“90 Day Fiance” is an American reality television series airing on the TLC network, which documents the romantic endeavours of couples who apply for a 90-day, K1-visa, following them as they prepare for their planned weddings.

The K1-visa is normally extended to foreign citizens engaged to American residents, under the agreement that the couple will marry before the expiration date of the visa. Quite often, their time is spent getting to know each other, as well as planning the wedding.

The K1-visa expires within three months, and if the couple isn’t married by then, the foreign partner would face deportation. As one can imagine, and the regular viewers of “90 Day Fiance” can testify, many couples have appeared on the show – some became adored relationships, while others tragically left the show in disappointment.

The popular romantic documentary, which is currently in its ninth season, has also produced numerous spin-offs, and created its fair share of stars. Many of the show’s cast members sometimes become recurring stars, as they make their return in the spin-offs.

Many faces have come and gone on the show, but few would be as familiar as that of Edward Allen Brown, or as he is mononymously known Big Ed, who appeared on “90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days”, earning his fame by antagonising the audience with his spoilt behaviour, and his famous mistreatment of his girlfriend, Rosemarie Vega.

However, as it appears, Edward’s villainy stretches beyond that shown to the world in the romantic documentary, as he stands accused of sexual misconduct by two women.

Naturally, when “90 Day Fiance’s” fans learned of Big Ed’s past transgressions, they were all eager to take a stand against him, even requesting his removal from the show, but despite the accusations, it appears that Big Ed obliviously continues his life.

It may leave one wondering what the truth is, and if you are curious to dive into Big Ed’s past, and the allegations against him, then follow us as we uncover all the details.

What To Expect

As we take a look at the allegations Big Ed is facing, we briefly discuss everything that is known about Edward ‘Big Ed’ Brown, before revisiting his appearance, and supposed romance with Rose, in “90 Day Fiance”.

Following this, we look at how Big Ed continued life after appearing on the show, then close the discussion by detailing the allegations against Ed.

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As Seen On TV

Born Edward Allen Brown on 28 April 1965, apparently in San Diego, California, the 62-year-old reality television star suffered from a rare genetic condition, called Klippel Fiel Syndrome, that affected him his entire life, but according to Ed, it became especially traumatic following his appearance on “90 Day Fiance”.

Klippel Feil Syndrome is a genetic condition that affects patients’ spinal bone growth, often resulting in shorter necks and back-related difficulties. According to Edward, he was ridiculed for his handicap most of his life, which continued while he appeared on the show. As many might know, Big Ed earned the nickname ‘No-Neck Ed’ from fans and viewers of “90 Day Fiance” – some would agree that he might have been deserving of the cruel bullying.

Having grown up under such social pressure, Big Ed stated during an interview that he intends to use his position and fame as a reality television star, to spread anti-bullying positivity among his community of followers. However, for someone claiming to be a victim of abuse, Ed’s behaviour on the show seemed contradictory, often showing him to be a bully.

Despite living with Klippel Feil Syndrome, Ed nonetheless became a successful professional, having chosen photography as his creative specialty. Ed studied at the New School of Architecture and Design, graduating with a master’s degree in photography.

Edward’s repertoire of photographic skills includes specialisation in the more eclectic fields such as wedding, fashion, advertising and studio photography. As a professional, Ed has earned astounding success, working for a large variety of companies, and shooting in many exotic locations.

Over the years, Ed’s profession has taken him to places such as Italy, Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), Kauai (Hawaii), and Quito in Ecuador. As such, it seems no wonder why the photographer, and now reality star, would find love outside of the United States.

Ed’s claim to fame came in 2019, when invited to appear in “90 Day Fiance”s spin-off series, “Before The 90 Days”, after his long-distance relationship with a Philippines native, Rosemarie Vega, caught the attention of producers. In 2020, as the fourth season of “Before The 90 Days” aired, Big Ed was introduced to TLC’s audiences, and people very quickly came to despise the show’s newest, controversial star.

Despite the negative reception among viewers, Big Ed is enjoying his newfound fame, and even decided to make it a profitable venture by selling merchandise. Although a narcissistic, antagonistic character on “90 Day Fiance”, it can be argued that Big Ed still found a way to create a lasting profile of himself on reality television.

Unlike its parent show, “Before The 90 Days” follows couples who are yet to become engaged and qualify for a K1-visa, documenting their long-distance relationships, while offering them a chance to meet in person.

From his first appearance on the show, Ed’s spoilt personality quickly began rubbing the audience the wrong way, and paired with his unkind behaviour towards his girlfriend and her impoverished family, Ed was fast on his way to becoming the show’s most despised antagonist.

Despite the brashness of Ed’s behaviour, people still followed his story on “Before The 90 Days”, mostly curious about his relationship with Rose, which may have perhaps drawn attention for negative reasons.

As Big Ed would explain in the show, he met Rose through social media, initially only remaining in contact with her through these apps for the first three months of their relationship. However sweet it might sound, people first expressed their concerns about the couple’s wide age gap of 31 years.

As it would appear to the viewers, Ed was out in search of a sugar baby, and the lovely Rose seemed to be a willing bride, perhaps only because it seems that she, a single mother, and her poor family might need the financial gain. According to the victims who recently stepped forward, Ed’s past would prove viewers’ opinions to be accurate.

Regardless, many viewers might insist that they were more intrigued by Ed and Rose’s romance, which, despite Ed’s negative approach, still seemed kind of sweet, though, their relationship would undoubtedly face difficulties. As Ed explained, when he decided to meet Rose for the first time, it caused an argument between him and his daughter, Tiffany, who didn’t support her father’s interest in younger women.

Tiffany, whom Ed conceived with his ex-wife, is only six years younger than Rose, took a vocal objection against his decision, Ed stated, and it had caused some grievance between him and Tiffany. Later, Ed reported that upon his return to the US, he was able to reconcile with his daughter, though he remained unclear about any changes in her acceptance of his international romance.

Clearly, most people kept up with Ed and Rose only to see if their relationship could succeed, perhaps overcome Ed’s dishonesty, rudeness and bullying. As the cameras would reveal, Ed lied about his height, continuously insulted Rose, often about her hygiene, and would insist on digging into Rose’s past relationships.

While Ed’s list of antics is long, his more noteworthy moments that really angered the viewers include his insistent need for Rose to undergo STD testing, while refusing to undergo it as well, constantly complaining about her family and their lack of modern luxuries, as well as taking hardly any notice of Prince, Rose’s son, despite potentially becoming his step-father.

By the end of their appearance on “90 Day Fiance”, it almost seemed that Ed and Rose’s relationship wasn’t going to make it, and by the time the fourth season ended, it was announced that Ed and Rose had parted ways. The last straw for Rose was Ed’s decision to undergo a vasectomy, despite her desire to have more children.

However, that all recently changed, though it wouldn’t be the only development in Big Ed’s life.

Life Goes On

Other than continuing his life as a photographer, and now adding merchandise sales to his retirement plan, the 62-year-old reality television star shared the news that he and Rose are now engaged. The news broke on 22 January 2022, even in the wake of allegations brought against Edward Brown concerning his past.

During an interview following the closure of “Before The 90 Days”s fourth season, Ed candidly stated that Rose contacted him after his return to the States, hoping to retry their now decimated relationship. According to Ed, he was both interested and willing, but discovered that Rose was dating someone else, an unidentified woman.

On the other hand, Rose claims Ed contacted her, and confirmed that she was seeing someone after Ed left, though added that they are no longer together. Either way, Rose and Ed reconciled six months after their break-up, and even earned a mention in the tabloid magazine “People”.

Ed explained during an interview that his decision to propose was spontaneous, and admitted that he previously behaved poorly, and that he had come to dislike his former self, now hoping to improve his character. Despite this change of heart by Big Ed, people can’t help but remain sceptical, especially considering the recent revelations about Ed’s past.

A Bad Past

In April 2022, an anonymous woman, only identified by her Tik Tok handle ‘Lordakeet’, posted a series of short videos explaining how, four years before, she became one of Ed’s victims. According to Lordakeet, she was harassed by Ed for nine months, claiming that Big Ed added narcotics to her drink, and sexually assaulted her. The anonymous woman appeared on “The Daily Soap Dish” gossip show, further explaining her allegations against Edward.

Identified on the talk show as Lorelai Clemens, she explained that she met Ed Brown while he worked as a photographer and was tasked with her grooming. Clemens claims that during this time, Ed took advantage of her, and also assaulted her while she was under the influence.

Lorelai also explained that the incident was settled outside of court and that she was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, adding that because of the incident, she has been dealing with health problems for the past four years. As disturbing as Lorelai’s claims sound, it only briefly went viral in 2020, but was followed up by another woman’s claims.

The second woman, who also preferred to remain anonymous, allegedly works as an erotic dancer, and has entertained Ed regularly. According to the dancer, Ed often misbehaves, and at times has to be physically restrained to prevent him from touching her or worse. The dancer added that Ed invited her to become his sugar baby, an offer she politely declined.


Despite the allegations against him, Big Ed continued his life, seemingly acting oblivious to everything happening around him, content to go on romancing Rose. Regardless, fans and viewers of the TLC hit series have spoken out loudly against the now 62-year-old photographer and reality television star.

Unfortunately, it goes to show that you will not really get to know someone, especially not in front of a camera, until their true colours spill out from the closet, and their past catches up to them.

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