• Ames McNamara is a 13 year old American actor
• He rose to prominence after appearing in the “Roseanne” TV series
• He loves soccer, skateboarding, and climbing trees
• He is rumored to be gay or transgender but this has been proven wrong
• He is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


Ames McNamara Wiki Bio

Ames might only be 13 years old, but he has already decided to remain secretive about his personal matters, and hasn’t even shared his exact date of birth with the public – he was born in Hoboken, New Jersey USA, in 2005, therefore holding American nationality, and has become popular thanks to his acting career.

Childhood and education

Ames has been spending his entire childhood in Hoboken, New Jersey alongside his parents – not much is known about them as Ames prefers to keep them away from the media’s attention. He has a younger sister whose name is not known.

As of late 2019, Ames is still in elementary school and is currently attending seventh grade. He is somewhat popular in his school thanks to his acting career, and Ames has expressed his wish of working on his education and someday obtaining his degree in law or economics. He fell in love with acting at a very early age – he was only five years old when he appeared in a play in a local musical theater, and has been performing ever since.

Ames would also like to become the President of the USA, or the next Elon Musk, the popular technology entrepreneur.

Career of an actor

Being only 13 years old, there are not many roles credited to Ames’ name – he has appeared in numerous theatre plays since he turned six, but has played only minor roles and was usually in the background.

He rose to prominence after he played Mark Conner Healy in the “Roseanne” ABC series – the series is a revival of a classic which first aired in 1988; Ames is playing the younger brother of Harris who is played by Emma Kenney, and is the youngest child of Darlene and David Healy (in the show) – Ames’ role is a boy who sometimes feels as a girl and loves dressing up in girls’ clothes.

Ames’ character Mark was created as a tribute to the actor Glenn Quinn, who passed away years ago, and was playing the older brother of David in the series which aired in 1988 – Ames has been praised for his performance by both the critics and his friends and family, and the only negative side about the role is that Ames is now believed to be gay.

In 2017, Ames guest starred in the “At Home with Amy Sedaris” TV show, which airs on TruTV – the show follows the comedian Amy as she entertains her fans, crafts random things, cooks, and invites upcoming stars to be her guests.

Ames appeared in a single episode of “The Connors” TV series in 2018, and has been cast to appear in the “Intensive Care” drama movie, which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2019.

Love life and family. Is Ames transgender or gay?

Ames might still be very young and is an upcoming star in the movie industry but he has already decided not to share any details regarding his love life with the public.

Although he hasn’t talked about it, Ames is rumored to be dating a girl who goes to the same class in his elementary school – his friends are teasing them every day, but Ames doesn’t seem to care and appears to be more mature than his friends from school.

Ames Mcnamara

There are rumors circulating the internet that Ames is gay – the rumors were born because of the role he has played in the “Roseanne” TV series, however, Ames hasn’t commented on his sexual orientation and there is no evidence to prove if he’s gay or straight. He is also rumored to be transgender, but this has already been proven wrong.

Judging by his social media accounts and his secrecy, and based on his age, Ames is single, hasn’t married, and has no kids.

Hobbies and interests

Ames is currently mostly focused on school and his career of an actor, but there are still numerous other things he enjoys doing in his free time.

Ames is a huge fan of soccer, and has recently uploaded a picture of himself holding the Champions League Trophy at Yankee Stadium. He enjoys cycling and skateboarding – he prefers his skate over his bike and has already learned a couple of tricks. Ames is a big lover of nature, and enjoys climbing high trees (which is not something his parents approve of as they are always frightened he might fall). One of his favorite TV series is “The Big Bang Theory”, while some of his favorite movies include “Frozen”, “How to Train Your Dragon” (both animated), and “The Big Lebowski”.

Although he is a huge fan of soccer, Ames is not sporting, and hasn’t participated in any sports events – he is a big fan of food, and has already tasted numerous cuisines with his favorite being Asian.

Appearance and net worth

Although he hasn’t shared his exact date of birth with the public, Ames is said to be around 13 years old as of September 2019. He has medium long brown hair and green eyes, while his height and weight are not known. According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $200,000, and will keep on rising if he stays part of the movie industry.

Social media presence

Ames is quite active on several popular social media networks, as this is very important for his career of a rising actor.

He launched his Twitter account in August 2017, and its caption reads ‘Official and only Twitter account for actor Ames McNamara. Account managed and monitored by his parents’ – there currently only appear to be 205 people following him, while he’s tweeted just a single time. He is more popular on his Instagram account, which has nearly 2,500 followers, while he’s uploaded almost 90 pictures onto it – Ames has a Facebook profile as well which he appears to be using only to stay in touch with his friends and family.


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