Who is Andrew Silverman?

Andrew Silverman was born in New York, USA, and is a real estate developer, but better known for his relationship and marriage with socialite Lauren Silverman, which ended in controversy after it was discovered that she was having an affair with television personality Simon Cowell. This led to a lot of media attention around him, following their divorce.

'Over my dead body' – Andrew Silverman. Divorce no walk in the park for real estate mogul. Ex, Lauren Silverman, wants to take their 7 year-old child to Cali with Simon Cowell.

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The Net Worth of Andrew Silverman

Regardless, Silverman has established his wealth in his own right, having an estimated net worth of over $30 million thanks to a successful real estate business in New York, one of the most difficult real estate markets in the country according to many professionals.

Life and Career

Andrew has not revealed many details about his life. He grew up exposed to the real estate industry thanks to his father owning the New York real estate company called Andalex – his steps in life would ensure that he would inherit the company alongside a younger brother. In the mid-2000s, he started completing big deals such as an office complex in New Jersey, and a condominium conversion in Long Island.

He’s lived most of his life away from the spotlight and tried to do so during the peak of the controversy surrounding his marriage. He works from an office in a Park Avenue building in New York, and has put a lot of his efforts towards furthering his real estate career. Following his messy divorce proceedings, he financed a luxury rental building in Connecticut in collaboration with local developer FD Rich, developing in the area due to the family owning a waterfront home there. He’s also been expanding his reach to Florida, where he aims to purchase sports venues and casinos from bankrupt companies – he’s been looking into investing in the gaming industry for a long time now. He also mentioned that even though real estate circumstances are currently difficult in New York, he still enjoys it.

Andrew Silverman

Marriage Controversy

While he has not commented on the exact details of how the affair came to take place, Silverman found himself in a sticky situation shortly after going on vacation with his wife. They’d been married for a decade at this point, and during this particular trip, he met and befriended television personality Simon Cowell.

They were all spending time together in Barbados, and he recalls that befriending the celebrity was one of the more unusual things he’s done in his life, as he is more of a solitary person. Later on, he would discover that his wife and Cowell had started an affair, and were not only sleeping together, but she was also in love with him. He discovered that she was pregnant with his child, and soon filed for divorce which mentioned Cowell as one of the main reasons for his legal action. The divorce papers were eventually made public, leading to a lot of attention towards the parties involved.

Divorce and Aftermath

Following the news of the divorce, his wife Lauren and Simon started making more public appearances, with media outlets regularly finding them together; they were seen in public holding hands, and going on vacation on a yacht. The news also documented how her pregnancy was progressing. Despite how the relationship came to be, Andrew was left mostly as a third party with little mention of his end of the story. He later commented how it felt weird that the media was trying to salvage his former wife after all that she’d done, just because she’s now connected to a celebrity.

He’s since looked back and felt that it was a shocking yet fascinating experience. With the separation, he made it a point that his child should not be affected by the events, and focused towards him as well as his business. He said that he didn’t like the attention he got, and after all the hype around the news died down, he was happy to have returned to work. He has been commended by friends as well as colleagues who’ve noticed that despite it being a difficult time, he’s taken it in stride and moved forward.

Personal Life

For his personal life, it is known that Andrew knew Lauren since they were in kindergarten, with the families being closely connected due to both of them establishing themselves in the real estate market of New York City. Their relationship developed over time, eventually leading to their marriage and family. However, with the events that unfurled it seemed that their marriage wasn’t really as strong as it was made out to be. Andrew’s brother later commented that the blame can’t be put on his brother for the actions of his former wife, who they know has had a rough upbringing despite growing up in luxury.

Since the fuss surrounding him has died down, there have been no new reports of any relationships coming his way. He’s just glad that he’s gotten back into a relatively normal flow of life, viewing the end of his relationship as a learning experience. He’s continued to develop his real estate business, and even his customers have noted how hospitable he is when dealing with them. The continued business also means that his wealth will continue to grow as time moves forward, due to the potential of how lucrative real estate can be.


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