• Amanda Lee is a 33-year-old Canadian fitness model, trainer and personal trainer
• She has 8.6 million Instagram followers
• She studied modern dance at Sarah Lawrence College
• She is 5ft 9ins (175cm) and weighs 125lbs (56kgs)
• She has a net worth of $1 million

Who is Amanda Elise Lee?

Amanda Lee is a Canadian fitness model, who became famous in a minute after she was tagged in an Instagram post by a famous dancer; she now has a successful career in fashion, modeling, and the fitness industry. Amanda currently has over 8.6 million followers on Instagram and uses Twitter to update her fans about upcoming projects. Besides a prosperous business career, she’s also a personal trainer,working in helping other people achieve their goals.

Age, Childhood, Education

Amanda was born on 13 December 1986 in Canada, into a family of five children, her being the second eldest. Her mother was a personal trainer as well, and although she didn’t follow her mother’s footsteps right away, she eventually pursued a career as a fitness model and trainer, beginnng when her mother introduced her by taking her into the weight room at the local gym. Another strong motivator to become what she is now, was her education path.

She studied modern dancing at Sarah Lawrence College, where she gained more than enough strength and endurance to be even stronger and more confident. While she was there, her mother photographed her for social media, and encouraged her to pursue a career in fitness.

Height, Weight, Surgery

Amanda Lee’s height is 5ft 9ins (175cm), and she weighs 125lbs (56kgs). She has a very strong, lean body, and is notable for her bold curves. Amanda is blonde and has blue eyes.

Amanda Elise Lee

There are rumors that Amanda has had a rhinoplasty – a nose job – breast augmentation, and veneers, but – she’as never confirmed that, saying in one interview that she believes both beauty and ugliness come from the inside, which is why you need to work on that first, and be satisfied with who you are.

Instagram fame

Her Instagram fame happened suddenly, and she even stated she doesn’t know how it could all happen so fast.

The thing that made her famous is a video on Instagram by a renowned dancer who described her as inspirational, after which more and more people were asking her to share videos. She knew this would become the start of her career, and she soon had over three million followers on Instagram. This helped her build a large client base, and become famous for her personal trainer skills as well.

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Instagram’s popularity also brought her a lot of magazine exposure; she’s appeared in Esquire, and Maxim magazines, and in Cosmopolitan along with Jen Selter, where she talked about the ways you can get a big bootie.

Dating Life

For now, Elise is supposedly single according to sources, apparently preferring to concentrate on her career, but that she would, at some point, introduce us to the man in her life. She doesn’t even use any dating apps.

Net Worth and Career

Amanda Lee’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million – she supposedly receives $21,000 for a single sponsored post. Other ways she earns money are, of course, personal training, and modeling jobs for sports magazines in particular, in which she tries to teach women confidence, and body positivity. Her popularity and fame has allowed her to become a brand ambassador for sports companies such as Ehplabs.

Workouts and Training

Her glutes made her famous, so her most important exercises are for the lower body. She includes squats, lunges, deadlifts, and step-ups in her routine, which she does twice a week. On one of those days she says she trains hard with weights, and another day she dedicates to cardio-based lower body exercises, which allow her to stay in shape. Some of her favorite exercises include lunges and deadlifts, and she says you can use them to build a bigger booty because they definitely burn even the next day.

Other Interesting Facts

Although on a diet she has a cheat day, and her favorite guilty pleasures are pizza and Netflix. She likes to do yoga, and claims it has many benefits on both her mind and body. She was skinny, and not a very confident person while growing up, but fitness helped her beat that, and become the bombshell she is today. She likes Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who are her celebrity crushes. She’s very close to her mother, who still takes many of her photos seen on Instagram. She has a degree in Personal Physical Training, and as a Pilates Instructor.

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