• Brad Castleberry, a Canadian born on June 10, 1989, is recognized for bodybuilding and his Instagram fame.
  • Encouraged by his family, he engaged in sports early on, leading to a passion for bodybuilding.
  • He won the Muscle Mania Championship, earning a Pro Card, showcasing his dedication to the sport.
  • Brad also engages with fans through YouTube, accumulating over 5.5 million video views.
  • His fitness regime includes a mix of disciplined training and a balanced diet, with room for cheat days.

Brad Castleberry Wiki Bio

Bradly Castleberry was born in Canada on 10 June 1989, so under the zodiac sign of Gemini and holding Canadian nationality – he is popular for his career as a bodybuilder, while he is also an Instagram star.

Early life and education

Brad’s entire family has always led a healthy life, and it was his father and his grandfather who encouraged him to start going to the gym and work on his physique. He showed an interest in sports years before entering the gym, including playing football with his high school team.

He received his first weights during his second year of high school, and as soon as he was done with them, he began working out in his friend’s garage. He was 15 when his father paid for his gym membership, and Brad began working out harder and put himself on a strict, healthy diet. He was very popular in his high school thanks to his muscular figure, but it is not known whether or not he dated any girls during that period of his life.

Full NameBradly Castleberry
Known ForBodybuilding, social media influence
Profession/OccupationBodybuilder, social media influencer
Net Worth$1 million
Date of Birth10 June 1989
Zodiac SignGemini
Place of BirthCanada
Hair ColorShort black hair
Eye ColorBrown
Height5ft 10ins (1.77m)
Weight250lbs (113kgs)
HobbiesBodybuilding, training, spending time outdoors and with dogs, traveling
Social Profile LinksTwitter, Instagram, Facebook

Career of a bodybuilder

After dedicating four years to his fitness journey, Brad embarked on his inaugural competition. While victory eluded him on that occasion, his determination only intensified. He found himself captivated by the exhilarating rush of the experience, spurring him to persevere.

Attending every local competition, Brad began to carve out victories and earn recognition for his impressive physique. With each triumph, his ambition swelled, propelling him towards professionalism. His aspirations culminated in his decision to enter the prestigious Muscle Mania Championship.

Against all expectations, Brad emerged triumphant, clinching the coveted Pro Card and solidifying his status as a professional competitor.

Brad Castleberry

After he saw what he was capable of, his passion for competing slowly died, and Brad decided to focus on football and has been part of two major league football games. His short-lived career as a footballer helped him learn many new training techniques, and most importantly taught him how to be a functional athlete.

Motivated by his new knowledge, Brad returned to bodybuilding and started doing powerlifting – he launched his online career at the same time, and began uploading videos and pictures onto multiple accounts on the internet. He is a YouTuber, launching his channel on 1 October 2007, and there are currently more than 36,000 people subscribed to it, while it also counts over 5.5 million views of all his videos combined, all closely connected to bodybuilding and weightlifting.

Brad’s training and dieting

Brad believes that the most important part of every training is stretching, something people often forget to do. He does his stretching exercises every day, including those days when he is not going to the gym. He has six training sessions per week lasting between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, and some of his favorite exercises include bench presses, squats, and deadlifts.

His diet is made up of healthy fats, complex carbs, and the proteins he finds in chicken – he is usually not that strict about his diet unless he is getting ready for a competition. He also has a cheat day during the week, when he can eat whatever he wants.

Personal life and relationships

In 2017, he was rumored to be dating a girl whom she met during one of the competitions he attended – she was not one of the best there but has nevertheless managed to attract Brad, according to him thanks to her charisma. They were dating for five months before calling it quits, due to not having time to see each other, as it was a long-distance relationship.

Brad is currently rumored to be dating a woman who is living and exercising with him at the gym – even though his fans keep asking him about this and his relationship status on a daily basis, he seems not to be interested in responding to their questions.

Likes and other interests

Brad is a lover of animals, especially dogs, and has two muscular pitbull pets who he often takes running with him. He enjoys traveling which he combines with his bodybuilding career, as the competitions he now attends are mostly held far from his hometown. He prefers to spend his time outdoors and in nature, rather than between four walls – even though the outdoor gyms often don’t have all the machines he needs for his exercises, he will still rather use them over indoor gyms.

Brad enjoys spending his free time at the beach with his dogs, and it’s his favorite place for relaxation.

Fake weights?

Because Brad was lifting some extremely heavy weights in his videos, some of his fans stated that the weights were fake, creating controversy about the popular bodybuilder. Brad addressed and denied the rumours, stating that he wasn’t uploading videos to impress anyone in the first place, but rather wanted to motivate people to start exercising.

Appearance and net worth

  • 34 years old
  • Short black hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Height 5ft 10ins (1.77m)
  • Weight 250lbs (113kgs)
  • Net worth is $1 million
Brad Castleberry

Social media presence

In June 2016, he took the plunge and established his presence on Twitter. However, with just around 140 followers and a mere three tweets to his name, he shifted his attention towards other platforms. His Instagram journey, in stark contrast, has been nothing short of meteoric, amassing a staggering 970,000 followers with over 2,100 snapshots. Concurrently, his Facebook page boasts a substantial fan base of more than 247,000 devoted followers.

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