• Carl Azuz is a 30 year-old Caucasian journalist, anchor, public speaker and newscaster.
• He attended an unspecified high school in his birth state, from where he matriculated in 2007.
• He is very popular among the younger generations in the US.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $2 million.
• He is active on social media, with over 40,000 followers on Twitter.

Who is Carl Azuz?

Born under the sign of Leo on the 14th of August 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia USA, Carl Azuz is a Caucasian journalist, anchor, public speaker and newscaster. He’s perhaps most familiar to the worldwide audience for his frequent exposure on the TV screen and across other media sources, owing to the nature of his profession, which requires him to constantly address viewers. He’s also had a number of other successes over the course of his sometimes lucrative journalism career since 2011.

Early life and education: A pure mystery

Carl was raised apparently an only child in his place of birth, by his father and mother of unknown names and professions.


When it comes to his childhood interests, owing to the complete lack of even a hint about this part of his life, nothing can be said until Carl decides to shed some light on the matter. Still, he’s widely believed to have had a penchant for journalism, likely inspired by other television hosts. What’s certain is that Carl knew exactly what he wanted very early on. As for his education, he attended an unspecified high school in his birth state, from where he matriculated in 2007. Afterwards, he enrolled into the University of Georgia, graduating from there with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication arts production in 2011.

Career: Straight into the limelight

Immediately after college, Carl joined CNN as a part-time journalist, slowly making his way up during the first few years. Having garnered significant professional experience, Carl was eventually promoted to a news writer for CNN International. In the new position, he wrote articles and reports that were featured across virtually all CNN network channels. Azuz earned another promotion after some time, thus becoming an associate producer for CNN International. Still, it looks like he wanted more from the profession, as he chose to also report for CNN Student News in 2008, and also began giving speeches to students, for example appearing in North Atlanta High School in December 2014 to address journalism students.


The event later caught the name ‘Carl Azuz Day’, and he has since been known to visit institutions and rallies to offer his thoughts to the crowds. Later, he also gained a spot in the CNN Newsroom, in which he often discusses various important topics regarding politics, education, finance and law for the most part. Carl maintained the last three mentioned positions, definitely his main source of income.

However, in late 2022, he resigned from CNN, choosing not to explain yjis move after 15 years with the network.

In mid-2923, Carl intimated that he was working on a show entitled “The World From A to Z”, incorporating sign language, launching later that year including on a YouTube channel, as he put it – ’emphasizing critical thinking, civil explanations, compassionate conversations, community.” Apparently, so far so good, and laying to rest rumours that he had died – a typical Azuz pun!

Love life: Is he married?

Almost nothing can be said on the topic of Carl’s romantic involvements, as he’s chosen not to share this information with the public. Azuz’s social media posts offer no insight into this part of his life either, though there is one exception.

In 2016 he was tagged in a Twitter post by his friend Alex Coke, in which a woman wearing an engagement ring can be seen very close to the famous journalist. The fans naturally speculated that this could mean that he is engaged to an as-of-yet unknown woman, but the star never confirmed these allegations. Still, even though no other picture of the woman surfaced, Carl clearly stated on his private Facebook profile that he’s been married since 2016, apparently to Ann, so as of mid-2024, Carl is believed to be in matrimony, and residing with his wife at an undisclosed location.

Popular among his audience

In 2015 Carl was asked by two senior students to come to Petoskey High School in Northern Michigan and give a speech at their graduation ceremony.

Carl Azuz

The invitation was sent in major part due to Carl’s persistent dedication to the “Student CNN” show, which is very popular across the entire country. When asked about the happening, he said ‘They’ve been watching it since their freshman year, and last spring they started an effort to try and get me to speak at their commencement ceremony.’ According to an article by the school in question, this proved to be a fruitful experience for both Carl and the students. He had never visited Michigan before, and was later happy that he did.

Carl’s thoughts on tragedies

Thanks to moosegazette.com, those interested can glimpse how the 9/11 catastrophe makes Carl feel on each of its anniversaries. Being one of the most influential CNN journalists, Azuz boasts a highly valued opinion, and was thus one of the few to be asked to speak on this matter.

He divulged what it was like for a journalist to go through the experience, explaining the difficulty of remaining professional in spite of the horrible circumstances.

A big man at a big event

Carl was one of the honorary guests speakers at the 121st Commencement ceremony in May 2019, where, according to recorderonline.com, he also entertained the crowd with his trademark puns. Azuz attended the Porterville Jacob Rankin Stadium, alongside several other highly influential figures in education, which goes to show just how strong of a grasp his student show has generated.

Carl Azuz

A pleasure to meet

As reported by The Daily Herald, after The Prospect Marching Knights placed fifth in the Bands of America Powder Springs Regional Competition, part of their reward was to be introduced to Carl Azuz, which took place during their tour of the Coca-Cola museum and other important sights. Their visit to CNN studios had to involve Azuz, because he is the one of the top five most popular journalists among younger generations in the US.

An expert through and through

Besides giving advice to the nation’s students, Carl also provides counseling for parents on rare occasions.

Such is the case with his “Five tips for a better parent-teacher conference” article, aimed at parents with the goal of improving their overall openness to conversation with school officials, thus effectively bolstering the joint effort of family and the school in raising the students properly.

Still in school

While most of Carl’s Twitter posts are usually related to an upcoming interview or event, he sometimes posts about puns, or strange occurrences that have to do with his fame. Such was the case with this video, in which the cardboard figure of Carl can be seen in the window of an unspecified high school, further proving how revered he is in younger communities.

What is Carl Azuz’s net worth? Does he have a big salary?

Have you ever considered just how rich Carl could be around the middle of 2019? Some of the most credible sources estimate his net worth at close to $5 million, as of mid-2024 while he is said to earn over $200,000 annually. Carl creates this income from lending his expert advice to educational institutions and students alike, as the host of “CNN Student”, and also thanks to the other high-ranking positions that he has. Since it looks like he is nowhere near done with his career, the said net worth will definitely grow.

Body measurements

So, how tall do you think this talented journalist is? Carl is 6ft 2ins tall, with dark brown eyes and pitch-black hair. His body shape is generally described as muscular, and though his weight is unknown, it’s thought to be average for his height. His complexion is mostly quite bright.

Social media presence

Well, do you think Carl does off-screen the same as on it? One would think that a man this devoted to informing the public would continue to do so even when not working, so as to at least maintain or even increase their popularity and thus earnings. Carl looks to be well aware of how this works, being ubiquitous on all three of the most popular social media networks. His Facebook account is private, while his Twitter and his Instagram accounts have thousands of followers.

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