• Charles Melton is an American model and actor known for playing Reggie Mantle in the "Riverdale" TV series.
• He began taking acting classes while at Kansas State University and moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue movie and TV roles.
• Charles is currently in a rumored relationship with actress Camila Mendes.
• He enjoys watching culinary shows, traveling, being outdoors, and going to the gym.
• Charles has an estimated net worth of over $200,000.

Charles Melton Wiki Bio

Charles Michael Melton was born in Juneau, Alaska USA, on 4 January 1991 – his zodiac sign is Capricorn and he holds American nationality. Charles is a model and an actor, perhaps best known for playing Reggie Mantle in the “Riverdale” TV series.

Early life, family, and education

Charles spent part of his childhood in Manhattan in Kansas, but his family moved around the US as his father Phil was serving in the military – Charles’ mother, Sukyong, was born in Korea; he has a sister called Tammie.

Charles began playing football in high school. and continued after he enrolled into Kansas State University – he was simultaneously working as a dog walker to support himself. He began taking acting classes while at uni, then after completing his second year there, decided to quit and focus on acting. He first became a model, and in 2013 moved to live in Los Angeles in search of movie and TV roles.

Charles’ career

After his move, Charles began posing for a few worldwide popular clothing brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana and MAC among others, and was also the face of a make-up line for men created by Mac Cosmetics. In 2014, he won his first role, when ironically he was cast to play a model in a single episode of the “Glee” TV series.

In 2015, he appeared as Mr. Wu in an episode of the “American Horror Story: Hotel” TV series, and came back in 2016 for another episode – 2015 also saw him make his movie debut, playing Doc in the “Faces Without Eyes” movie, as well as Colin in the film “Bad Friend”.

Charles Melton

He went on to play Chris in “The Channel” movie shot in 2016, and next year began playing Reggie Mantle in the “Riverdale” TV series –this made him popular in the film industry, and although it was initially a recurring role in the second season of the show, Charles was later included in the main cast from season three and further on.

“Riverdale” is the last TV series Charles has appeared in. and he’s still shooting for it in 2024 – in the meantime, he has appeared in “The Thinning: New World Order” movie in 2018 and “The Sun is Also a Star” film shot in 2019. He then appeared in the “Bad Boys for Life” movie,  released in January 2020.

Most recently, Charles appeared in the films “Secret Headquarters” (2022) and “May December” in 2023, as well as TV series’ “Poker Face” and “History of the World Part Two”, both in 2023

Charles is still working as a model too, and can also be seen in two music videos – “Save My Soul” performed by JoJo, and “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” sang by Ariana Grande.

Love life and girlfriend

There are two rumors currently circulating the internet – first has it that the popular actor is gay,  while (secondly) he was also rumored to be  dating Camila Mendes, a famous actress who is playing Veronica Lodge in the “Riverdale” TV series.


The two met for the first time on the set of “Riverdale”, but Camila was dating her boyfriend Victor Houston at the time. They broke up in August 2018, and soon afterwards, she could often have been seen going out with Charles, attending numerous events with him. In September 2018, Camila and Charles were sitting next to each other, with their friends in the cinema, and were seen kissing as soon as the lights went out, but apparently they split by the end of 2019.

Charles has since dated Chase Sui Wonders and Chloe Bennett, putting to rest the rumours of him being gay!.

Neither Charles nor Camila have spoken openly about their relationship, but are still attending events together.

Likes and interests

Charles has a full wardrobe of clothes, and enjoys keeping up with fashion trends – his favorite piece of clothing is his Dolce & Gabanna jean jacket, but also his Pokemon pajamas.

He enjoys watching culinary shows on TV, while he is also very fond of watching movies and TV series – his favorite movie is “A Knight’s Tale”, while his favorite series is also the one he stars in: “Riverdale”.

He is a big lover of animals and has a pet dog – he often uploads pictures featuring them together onto his Instagram account.

He is very keen on travelling, around the US, and as he’s of Asian-American descent, Charles has also visited several Asian countries.

He began going to the gym at around the same time he started playing football in high school – after he stopped participating in sports, he continued going to the gym, and today visits a couple of times every week. He likes being outdoors, and occasionally goes camping in the mountains with friends– while there, he is usually in charge of cooking.


In the summer of 2018, Charles was criticized for the tweets he wrote on his Twitter account against people who are fat – he made a public apology, and then set his account to private.

Appearance and net worth

Charles has short black hair and brown eyes, is 6ft (1.83m) tall, and weighs around 160lbs (72kg)s His net worth is estimated at close to $7 million, as of mid-2024.

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