the success and net worth of his former wife when they were married. Metz has a net worth estimated to be over $7 million thanks to success in acting.


Life, Career, and Marriage

Martyn is a very private person and despite his association to Metz, not a lot of details are known about him, except that he worked as a copywriter and journalist during their marriage. He has also done several screenwriting projects during his career, with his most notable work being the film entitled “The Butchers”, which was also released under the name “Death Factory” in 2014. Directed by Steven Judd, it follows the story of brothers who accidentally resurrect serial killers, who go after them as well as the passengers in their bus.

He’s hasn’t produced any other notable work, and apart from writing, he attracted a bit of attention when he married Metz in a courthouse ceremony in 2008. After their marriage, they remained very private about their relationship – they didn’t have any children. They stayed together for five years until separating, and he filed for divorce a year later, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce was settled in 2015, but even after all of that, he has remained silent about the entire ordeal.

Former Wife – Chrissy Metz

Chrissy was born in Homestead, Florida though she did not stay there long, as the family moved to Japan due to her father’s work with the US military. She spent most of her early years there, before moving back to the US, as her parents had separated. Her mother later remarried and moved back to Gainesville, where she grew up with two siblings as well as two half-siblings, but under an apparently abusive stepfather. She didn’t intend to find acting work at the start of her working life, and one of her first jobs was at a local McDonald’s. Her experience there would prove to be fundamental to her career growth.

Her manager treated her well and respected all of the employees at the branch, which led her to notice the big effects of being kind as well as the benefits of being hard-working. She only took the job so that she could buy expensive sneakers she wanted, but got more as she recalled in interviews. She began her acting career in 2005, and took on roles that depicted her as the stereotypical heavy girl. She made guest appearances in projects such as “My Name is Earl”, and “Entourage”. One of the films she did during this period was “Loveless in Los Angeles”.

Chrissy’s Rise to Fame

In 2014, Metz started to gain more attention after she was cast as Barbara/Ima Wiggles in “American Horror Story: Freak Show”. The fourth season of the series follows the story of one of the last freak shows in the US during the 1950s, as they struggle to survive. It gained mostly positive reviews and good ratings throughout its run, the most watched program on FX, and surpassing the previous season entitled “Coven”. It also got 20 Emmy Award nominations, which is the most for any of the franchise’s seasons.

Martyn Eaden and Chrissy Metz

A year later, she had her most notable role in the show “This is Us”, which airs on ABC, and follows the story of a family in different time frames. Some of the other cast members of the show include Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Alexandra Breckenridge, Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley. The show was named by American Film Institute as a Top Television Program, and she earned a nomination for a Golden Globe Award alongside Mandy Moore. Sterling K. Brown also won numerous awards thanks to his performance. The show has been airing for at least four seasons, with two more set to be produced.

Personal Life

Following Eaden’s divorce from Metz, no details have surfaced about any of his current endeavors – no media outlets have followed through to check in on his life after his marriage. He does not have accounts on any of the major social media websites, which coincides with his inclination towards privacy. His former wife released an autobiography in 2018 detailing a lot about her life, including how their marriage fell apart, apparently because she found success in the entertainment industry.


She revealed that they met through a dating site – he was living in England during the time that they started talking to each other online. After writing to each other through emails for several months, he decided to visit her consistently for a year, before proposing. Their marriage ceremony didn’t have any family members in attendance, as neither family could attend due to the costs of travel. Her former husband never got along with her family, as he was a reserved person while her family was generally loud. She noticed how their marriage started to deteriorate as years passed, with the both of them never really finding enough comfort to talk and open up to each other.  Things eventually boiled over after his parents came to visit, and he decided that they should separate. While they are no longer together, they still talk regularly and remain friends.

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