• Britt Baron, born Brittany Noelle Uomoleale on 16 October 1995, in White Plains, New York, is an accomplished actress known for her role as Justine Biagi in “Glow”.
  • She started her acting career in 2014, quickly gaining recognition for her diverse roles in both television and voice acting.
  • Britt graduated from the University of Michigan in 2017 with degrees in performance arts and communications.
  • Beyond her acting career, she has been married to Taber Onthank since September 2022.
  • An advocate for mental health awareness, animal welfare, and women’s rights, Britt uses her social media presence to engage with these important issues.

Who is Britt Baron?

Britt Baron was born Brittany Noelle Uomoleale, graced by the sign of Libra, on 16 October 1995, in the bustling city of White Plains, New York State, USA. At 28 years old, she has carved her name in the entertainment realm as an accomplished actress.

Most notably recognized for her role as Justine Biagi in the beloved comedy-drama sports TV series, “Glow,” Britt has left an indelible mark on the industry. Her journey in acting began in 2014, when she embarked on a path paved with numerous successful appearances, marking the start of what promises to be a flourishing career.

Early life and education: An almost complete mystery

Britt was raised apparently an only child, in her place of birth by her father and mother, of still unknown professions, and there’s little other information about this part of her life. She is known to have had a strong passion for performing arts at a very young age and even wanted to go out of her way to take up male roles at school, which her mother wasn’t fond of.

She balanced out her mother’s wishes and her own, remaining extremely active in school plays nonetheless. When she was around 10 years old, her family moved to Connecticut, and that’s where she spent the rest of her childhood, attending an unspecified high school from where she matriculated in 2013.

She then changed state again, enrolling into the University of Michigan, from where she graduated with the prestigious Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in performance arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications in 2017.

Full NameBrittany Noelle Uomoleale
Known ForPortraying Justine Biagi in “Glow”
ProfessionActress, Model
OccupationActress, voice actress
EducationBachelor of Fine Arts in performance arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from the University of Michigan (Graduated in 2013)​​
Net WorthEstimated around USD $2.5 million​​
SpouseTaber Onthank (Married on September 4, 2022)​​​​
Date of BirthOctober 16, 1995
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthWhite Plains, New York State, USA
Hair ColorLight Brown​​
Eye ColorDark Brown​​
Bra Size34
Height5 feet 7 inches​​
Weight60 Kg​​
Measurements34A-25-35 inches
AwardsCo-nominated for an award three times so far including the Gold Derby TV Award and the Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in “GLOW”
Notable Works/Awards“GLOW”, “Final Fantasy VII Remake” (voice of Tifa Lockhart), various roles in TV series and films
HobbiesAdvocacy for mental health awareness, animal welfare, and women’s rights​​
Social Media LinksTwitter, Instagram

Career: A college star

Unlike many of her colleagues, Britt started her career before her sophomore college year. She passed her first casting at some point after high school, in the role of Sophie in a single episode of “Jennifer Falls” in 2014, while she also starred as a student in an episode of “Awkward” in the same year.

In 2015, she made her film debut by playing Liv in “Meshes of Dusk”, and also made her voice acting debut as Linda 058 in “Halo 5: Guardians” – an immensely popular gaming franchise. She then portrayed the same character in “Halo: The Fall of Reach”, also in 2015, in a total of three episodes of the animated TV mini-series.

Besides two more roles in 2015, she lent her voice twice more in 2016, to “Skylanders: Imaginators”, and the revered “Dishonored 2”. In 2017, she made an appearance in the world-famous “Grey’s Anatomy”, and played Josie Garrett in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” again (first time in 2015).

The rest of 2017 was absolutely busy for Britt, and that’s her most successful year thus far. She gave her voice to a trooper in “Agents of Mayhem”, voiced Ada-1 in another big gaming title “Destiny 2”, several witches in “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider”, and appeared in Netflix’s “Lucifer”.

Britt Baron

The glow of her decade

There’s one more title that she worked on in 2017, and it’s so important it deserves its own section. Britt was cast as the third most important character in the pilot episode of “GLOW”, and after it received great reactions from the masses, the show was on, and it was Britt’s time to shine.

This was her first recurring presence in a TV series, and that work of cinematography is so significant that even Forbes writes about it. Britt remained in the show for as long as it’s lasted thus far, and since it’s still ongoing with 20 episodes in its wake, all of which contain Britt, this will probably prove to be the most fruitful role for her in this decade. She stayed until season two ended in 2018, while season three is coming out as of mid-2019.

From 2018 until now

After she was done shooting “GLOW”, she played Brit Hamsteak in “Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy” for a total of eight episodes. In the latter part of the year, she was heard as Ada-1 again in “Destiny 2: Forsaken”. She participated in four projects this year, including a movie role in “Bushwick Beats”, as Leslie Willis in two episodes of “Young Justice, and in two short films entitled “Mad” and “Static”. She will also be the voice of widely celebrated Tifa Lockheart in “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, which is set for release in 2020.

She also starred in several other projects, such as “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor,” “Daddy,” “Starfield,” and “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.” Her upcoming work includes “Runway.”

This makes for a total of 36 acting credits thus far, but that’s just games, shows and films. Britt also works on plays from time to time, though right now she spends much more time acting in front of the camera than a live audience. She is known to have worked with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago for a while, having been seen in productions of  “East Eden” and “Grand Concourse”.

Britt’s awards

Due to her commendable contributions to acting, especially through her celebrated performance in “GLOW”, Britt has been co-nominated for an award three times so far. In 2018 she was nominated for the Gold Derby TV Award in the Ensemble of the Year category, alongside 17 others from the “GLOW” cast. She was also nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award in the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series category, with the same colleagues, and in 2019 the same latter nomination took place; for now, she is yet to win one.

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

In a picturesque Southern California setting on 4 September 2022, Britt tied the knot with her longtime beau, the talented singer-songwriter Taber Onthank. Surrounded by one hundred and thirty cherished guests, among them notable figures from Baron’s co-stars in GLOW and The Thing About Harry, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows at the charming Ebell Club in Long Beach, California.

Their journey began as high school sweethearts, but life took them on separate paths as they pursued higher education in different corners of the country. Despite the distance, their love persevered, serving as the foundation upon which they’ve now embarked on crafting a shared future together.

Britt’s friend who isn’t a boy

As can be clearly seen from Britt’s extremely emotional Instagram post, she is wildly devoted to the dog that she adopted. She took the seven-year-old pit bull from a local shelter in LA, and at first felt reluctant to casually walk the publicly perceived ‘most dangerous breed’, mostly because she didn’t even know anything about the canine’s history of behavior.

However, it looks like she came to regret having that mindset since she posted a massive apology and ‘Thank you’ to her dog and the shelter workers. She also sent out something of a PSA to all of those looking to get a dog, since she herself is now completely against buying, unlike she was before, and she firmly believes everyone looking to get a pet should adopt, so as to save the lives of innocent animals, who will show their appreciation regardless of how much one’s wallet suffered.

So, what’s her real ethnicity?

Since Britt always has a tan and nobody knows anything about her parents, there have been questions regarding her actual ethnicity. However, one doesn’t need to know Brittany Uomoleale’s parents to assume where she’s from. Her real last name literally means ‘loyal man’ in Italian (meaning she’s Caucasian), and even though one could argue that this doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything, there’s a substantial amount of logic linking her with that country, but which Britt has never confirmed,

Britt Baron

Britt on Justine

During an insightful interview on tvinsider.com, Britt delved into her portrayal of her character in “GLOW”, offering intriguing insights into her personal connection with the role. One standout moment was when she revealed that she found echoes of her own experiences in her character’s journey.

Reflecting on her past, Britt shared that she went through what she calls a ‘punk phase.’ She would paint her nails black. She described it as a type of rebellion.

Throughout the remainder of the interview, it became evident that Britt’s emotional resonance with her character was palpable, fostering a healthy and relatable bond that undoubtedly enriched her performance on screen.

What is Britt Baron’s Net Worth?

Have you ever taken a moment to consider just how rich Britt Baron is, as of 2024? Respected sources estimate that Brutt’s net worth is well above $2.5 million, made by lending her appearance and acting expertise to numerous cinematographic projects throughout her career, particularly her role as Justine Biagi in “GLOW”. Seeing as she is only starting her career now, the said value is bound to increase.

Social media presence

Being the young actress that she is, Britt is expected to maintain a high profile on social media networks, to interest fans in both professional and personal aspects of her life. It looks like Britt is well aware of this trend, and has a highly active profile on two of the three most popular social media networks. Her Twitter account has more than 25,000 fans, and her Instagram has nearly 70,000 followers – it’s Facebook that she’s not active on.

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